1. jl1994

    Phonak Audeo 012 - for sale

    I have just bought a pair of Phonak Audeo PFE 012 and sadly the sound signature is not quite to my taste so they are better off going to someone else. Contents: - Original Box - Earphones - Rubber tips - New Comply tips - Instruction manual etc. Payment via paypal or direct bank transfer...
  2. d3njiR1

    Choosing some "nice" cans under $100.

    I would like to buy a nice (at least as nice as you can get <$100) set of cans. I don't really care whether in-ear or over-ear. I mainly listen to instrumental/classical music (ex. ThePianoGuys, Beethoven, Mahler). Right now I am using a pair of Apple earbuds (ick) and I am really getting tired...
  3. Swimsonny

    Phonak Audéo 012 Review + Grey and Green Filter Comparison

      Phonak Audéo 012 (with Grey and Green Filters) Review   Intro Phonak Audéo are a branch off of Phonak who are a company who distribute hearing aids and they have, as it seems, decided a take on earphones and have done so pretty well. Their first earphone was a couple of years back...
  4. RDUBiker

    Low profile, excellent sound headphones (similar to etymotic er6)

    Hey all - I've been using etymotic ER6 (and hf2) for years and love  them. I ride a motorcycle and need something very low profile (i.e. doesn't stick out of my ear too far due to helmet ear pads) and my ER6 have finally bitten the dust. Short of finding an old set still left somewhere, can you...
  5. Iroaseta

    My iem just broke and need a replacement...

    Previously, I was planning to get Xba 30 to replace my Xba 1. Before I could place an order for it, something happened and I had to use the fund for it to compensate what I need to deal first. I wasn't feeling too unhappy since I still have Xba 1 and just a few hours ago, it get teared into two...
  6. cptkron

    new to iems need some advice

    As the title states I'm new to iems and would love some advice. I am looking for something for when im at work. I currently have a cheap pair of sony MDREX-10LP. I had stumbled onto the klipsch image s4a ii however I wanted to do some research and found this amazing site. So I have been reading...
  7. lifeonbicycles

    Any cyclists out there that have any recommendations for headphones?

    There are so many choices for in ear headphones but I have no idea what to choose. The audio quality doesn't matter that much because of the noise when biking. I need ones that stay in. I have been looking at Yurbuds and they seem like a good choice. Any recommendations?
  8. tehmightynapkin

    [need opinion] Phonak PFE 012/022 vs HiSound BA100 (if you've heard both I'm interested in your opinion

    Hello everyone.  I've recently lost my Phonak PFE 022's.  I rather prefer the sound signature of the green filters, as well as several other features of the Phonaks, but I've heard good things about the BA100s.  With Phonak no longer manufacturing IEMs, this complicates my choice, especially...
  9. tehmightynapkin

    IEMs similar to Audeo Phonak PFE 022

    Hello,   I've previously owned a pair of Audeo Phonak PFE 022s.  Unfortunately, I lost them (or had them stolen) at the airport while traveling last month.   I loved pretty much everything about them, and was pretty bummed when they came up missing.  I had a pair of the grey filters and...
  10. teyec

    PFE 012 filters

    Hi,   I'm thinking to put my money on Phonak Audeo PFE 012, and I see they come with one set of green filter. I'm wondering how long does those last? How often do they require changing to new ones?
  11. ammarmalik

    Need help deciding between Shure SE215, Sony XBA-2 and Phonak PFE012

    Hello all. I need a bit of guidance in deciding my very first 'relatively' high end IEM to use with my iPhone 5 (without any external amp). My previous experience with good headphones has only been limited to over the ear models which include Bose AE2, Sony MDR-V6 and Sennheiser HD448.  ...
  12. Badcav203

    Alessandro MS2 listener looking for new IEM

    Hi,   New member, registered to see if anyone can give some advice.   As the the title suggests, I currently own a pair of MS2 headphones, which I love.   I am now looking at replacing a somewhat used and abused pair of Sennheiser CX400 which have served well over the past six or so...
  13. MrMonte

    Hello - Advice Sought From the Experts

    Hello to all. I read reviews here regularly and am always impressed with the resident expertise here. I would very, very much appreciate your thoughts on helping me find "just the right" IEM. I own about five pairs - I like the search - and just recently rediscovered my Nu-Force NE-6s. I hadn't...
  14. psuwanchote

    Phonak PFE 232

    Anyword on this? Its mid april haha
  15. versp

    Superaural with similar sound to Phonak PFE's?

      So I'm on the 6 month anniversary of my affair with my PFE's (though that's not strictly true given they've been replaced), and was looking at making a purchase in the supraaural and closed department. I've been more than delighted with the PFE's and green filters (although I'd love a...
  16. Bodeko

    Klipsch S4i versus Phonak Audeo PFE 012

    Hi,   Together with some friends, we are trying to evaluate what the best headphones are in certain categories.   For in ears - mid range we are thinking about the klipsch s4i and phonak audeo pfe 012. Both are very well reviewed by a lot of sites, but which one is best for "the common...
  17. Rangoe

    Phonak PFE vs Ultimate Ears 700 - which to buy?

    Hi,   I've read all the reviews, but still can't decide which of these two to buy.  There's both available for about $150 on Amazon:   1.  The Phonak PFE w/ mic 2.  The UE 700 (or the Phiaton PS200, which some say is better than UE700)   PFE has amazing reviews everywhere.  On the...
  18. Cielbleufr

    I DO NOT KNOW : Phonak PFE or DUNU Hephaes !

    I am about to buy THE pair of earphones on eBay before the end of the week : I don't know what to take finally : Phonak PFE 112 OR DUNU HEPHAES Prices are similar but by experience and your tests, for the price, What is the most quality sound model ? Plse help by typing the brand of Your...
  19. Arkham00

    A pair of cans with a sound signature similar to the Phonak PFE 112 ?

    Hi guys,   I've bought the PFEs several months ago thanks to this forum and I couldn't be more happy! I listen to a lot of classical, jazz, rock, metal and a bit of electro, and I'm very happy with them, especially in couple with a fiio E5 amp   Now I'd like to buy a pair of closed cans...
  20. wucj

    Where to buy Phonak PFE grey silicons tips?

    Hey guys, I just got a pair of monster turbine pro coppers, and I've been trying to find the best tips for these, and I read in one thread that the phonak PFE grey silicon tips were good for them, so I was wondering how I can buy them? And also does anyone else know what other tips will work...
  21. at1692

    Shure SE535 Vs Phonak PFE 232, ALO Rx Mk 3 + CLAS Vs. Fostex HP-P1...and iBasso DX-100!!!

    First post from a head-fi 'noobe' and a 'noobe' on this site. This is not a review per se as much as it is a recounting of my recent journey into the world of head-fiying, which I think can be of interest and of value to others here. Warning: this will likely be a long post.   Background...
  22. howardroak

    Westone 4R, Phonak PFE 232 or UE 900

    Dear head-fi community, I've read countless threads over the last couple of weeks in this forum but still I can't make up my mind about which of the above mentioned high scoring universal IEM's I should pick to upgrade my current setup (Sennheiser IE8 with and without Fiio E7 hooked up to an...
  23. Jaben Australia

    Sennheiser HD25 Originals, Phonak PFE012 & Hippo Pipe for $299 (30+% off) FREE EXPRESS Shipping!

    It’s been a while since our last deal so let’s do something really special!   Your hard earned $299 will get you a pair of Sennheiser HD25 Originals, Phonak Audeo PFE012 and the Hippo Pipe. This is a saving of $137 (31%) over our current low...
  24. Nielo TM

    NuForce NE700X vs PFE012

    I already have the PFE012, which I use indoors for critical listening (as well as for movies and games). I was going to get another pair of PFE012 to use outdoors, but I use the Sansa Clip Zip, which doesn't fully exploit its true potential. I looked at various low-cost alternatives with similar...
  25. Mani ATH 87

    Audeo Perfect Bass PFE 012 vs PFE 122

    Just curious what peoples opinions are on whether or not the PFE 122 is worth the extra cost over the PFE 012. The 012 is available to me for $99.95, the PFE 122 at 169.95 respectively (Canada). I'm looking at purchasing some IEM's (first pair that weren't free junk ) and these are the two I...