1. Swimsonny

    My IEM Round-Up (64 Earphones Compared with a LOT MORE Coming)

    MY IEM ROUND UP THREAD As this is thread is growing quite nicely and people are coming to me for advice on threads and through PM's quite frequently, i would like to say that if you do want to ask me anything, about my IEMs, headphones, amps, sources or what not the feel free to comment the...
  2. Phonak PFE 012

    Phonak PFE 012

    Phonak’s bass-ic ingredient for the Audéo PFE 012: specially designed, in-built audio filters tuning sound waves to near perfect frequencies across the sound spectrum. The audio filters of the Phonak PFE 012 Perfect Bass earphones ‘adjust’ the sound waves to boost low frequencies and deliver...