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Rank the Headphones that You Own.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by yikes, Mar 17, 2005.
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  1. AHorseNamedJeff
    If you don't like those LCD-2s I'll take them off your hands :wink:
  2. bassboysam
    I like every single one of them but I ranked them based on if I had to keep only 1. If I don't like a headphone I don't keep it.

    Having said that the LCD2 has been with me for a very short time and they are my first planars so I'm still getting used to them.
  3. elvergun
    What do you like about the 225 that makes you rate it higher than the 325?
  4. bassboysam

    Mostly the comfort but the 325is I have are moded for more bass (vent mod) and they are a bit too loose in the low end compared to the 225s. These are my second pair of 225s and they sound a lot different than my first. A lot more full and rich and the detail in the bass amazing. I'm going to eventually try to reverse or partially reverse the vent mod on the 325 to see how they sound. I think 4 holes are vented right now. I think 2 would be better.

    Edit: I should clarify that the reason I find the 225 more comfortable is due to the lighter weight and because the 225 came with a turbulent labs headband.
  5. roguegeek
    Wow. You contact me if you ever want to get rid of that AD2000X.
  6. bassboysam

    I don't think I'd get rid of it. It has a unique sound and can be picky with recordings and source but I really like it. I just prefer headphones with more bass but I love variety too.
  7. DigitalGrounder
    7)beats tour
    6)beats pro
    5)Sony Mdr-x10
    4)vmoda crossfade lp
    3)Skullcandy mix master
    2)Skullcandy Aviator
    1)Audiotechnica Ath-m50rd
  8. DigitalGrounder
  9. AHorseNamedJeff
    oooh okay! My offer still stands though :wink:
  10. ssrock64
    I was very worried for a moment, but then I realized that you ranked them backwards.
  11. takato14
    Weird that the Mix Masters are below the Aviators. Care to explain?
  12. inthearmsofrain
    1. HD 598
    2. IP-450
    3. UE triple 10
    4. UE 6000
    5. ATH-m50
  13. takato14
    1: Sony DR-Z7: Simply sublime, a perfect fit for me. Insanely precise transients, extremely clean and free of decay problems, ruthless bass slam and punch, great frequency response. Close to neutral but a little bright up top. Not at all restricted down low; goes down to the absolute extremes of human hearing with no trouble whatsoever. Lacks bass bloom almost entirely. Very pretty, incredible build quality. Extremely good but very uncomfortable for long term (>2 hour) listening sessions and a bit restricted on soundstage performance. Somewhat high THD. These are my "fun" headphones and they see the most use, and this is without a dedicated amplifier. The specifications on these headphones imply that they're hard to drive... I cant wait until I get an amp to suit them.
    2: Pioneer Monitor 10-II: Equally as great as the Z7 but an entirely different flavor. Slightly faster and more revealing. Downright incredible soundstaging and razor flat frequency response all the way up to 20kHz. Very easy to drive; sounds great out of anything. Gorgeous, lots of metal but slightly fragile compared to the Z7. A bit less clean overall and lacks the ridiculous slam and punch of the Z7. Also not very comfy for long term use, but for a different reason. Despite being half the weight of their predecessor they are still quite heavy and my neck complains after about 2 hours of use. They also don't play nice with glasses-wearers. The only reason these rank lower is because they see less use; they are just as competent if not even a tiny bit moreso due to the soundstage and lower THD. 
    3: Audio-Technica ATH-6D: Literally the most comfortable headphones I've ever used, bar none. Extremely light with very low clamping force, a suspension headband, and extremely soft and breathable pads. Sound is great, a bit muffled and lacking extension extremes but very open sounding with a good soundstage and competent transients. Also gorgeous, but unfortunately not the most trustable build-wise. Used primarily for gaming since everything else I own manages to harm me in some way with long term use.
    Don't have anything else that sees use at the moment; I lent most of my gear to a friend and Tyll from InnerFidelity is currently measuring my Z6 and Z7.
  14. zazex
    I figured I'd get around to this thread eventually...
    Grado RS2i
    AKG K712
    Sony MDR Z1000
    Beyerdynamic DT880 (250 ohm)
    AKG K702
    Sony MDR 7520
    Grado SR225i
    Sony MDR MA900
    Sennheiser Amperior
    Sennheiser HD239
    Koss PortaPro
    I have some others that I rarely listen to,
    so I'm leaving them off this list.
  15. headphones1999
    zazex, do you think that the 712 worth upgrading from the 702?
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