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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. Colors
    Ya, especially sub-bass. Vocals sit a bit further back though.
  2. HC21KING
    Which iem have the widest soundstage you've tried?
  3. DrummerLeo
    +1, I don't like Altas as well. I won't say they don't have details, I just feel they sound fake. They are trying to extend treble, mid, bass, soundstage and everything, so the energy is separated, and the overall image becomes piece by piece. They are good headphones in a certain sense but just lack of something that is hard to describe.
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  4. HC21KING
    It's definitely the clarity in the treble.
  5. Incarnation
    Widest? I feel its the aaw w900. But its not on my top 10
  6. HC21KING
    I thought the a18t has the widest soundstage.
  7. speakerz2017
    UERM and ER4S, affordable and relatively mass produced IEMs that are as close to flat as possible that's easily independently tested and verified without any snake oil.

    Have tried the newer UERR but feels more V shaped than UERM.
  8. Incarnation
    i feel they are similar in width but w900 is slightly wider. But A18t, like the zeus XIV Is alot more "3D" compared to W900. A18t envelopes u more into the music vs w900

    Keep in mind the A18t was forcefit from a friend's custom so yea, YMMV
  9. eldss
    I had the U18t and the W900 for a week at the same time and I felt the sound stage on the U18t was significantly wider than the W900.
  10. HC21KING
    Yeah that's what I thought because the a18t has apex where as w900 has no hole through the back
  11. Incarnation
    I see..it's been awhile since i tried the u18, the only thing i could rmb was the treble of it. Maybe since forcefitting the custom A18t led me to believe W900 was wider. The fit was rough, just wanted to get the general sound sig of it

    Btw do u like the u18 when u tried it? From my memory it was rather harsh on the ears
  12. Incarnation
    My bad, must have been mistaken! Mine was a forcefit so impressions aren't accurate
  13. eldss
    I loved the U18s, I think they are the best I've heard, but it's all a matter of taste and weather you're willing to drop $3k. They are a little bright, but not like the Fourtes. I personally liked them and if you find them too bright, id try the U12t, although when compared to my A12t, I much preferred the custom version. They were smoother than then universal version, but lots of details and have more bottom end.
  14. Incarnation
    oh? The fourte was brighter for you vs the u18? To me the u18 was harsher even though i felt the fourte was a tad bright. Ahh thats true for me too. The forcefit A18 was smoother and more enjoyable to listen to vs the u18. The treble on the A18 though...just right

    Now I question whether going universal for my LX was worth it over custom haha
  15. cantsleep Contributor
    If the fit wasnt right, then it mightve sounded a bit harsh and less textured, like most of ciems with bad sealings.
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