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NuForce NE700X vs PFE012

  1. Nielo TM
    I already have the PFE012, which I use indoors for critical listening (as well as for movies and games). I was going to get another pair of PFE012 to use outdoors, but I use the Sansa Clip Zip, which doesn't fully exploit its true potential. I looked at various low-cost alternatives with similar sound-signature to the PFE012 and the NE700X seems to be the ideal choice. But in the UK it's priced at £65 (inc Del). So is it worth opting for the NE700X or should I spend £30 extra and get another PFE012 (or something entirely different).
    PS: I should point out that I walk a lot and spend ~2 hours in the gym (5 times a week). I don't want to ruin my primary phones hence why I need a second pair.
  2. Nielo TM
    ordered the NE700X
  3. tinyman392
    I was going to say to wait up a bit.  The 700s have been redesigned, and possibly retuned as of late :p  The new design looks matted as well.  No word on sound.  I don't have my old 700s on hand any longer to do comparisons, but should be getting the new ones in soon: http://www.nuforce.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=27:ne-700x-m&Itemid=384
  4. Nielo TM
    Gonna have to return em'. They are not even close to the PFE012

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