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    Nokia Lumia 822 unclothed. Without the outstanding Plex app, Windows Phone 8 would be rather useless for music playback, other than Pandora One.
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    Sometimes less is more, especially if packing to travel light: Nokia Lumia 822-> Plex app, Etymotic ER 6. Access your entire home media library from the road, anywhere there is adequate Wi-Fi or cell network service (plagued by transcoding unfortunately). Travel rig (small).
  3. lilboozy

    Shouldn't An Analytical Sound Be Superior?

    Shouldn't it be the best because it correctly reproduces the recording? Even if you are a bass head doesn't anything above a flat response be artificially enhancing it and not how the producer wanted you to hear it? On a side note should this be moved to the sound science thread?
  4. RDUBiker

    Low profile, excellent sound headphones (similar to etymotic er6)

    Hey all - I've been using etymotic ER6 (and hf2) for years and love  them. I ride a motorcycle and need something very low profile (i.e. doesn't stick out of my ear too far due to helmet ear pads) and my ER6 have finally bitten the dust. Short of finding an old set still left somewhere, can you...
  5. suburbanite

    ER4P > HF5? Are you sure?

    My HF5's are slowly dying so it's time to either replace or upgrade.   I have enjoyed my HF5's because I like fast, precise bass and don't want anything with a "slower" sound.   I seem to like the idea of spending less on their replacements but the lower-tier model, the MC5s, were adjudged...
  6. Duncan

    MDR-E484 --> E888... Is MDR-E747 Fontopias missing link?

    We've all heard how good Sony MDR-E888s are, with their sumptuous mids, sweet treble, and smooth bass... We've also heard that the older MDR-E484s beat the E888s in the sound department, sounding sweeter and more pronounced, but - there was no champion between the two? Enter in my 8 year old...
  7. CSMR

    In-ear headphones similar to SoundMagic PL50 but low sensitivity

    I currently have SoundMagic PL50 balanced armature in-ear monitors.   I like them both for comfort and fit and for sound. I got them because I listen to classical music and read that balanced armature is recommended, and they were a good choice.   The main problem is they are too sensitive...
  8. Flasken

    On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being worst and 10 being best...

    ... Where would you place 5??? No, really... What headphones do you own, and where would you place those on a scale from 1 to 10?
  9. polishruben

    150 to burn. Looking for advice.

    My old etys gave its last breath so I am looking for something new. From the current knowledge gurus, what should I consider? I am looking for IEM, clear, neutral. Listening mostly to jazz, classical, folk, blues. I loved the fit and isolation of my etys. A big big bonus would be to have a mic...
  10. Jazzkammer

    First CIEM Recommendations please - hybrid (which one?) or BA (how many drivers?)

    I did not see a Recomendations thread, so I started this one. My story:   Used Etymotics ER6 and then HF5 for years...really love their sound, except that I find the bass lacking.   So when the cord on my HF5 starts fraying, what do I do?   I buy the Future Sonics Atrio MG7, because...
  11. AudioDwebe

    Which three IEM's covers it all?

    The proliferation of all things headphone related over the last several years absolutely blows my mind.  It seems there are new players getting into the game each and every month, making it confusing even for folks who've been 'round these neck of the woods for more than a minute about potential...
  12. ChristmaSFnatic

    How is Monster iSport?

    Is it any good music wise and build quality? I havent seen its own topic here, so just wondering if its worth it. THANKS!
  13. Tarnisher

    Best In Ears for Recording for <$200?

    I'm a guitar player, and my band is going to be recording an album at a friend's home studio.  We're going to be playing songs live, rather than doing overdubs, and there isn't a lot of separation.  We'll all be using headphones for monitors, and so I want to get a pair that will provide good...
  14. Yikes

    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Rank your headphones. Please rank your headphones that you own and use regularly. Please don’t list or rank headphones that you use to own or that you have tried. My goal here is to have a positive outlook ranking, not a product bashing list. I figure that if you own and use them, you must like...
  15. Chris_Himself

    Etymotic ER6/ER6i owners

    Dude. These things rock. They play everything well just like an accurate neutral earphone would. If this is close to the ER4, I wouldn't mind splurging for those in due time.   Not as good of a midrange as the Shure E3C's I had, but those had really bad rolled off treble and the fit without...
  16. atwnsw

    Need to replace ER-6/ER-6i Ety earphones. Narrowed to: Shure SE215, Klipsch S4, Ety MC-5 or ER-6/ER-6i (All under $100)

    While I have liked the sound of Etymotic, the build quality seems to be questionable.  I am obviously considering going back to them either with an identical pair or the newer MC-5.  The other consideration is Shure SE215 or Klipsch S4.   I am not an audiophile and the main time that I use...
  17. InfiniteZr0

    $30 a good deal for UE Sfi 4? Also impressions?

    Seems extra attractive since my usual on the go headphones just bit the dust Also wondering if anyone knew how good these iems were compared to the er6i(my last pair)? Thanks for any input
  18. Xozz

    decent ampless iems for under 100?

    So I tried searching but I couldn't really find any conclusive results in my price range. Short story long, I'm looking for a nice pair of iems which I could drive directly from my ipod classic. Price ceiling is 100 bucks, but if theres anything around the 60-70 dollar range that would be even...
  19. Phlogiston

    Invisible earbuds

    I want to listen podcasts and music at work. I'm not supposed to because "What if the fire alarm went off and you didn't hear it?". Well then I'd probably catch on fire and die a very painful death. It's a risk I'm willing to take. Anyhow, I'm looking for the least visible in-ear earbuds...
  20. juniorvarsity33

    Complete noob looking for in-ear suggestions.

    Let me first say thanks for looking.   I stumbled upon this site when searching for info on Bose v. Beats headphones and read somebody getting flamed when asking the Bose or Beats question. So, hear me out.   I currently use the Bose in ear headphones and had been looking at the ibeats...
  21. Caldoran

    Universal IEM with most sparkle+clarity?

       Basically what the title says. Top-players in the different price ranges would be appreciated too, and of course, availability, build quality and etc. would be a plus.Thanks!     
  22. rroseperry

    New Headphone or Get an Amp? (Updated with a mini review)

    I joined head-fi intending to get new IEMs, but I just found my old ER6s. They still sound pretty good, but I was wondering whether I'd get better sound with an amp/DAC or if I should just get new IEMs after all.  My source is an iAudio 9. Will an amp make any difference?  I notice there's not a...
  23. redfox697

    Etymotic ER-6 foam tip compatibility

    My trusty ER-6s took a ride on an Amtrak train without me (sniff), so now I'm in the market for something new, whether it be Etymotic or otherwise. I preferred the foams to the flanges, and I have a few pairs of foam tips left over. Are they compatible with other Etymotic products (I'm thinking...
  24. jack543

    Etymotic ER-6 vs Logitech Ultimate Ears 700 (for sound isolation)

    I've been using the Etymotic ER-6 for about 7 years now, solely for watching movies on planes.  They never seem to block out much sound at all (easily hear people next to me, sound engine, etc), not matter how I deep I try to put them.  (Maybe I have weird ear canals or something..)  ...
  25. orfeo

    Toronto Headphone repair store.

    Hi, I recently got my Etymotic ER-6's repaired at a store in Toronto Canada and i'd said before that i'd let any other torontonians know how it went. So my pair had a problem with the jack end of the cord resulting in the right channel dropping out. So they replaced the jack with a straight...