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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. soullinker20
    try earsonics too as well as shure se846
  2. soullinker20
    UE Live
    Fitear Titan
    MDR-EX1000/EE Phantom
    UE 18+ pro (uni)
    fitear sr335
    Noble K10
    Tralucent Audio ref 1 too
    JH Audio Layla ll
    64audio U18
    Legend X
    Fitear EST
    Sony MDR Z5
    TG 334
    JH Roxanne
    JH Audio JH13
    EE Arthur
    JH Audio Angie ll
    Sennheiser IE800s
    Westone 4
    Earsonics SM3
    JVC FX700
  3. jackyzhu
    enjoying set after getting good fit
    but still occasionally wanted more mid
  4. soullinker20
    welcome. but for me, the most beautiful sounding mids (vocals primarily) I've heard are the fitears very euphonic.
    UE for detailed vocals and feel and also euphonic. with fitears, the mids retain its euphonic sound after hearing different model.
  5. Wretched Stare
    Noble Khan, BQEYZ Spring-1, everything else over $100 , KZ ZSX and BLON BL03 for budget.
  6. Wretched Stare
    TRN IM2 for budget as well.
  7. Colors
    Updating my rankings after getting a much better seal and sound with my Andromedas with Symbio W (was using stock marshmallow tips before):

    1. Sony Z1R
    2. Shure KSE1200
    3. Audeze LCDi4
    4. Anole VX
    5. Campfire Andromeda (v3)
    6. Sony M9
    7. Empire Ears Zeus XIV
    8. Empire Ears Legend X
    9. Noble Audio Khan
    10. Sony EX1000

    The Andromedas actually have a massive soundstage horizontally and vertically. The vertical soundstage for me improved significantly after I got a better seal. Layers and layers of depth and detail while sounding extremely musical with a honey-like timbre to them. I pair it with my SR15 so it’s dead silent and improves the dynamics quite a bit. Quite a few IEMs excel at imaging (skeleton) but the Andromedas give shape, texture and depth to those images (skin and muscle). Very holographic like.
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  8. Tawek
    1 ... Sony Z1R just wow
    I'm still a big entusiast of mdr ex1000 it's that really big difference between Ier vs mdr :) ?
  9. Colors
    Ya, I personally think the Z1R is more engaging and has better imaging. Also has isolation and is a better fit (despite the awful fit) than the EX1000 (I used to own it) for me. Improvement in all aspects except maybe the speedy and responsive EX1000 bass which I loved.
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  10. Tawek
    for me, ex1000 comfort is excellent even better than xelento and fantastic seal , so the bass is perfect even better than obravo ra-c-cu ( owned) and xelento I just can't imagine better bass than ex1000
  11. rtm33
    Sound quality
    1. Fakes AKG K3003i
    2. Etymotic ER4P
    3. Shure SE535
    4. Fengru DIY EMX500
    5. Shure SE215

    The most comfortable is Shure SE215
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  12. slowpickr
    LOL, I do believe this is the first time I've ever seen fakes listed in this thread and taking the top spot.
  13. johnnyfrye314
    As a budding audiophile I've only listened to a few:

    1) Moondrop KXXS
    2) Sony XB90EX - 16mm drivers, incredible bass and surprisingly detailed. Lasted me 2 years before the cables started to fail
    2) TFZ No. 3 (returned, also incredible bass but too harsh on the treble.
    3) Tin T2 Pro (returned, too harsh on the treble, wish I got non-pro)
    4) Monoprice 9927's
  14. iems0nly
  15. rtm33
    With classical music I prefer this fakes over LCD2. With pop music they are too bassy for me.
128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137
139 140 141

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