Need help deciding between Shure SE215, Sony XBA-2 and Phonak PFE012
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Aug 6, 2011
Hello all. I need a bit of guidance in deciding my very first 'relatively' high end IEM to use with my iPhone 5 (without any external amp). My previous experience with good headphones has only been limited to over the ear models which include Bose AE2, Sony MDR-V6 and Sennheiser HD448.
I've narrowed my choice down to these three as they fall in my budget, which is $100 tops (bought either directly from Amazon or from a top seller on Ebay)! I like the XBA-2 on paper; dual drivers and Sony heritage. However am I correct in thinking that because due to its less impedance of ~12ohm, the iPhone 5 will have a hard time providing enough juice?
If there's anything else, please let me know.
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Can someone tell me if the Sennheiser IE6 and IE 60 are a good match for iPhone 5? I'm really confused with this whole impedance thing. What's the suitable headphone impedance for an iPhone 5?

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