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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. Tristy
    can you give some feedback on why you preferred the andro golds over the og andros? I’ve heard reports saying it has gotten rid of the sparkly highs due to the emphasises midrange
  2. Rockwell75
    I preferred the bass in the AGs. To be fair I think they should have called the AG something other than an Andro as the "sparkly highs" are what make Andro Andro.
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  3. baiyy1986
    Dude you made my day,lol
  4. Gédéon Molle
    Update: add Spartan, FH1 and SM2-IFI

    01. Custom Art FIBAE Black (Universal)
    02. Empire Ears Spartan-IV ADEL (Universal)
    03. iBasso IT04
    04. Empire Ears Bravado (Universal)
    05. Campfire Audio Vega
    06. EarSonics Velvet V2
    07. Oriolus Forsteni
    08. Heir Audio 5.0
    09. Campfire Audio Lyra II
    10. Massdrop x Noble X
    11. Noble Audio Trident
    12. EarSonics ES3
    13. iBasso IT01
    14. FiiO FH1
    15. EarSonics SM2-iFI
  5. iems0nly
    My top 12 IEMs:

    1. InEar Stagediver SD2
    2. Donguri Keyaki Ti Plus
    3. Sennheiser IE 500 Pro
    4. Ultrasone IQ
    5. Sony MDR EX800ST
    6. Etymotic ER4XR
    7. Etymotic ER2SE
    8. ATH CKR100iS
    9. Ultrasone IQ Pro
    10. Sennheiser IE 400 Pro
    11. Donguri Syou Kurenai
    12. Final E5000
  6. Colors
    Alright, it took me some time to decide, but here we go:

    1. Sony Z1R
    2. Shure KSE1200
    3. Audeze LCDi4
    4. Anole VX
    5. Campfire Andromeda (v3)
    6. Sony M9
    7. Empire Ears Zeus XIV
    8. Empire Ears Legend X
    9. Campfire Andromeda Gold
    10. Noble Audio Khan

    Had to think really hard about it, but after extensive listening to the Andromeda Gold, I’ve bumped the EX1000 off the list and moving down Khan down to 10.

    The Andromeda Gold do not wow on initial listen, but they’re so so pleasurable to listen to as you use them more. Excellent imaging, massive soundstage, detailed bass, some of the most direct and realistic vocals I’ve listened to and still has the Andro OG upper treble hidden away a bit with the boosted bass. But dang, these just jive with me. I listen to a lot of indie rock and the sound signature + tuning just works. Also great for extended listening. Detailed without being fatiguing. Layering for days as same as OG Andro.

    Not to mention the long nozzle which improves isolation and fit. It’s also among the comfiest IEMs I’ve ever worn. Complete isolation on noisy subways.

    EX1000 has super nice bass (quick and flat) and laser imaging but I just gotta push it down because of the lack of isolation and odd fit. Also, mids and upper treble are outperformed by other IEMs on this list.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
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  7. kdphan
    Here’s mine:

    1) Tia Trio
    2) Tia Fourte
    3) Dita Dream
    4) Hyla CE-5
    5) Andromeda
    6) Rhapsodio Solars
    7) CA Atlas
  8. Tristy
    why do you place the original andromeda above the gold? Does the gold not have more detail with the 2 extra drivers? And such a low rank for the legend X!
  9. BananaOoyoo
    Extra drivers =/= extra detail
  10. Tristy
    I know that but I’ve read a few reviews that state that this is the case with the golds in the bass and mids
  11. hiflofi
    The 2 extra drivers were both dedicated to the bass (maybe some lower mid freqs?). I could take a guess that the extra detail arises from the frequency repsonse (the extra dBs in the 1+ kHz region). However, not everyone will perceive this the same (unique ear structure).
  12. funnyjoke
    Brainwavz B400 > iBasso IT01 > Brainwavz M1 > Brainwavz M2

    Not necessarily true for me (because I no longer have some of these so it's been a while since I've heard them) but this is the order I'd rank these headphones in. IT01s have a fun bass, the M1s were incredible for my first IEMs (truly loved them when I came from cheap headphones) and the B400s have great clarity and comfort.
  13. Gédéon Molle
    Update: add A2H, FIBAE 1/2/3 and TE-05

    01. Custom Art FIBAE Black (Universal)
    02. Empire Ears Spartan-IV ADEL (Universal)
    03. iBasso IT04
    04. Empire Ears Bravado (Universal)
    05. Campfire Audio Vega
    06. EarSonics Velvet V2
    07. Custom Art FIBAE 2 (Universal)
    08. Oriolus Forsteni
    09. Heir Audio 5.0
    10. Custom Art FIBAE 3 (Universal)
    11. Campfire Audio Lyra II
    12. Massdrop x Noble X
    13. Noble Audio Trident
    14. EarSonics ES3
    15. iBasso IT01
    16. Custom Art FIBAE 1 (Universal)
    17. FiiO FH1
    18. Fostex TE-05
    19. AAW A2H Pro V2
    20. EarSonics SM2-iFI
  14. SBranson
    An update to my top ten. I recently acquired the Legend X which were a bit of a bassy mess with the FiiO M11 but I found a somewhat local Sony WM1A and the pairing is phenomenal. Makes me wonder what the others would sound like with them.

    1. Empire Ears Legend X
    (Everything below is an unknown now that I have the WM1A)
    2. Empire Ears Phantom
    3 Noble Encore
    4. Noble Katana
    5. Campfire Andromeda
    6. EE Bravado
    7. Noble Audio Savant - I prefer the soundstage to S8F
    8. Fearless Audio S8F
    9. Empire Ears ESR
    10. Noble Audio Sage
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  15. doctorjuggles
    Making this list is harder than I thought it would be. Here's my top dozen on absolute sound grounds alone (other issues have been ignored so this is based on sound in non-mobile conditions)
    I've also included as many of the others I've heard that I can remember in an alphabetical list to provide some context.

    1. Empire Ears Legend X
    2. 64 Audio Tia Fourte Noir
    3. 64 Audio U18t
    4. Jomo Trinity Brass
    5. 64 Audio Tia Fourte
    6. Empire Ears Wraith
    7. InEar ProPhile 8
    8. Campfire Audio Solaris
    9. Noble Khan
    10. InEar StageDiver 4
    11. Shure SE846
    12. Noble Kaiser Encore

    Alphabetical list of others I've heard/owned.
    Etymotic ER4P; Etymotic ER6; Fiio FH7; Meze Rai Penta; Noble Savant; oBravo Cupid; oBravo Ra C-Cu; Shure 115m+; Shure E2c; Shure E3c; Shure E5c; Shure E5c; Shure SE500; Shure SE530; Shure SE535; UE TF10; Westone 4; Westone 4R; Westone UM3x
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
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