A pair of cans with a sound signature similar to the Phonak PFE 112 ?
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Jul 27, 2010
Hi guys,
I've bought the PFEs several months ago thanks to this forum and I couldn't be more happy! I listen to a lot of classical, jazz, rock, metal and a bit of electro, and I'm very happy with them, especially in couple with a fiio E5 amp
Now I'd like to buy a pair of closed cans with a similar sound signature, any advice ?
My budget is around 150 euros/200$, and I plan to use them also for reference listening for mixing, so they need to be very comfortable.
In a first moment I was thinking about beyerdynamics DT 770 pro but it seems they're too bass heavy, so I'm leaning toward AKG 272 HD or audio technica ath-m50 or KRK KNS 8400.
Do you think they could match the PFE 112 ?
I could try the first two at a local store here in Paris but I don't know where to find the KRK.
anyway, before I go to the store, are there other cans should I take in account ?

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