1. dqnizer

    JH5 or Reshell TF10

    It seem to me that both are equally tempting.   Should i get the Reshell TF10 or JH5? I quite enjoy the TF10 but I heard wonders about the JH5... So was just thinking which is a better one?
  2. flamerz

    My earphones broke, and now I don't know any current models. Please help me find a new set.

    I'm looking to pay around $100, but the price is flexible. I like detailed lows, but other than that I'm open to a variety of sound signatures. A detailed or wide sound stage is a pro, but not a major concern. I'll mostly be using these on plane or bus rides, so comfort is a plus. I prefer stems...
  3. dreamLRG

    Looking for Good IEMS Price range <150

    I just got sick of over the ear cans, i just returned my ultrasones so now im looking for i guess my perfect IEM. So what are some good IEMs that are par 150. The things im looking for is a good wide soundstage, some bass, and more importantly comfort! thanks guys!!
  4. TacticalPenguin

    Lost my Ety HF5s, what should I get to replace them?

    I left my Etymotic HF5s on the plane back in April. I loved them and was quite happy with their sound and fit but just haven't had the money to replace them until lately. I can get another pair for $94 from Amazon, but before I just do that, is there something else out in a similar price range...
  5. Hubert007

    Under $100 earphones

    Well so I have been looking around for some decent headphones for few days now and I would like to get some advice from people on what I should go for. I have around $100 to spend on good headphones and I mean headphones which look good and sound great as well. I mostly listen to alot of genres...
  6. mudrnudl

    Practical experience with ETY er6i,hf3 , UE 600vi,sf5 , q-jays , PHONAK pfe , Westone 1

    Hello everybody, i am going to buy new in-ear headphones with balanced armature driver around 100€. I want to decide between these: Etymotic ER6i, Etymotic HF3, Ultimate Ears 600vi, Ultimate Ears SF5vi, JAYS q-JAYS, PHONAK Audéo PFE 111, Westone 1 Do somebody has any of them? I would...
  7. planx

    Phonak PFE or brainwavz B2? Both paired with E11

    This is not for myself. I can get a good deal for my gf and she enjoys music a lot so i was thinking of getting her an upgrade from her JVC i dont even care what it is. She runs frequently and the sort of music she enjoys consists of Dubstep, house, country, rock, soul, k pop, c pop, and some...
  8. tuliphead

    Shure se215 vs Phonak Audeo 012, need help, buying tomorrow!!

    Im a newbie but have narrowed it down to these two, Whats the main differences between these two and which would you recommend??? Im after punchy bass and clear lively sounds thanks
  9. Aevum

    Weird Phonak PFE reaction,

    A couple of months back my IE8 broke and while i see if i could RMA or repair them i ordered a pair of Phonak PFE 012.   Loved them, the IE8 are better on some areas. but the bass was just as good. the highs might have had the edge in the IE8, but the Phonaks just beat them over the head in...
  10. madblade

    Best IEM under $100 for jogging and going to the gym.

    Hi!   As the title says, I'm looking for IEM for under $100 (preferably around $50) for working out. Something that will not shock my ears, light, sweat friendly, and of course something that will sound great.   Thanks.
  11. Kristo

    Advice please, Phonak Audeo PFE 112 or Shure SE215?

    First things first, I'd like to say huge thanks to everyone here at the Head-Fi forums. I've been using these forums as a source of (excellent) information and reviews for what seems like forever so a big thank you for all the help you've unknowingly given me over the years and can hopefully...
  12. P.F. Jo

    Alternatives for Triplefi 10's under 160$

    I've been investigating possible portable iem's and it appears that under that budget, the best choice is the triplefi's... but before deciding i'd like your opinions about it.   They'll be used with a PMP mostly, unamped, FLAC files though, playing progressive/heavy rock so instrument...
  13. Zac7

    Need Advice on New set of IEM

    Hey Guys,   I am trying to find new set of IEM's.  I have owned the A-Jays 4 and I can't stand the microphonics on the big heavy cables.  I also had the M9P's and the SQ is terrible.  I want some advice on what pair of IEM's to buy next.  My budget is around $120.  I was looking at the...
  14. musiclee

    Phonak Audeo PFE112 or wait for PFE232 ?

    first i was gonna get Klipsch S4,  everyone was raving bout these then i changed my mind to Shure SE215,  people said they sound great, fun, etc,  then i heard about Phonak IEM's   ,  good stuff was gonna pull trigger on PFE112   and now i hear a PFE232 very near, which will of course...
  15. D

    My headfi journey so far, and what's next on the horizon?

    Hi     Since joining headfi I've been on the usual journey through the usual suspects, although curiosity has reared it's ugly head in the past I've normally been pretty good about resisting it.  I've tried so far Monster, Sennheiser (full size as well as iem) Klipsch and Westone.   Aside...
  16. jakis noobek

    Phonak Audeo + Cowon E2 or Nationite N2? (metal music)

    Hi, I'm looking for a new portable mp3 player and in-ear headphones. After reading a lot of reviews and tests I've chosen Phonak Audeo 012, but I don't know which mp3 would be better. Im listening in 90% to metal. Sound quality is more important than design. Price range for headphones is...
  17. Vhaara

    Tryin' to find a pair of IEM's for me.

    So I have been looking around and looking at many of the multi IEM reviews, but I still can never come to a decision. One big reason why I can't is because I always see people fall back to, "There is no best IEM, it just depends on what the person is looking for."    So I'm here to ask for...
  18. Vhaara

    Tryin' to find a pair of IEM's for me.

    So I have been looking around and looking at many of the multi IEM reviews, but I still can never come to a decision. One big reason why I can't is because I always see people fall back to, "There is no best IEM, it just depends on what the person is looking for."    So I'm here to ask for...
  19. moomooemu

    best iems for classical music?

    Hey there will be listening to almost exclusively classical music mostly orchestra pieces and was wondering what phones best reproduce classical. budget is prob around $50 but can stretch up if worth it. so something with great soundstage is a plus....comfort and isolation not AS important as...
  20. veggiop

    Best IEM's for rock?

    I currently own two sets of IEM's, one being the RE0's and second being the Phonak PFE 012's. I find the PFE 012's to be warm and pleasant, and the RE0's to be cold and harsh especially in the highs. In-fact I find the RE0's to hurt my ears when playing rock. However the detail and clarity is...
  21. aurnob88

    Phonak PFE tips

    Anyone know what type of tips fit these. Do SOny Hybrids work?
  22. RecklessFable

    Help me understand what I want

    I'm still learning the lingo, but am getting closer to understanding what I like and don't like about the gear I already have.  In understanding  this, I hope to be able to purchase my next IEMs intelligently.   My musical tastes tend to be a little eclectic and my playlist is "random all". ...
  23. steaz

    Strange Problem with my Phonak PFEs

    So I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a pair of Phonak PFEs. I've been absolutely loving them, especially since they are the first phone I've ever paid >$100 for. I've been generally using them during my metro commute to and from work (live in DC) and powering them with my iPhone 4. I've loved the...
  24. dbdynsty25

    My Neverending Quest for a Gym Headphone for Hip Hop, Any ideas?

    Okay, so I didn't want to be the guy that makes the blanket statement, what headphone is best for me, but I'm kind of going to do that.  I've spent the last few weeks on the boards trying to find the perfect headphone for me.  I've tried all kinds of options and I have yet to find the perfect...
  25. wullymc

    Comfort of IEMs - Best and Worst you've had

    Hi everyone,   I wanted your take on what IEM was the most comfortable you've had and the worst one.   Basically, I believe that I've had a bad experience with my UE SuperFi 4 IEM.  I tried all the silicone tips and the foam tips and ended up using the foam ones.   What I found is...