1. Sleek SA6 New Braided Replacement Cable

    Sleek SA6 New Braided Replacement Cable

    I recently discovered that Sleek has several new replacement cables for the SA6 in-ear headphones. It is a braided cable, there are two versions of the right-angled connector cable, one with a microphone and I believe iPod controls and the other without controls or microphone. I had issues with...
  2. GordonA

    In-ear headphones with removable cable?

    So Ive been looking for a pair of in-ear headphones with a removable cable. i have read other forums about them being out there but couldn't exactly find a pair on the market. Does anyone have any knowledge and actually brand of such type of headphones??
  3. atptsoi

    Shure SE425 vs Sleek Audio SA6 vs Sony EX600

    Which of these would you head-fiers get? I actually like a bit more bass without compromise to the treble though, I've heard these products one of the best at it's price and i'm in a huge dilemma on which one to get =/   Sleek Audio SA6 (Balanced Armature) Sony EX600 (Balanced Armature?)...
  4. jasonb

    Sleek Audio SA6 treble.

    Am i the only one with these wishing for more from about 5khz and up?. I already took a set of the treble ports and completely removed the filters. Im guessing that would the the most top end i could get from these without EQ. I like the bass and mid-range on these, but i just want more sparkle...
  5. jasonb

    help with sleek audio sa6/sa1 tips pleeeeease

    does anybody have the sa6, sa1, or use these tips on any other IEM's?   if so i would just like to know the diameter of the bore, so i can see if these will work on a GR01.    also are they the same diameter on both ends, or are they bigger or smaller at the nozzle end.
  6. MrButchi

    Need a replacement for my SA6's. Not custom, choice between SM3 V2, Westone 4R and UM3X RC

    So here it is all in the title : I used to own SA6's, and they are rightfully dead.   I got them when my SHURE SE530's died, and they litterally changed my life. But I have to move on. I need a removable cable I use my in-ears on the way to work mainly, and I'm not always the sweetest...
  7. Altrocklover

    New IEM

    So, I have some decent headphones if you've seen my profile(hd800s, beats pro, the list actually goes on) and they are very expensive, and very nice, and very unable to take out in public. I know a lot about over the ear, but surorisingly little about in-ear headphones. I have listened to more...
  8. lilboozy

    Sleek Audio Bi-Flange Question

    On the website it gives me the option to pick either the sa1 tips or the sa6 tips what are the differences?
  9. wilzc

    Sleek Audio SA7

    Whatever happened to the SA7?   These were going to compete head to head with Phonak's PFE232!!!   And then..  Sleek disappeared off the face of the earth!!!   Anyone could provide some insights to what went wrong or whats going on??   Last news was that they were moving back to...
  10. rdstill

    Need help finding wireless (not bluetooth) earbuds

    If someone reading this thread can, please help me find a set of earbuds. I am looking for wireless earbuds, but not bluetooth earbuds. I watch TV late at night, and I need a set of earbuds that I can hook up to my A/V receiver for the audio (since other folks are in the house asleep). The A/V...
  11. relache

    Sleek Audio SA1 Replacement Cable

    Hey all,   One side of my HJE900's cable is beginning to crap out =( so I'm in the market to get the SA1 or SA6 cable. I've read in various posts that they might be refreshing the SA1 cable, but given that the SA6s are no longer in stock and the SA1s are the only replacement cables...
  12. WyldRage

    Who else has known bad luck with their headphones?

    I've been looking back to all the my headphones that have been damaged, or had to be repaired/replaced under warranty, and I was wondering if I just had some bad luck with headphones, or if others has the same troubles.   Let me start with my headphone breaks and replacements history:  ...
  13. Visor31

    So what IEM's will sound something like ATH-AD900's ?

    I have only recently started using headphones, purchased some ATH-AD900's and love the new detail I am discovering in music.   They are connected to my computer through a USB Musiland MD10 DAC I had lying around, mainly FLAC and APE,   Now looking to get some IEM's for use with iPod...
  14. LAFox

    IEMs and exercise

    Hi all. I need recommendations regarding decent IEMs. I have tried several brands recently (Klipsch S4 most recently) - the sound is good, but when I am exercising (running, or on treadmill or elliptical), the wires bounce against my body and I hear the transmitted sounds in the ear buds. It is...
  15. Clean

    Any audiophiles that listen to dubstep?

    Hello all, I was just wondering if any audiophiles out there listen to dubstep?I am talking about Loefah, Mala, Coki, Digital Mystikz, Kromestar. I also listen to a little brostep ( Skrillex, Datsik,Vexare.) I know that most of you guys look down on bass heavy headphones, but you kind of need...
  16. AstralStorm

    Upgrade from GR07

    Hello, I'm really looking for an upgrade from VSONIC GR07. If you've followed my eq curves, you'll know what I'm looking for signature wise, but here's the text: - more extension - lower subbass (<30 Hz), a lot more extreme high end (>=15kHz) - quite a bit more ~10kHz - somewhat less...
  17. lewislink

    Sleek-Audio SA6 appreciation thread

    Just received these from today but already I have a very high appreciation for them and felt they should have an "appreciation thread" going on for them. They are a modular type of canalphone where you can physically alter the sound quality with various inserts to suit your...
  18. Fiberoptix

    IEM Recommendations coming from Sleek Audio SA6...

    Hi all,   I've been using the Sleek Audio SA6 for around three years now. I've always loved this earphone but in that time I think i've replaced the cables around 8 times (constant cracking and snapping)!! I also think that the earphone could be a lot better for my tastes if there was more...
  19. robojack

    Sleek SA6's or UE Triple Fi 10?

    I'm thinking of upgrading to a new set of IEMs in next couple months or so, and I've narrowed my choices (based on the budget I decided to allocate) to either the Sleek SA6's or the UE Triple Fi 10. I'd like to hear your opinions (particularly those who've heard both before) on which you feel...
  20. metllicamilitia

    Okay, need some new IEM's again, trying to stretch the budget up

    Okay, the best IEM's I ever had were the Sleek SA6's, I loved those. I most currently bought some Phonak Audeo's, but the eartips did not stay on and I've lost them. I'm not looking to replace the eartips as I didn't really care for them that much. But according the filters of the Phonak's, I...
  21. spacemanspliff

    Good online audio store in the UK?

    Wondering if there is an online audio store w/ headphones, speakers, subwoofers, receivers, etc that has affordable, quality gear? Looking out for the UK folks over at hardforums. There is about 2-3 questions a week regarding where to get decent headphones, speakers, subs over in the UK and I...
  22. cramkay

    moving from sleek audio sa6 - vsonic gr07 or something!

    hey guys,   i have been a sleek audio sa6 user for about 7 months now. i like the sound quality and prefer to listen it with bass= and treble+ ports. i find that the sound quality over all is quite good.    ive had major cable damage issues. i had to change 3 cables in 7 months. its crazy...
  23. 50mm

    Is there life after Westone4 ?

    So, what's your poison after the W4, for universals that is....... ? Thought this might be a fun post to end the week least, the end of the week for the folks in the Asia Pacific region anyway :)   "Recent W4 convert"
  24. Marcus_C

    Monster Turbine Challenge - A Pro Gold Review (Yes, another one...)

    I was lucky enough to be selected to review the Monster Turbine Pro Gold in the Turbine Challenge and here it is! First of all I want to thank Monster for setting it up and sending me the earphones. I want to stress this is all my own prejudiced opinion, I can't promise an unbiased review, we...
  25. pooMonger

    My Denon D2000 upgrade path! Travagan White amp/APS V3 recable

    So about 2 months ago, I traded my q-Jays for HeadphoneAddict's Travagan White. He gave me a great deal, and I promised to write a review on it, so here it is! First off, this is my first amp of any kind. My first setup was strictly a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770-80ohm Pro's hooked up to my...