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    Dolphin shaver
    DJing, Music, PCs, AV, sport, movies, gadgets, travel, photography, gaming, socialising, drinking!
    Headphone Inventory:
    Present: Sennheiser HD650; Shure SE846; UE TF10; Sennheiser HD25-II; Shure SRH440; B&O Play H3; Bose QC Triport; Monster Beats (came with Sensation XL, don't know what they are); Shure SE115m+; UE MetroFi 170vi; Goldring GX200; Sony MDR-ED21; iBuds and other useless gumpf.

    Past: Shure E2/E3/E4/E5/E500/SE530/SE535; Westone4/4R/UM3x; Etymotic ER6; AKG K701; Grado SR325; audio technica ATH-A900LTD; Beyerdynamic DT770-250; Sennheiser HD25-1 & HD590; Sony EX71
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Present: Ray Samuels 'The Raptor'; 'The Tomahawk'; 'The Shadow'

    Past: Headsave Classic; Earmax "Flintstone"; Meier Headfive; Headamp GS1; Benchmark DAC1; Ray Samuels 'The Hornet'
    Source Inventory:
    Present: Resolution Audio Opus 21 CDP & PSU; Oppo BDP-83; EMU0404 soundcard; EMU 0404 USB card; iPod Classic 160gb,iPod shuffle 1st & 2nd Gen 1gb; LG V20

    Past: Shanling CDT-80; Musical Fidelity X-Ray v3; Benchmark DAC1; Archos 2 8GB; SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8gb, SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip 8gb; etc
    Cable Inventory:
    Van Den Hul, Mark Grant, Chord, DNM etc.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Sugden A21SP amp & Totem Sttaf speakers; Roksan Caspian MkII amp & MA Radius 90 speakers
    Pioneer SC-LX59; PMC FB1+ front speakers; PMC TB2CM+ centre; PMC DB1+ rear surround; MA Radius R180; B&W PV1 sub; Technics 1210 (x2); Pioneer DJM800; Rane SL3
    Music Preferences:
    Whatever sounds good.
    LG OLED55E6V; PS4 & 3/Xbox One & 360; i7core PC; MacBook Pro various I list my toaster here too?


    Home: RA Opus21 & PS or PC w/EMU0404+Opus21's DAC>'The Raptor'>HD650wStefanArt Equinox
    Portable: 160gb iPod Classic>'The Tomahawk'>SE846
    Phone based: LG V20>SE846
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