Sennheiser CX400-B quick hit
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Dec 21, 2004
Just thought I'd share a few impressions really quick. I bought these more for their form factor than anything else. I wanted something not too expensive with good sound and a short cord that I could use with the Sony MW600 bluetooth headset receiver.
The pouch and cord wrap were nice bonuses in the package that I didn't know to expect. The pouch is a nice size and can hold the bluetooth receiver as well.
The sound is good. Nice bass and sometimes sharp highs but I'm starting to realize that this may have to do with the positioning of the monitors in my ears more than anything else.
At $35 bucks I'd say they're a very good buy. Certainly better than any of the Skullcandy's I've had, v-moda vibes (I got them when they first came out, maybe they're better now) and the Head-Direct RE2.


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