1. Flasken

    On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being worst and 10 being best...

    ... Where would you place 5??? No, really... What headphones do you own, and where would you place those on a scale from 1 to 10?
  2. markanini

    Oval velour replacement pads for V6, ATH-M30, Shure SRH

    All models have interchangeable pad sizes daddy love himself some velour pads! Known options: Beyer DT250 replacements Shure SRH940 replacements Pearstone/Auray deluxe Unconfirmed: HD418/HD419/HD438/HD439 Please tell if you had a chance to compare the different velour pads side by-side.
  3. mrickar5

    Just tried the Beyer DT250 pads on my ATH-M50

    So I've scoured through all the forum posts possible for mods on my ATH M50, and looked at/considered all the options for mods.  I removed the damping material behind the driver first, and decided that I liked that change, so I looked for further improvements.  I ordered the DT250 pads, and...
  4. idruke

    Monoprice DJ or Sennheiser 202. Which is a better, who cares if they break, phone?

    Or other suggestions. No more than $30. Must be fairly compact.   Look forward to hearing your opinions.
  5. A

    Extra Comfort on Monoprice 8323?

    Hey guys,   I'm new here, and i have just recent bought the 8323s.  I think they sound fantastic, but the one thing that really takes away from the overall value of these is the comfort   Does anyone know if any velour pads will fit on the 8323s?  or if there is any other way to raise...
  6. donunus

    The Beyerdynamic DT250 Thread

    I find it unbelievable how I couldn't find an appreciation thread for these uniquely balanced closed cans. I am not saying uniquely balanced meaning that they have a weird unique balance on their own although they do but I say this because It is rare among closed headphones to find something...
  7. redshifter

    Do all Grados eventually get grattle?

    Been a while since I posted.   My Grado Sr125 developed grattle in one driver, and I put them in their case and in storage for a few years. I found a grattle fix on Headwize (suck & heat & clean) and decided to try it. The worst of the grattle is gone, but turning up an SR-71 amp to about...
  8. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    New Portable Rig (Beyer+iBasso+Nationite)

    So I've just ordered everything I need for my new portable rig: Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 2005 600Ω (ohm) iBasso P3+ Portable Headphone Amp Nationite S:Flo2 16gb I'm hoping to provide a bit of info here for those that also are looking at building high performance portable rigs...
  9. ironstar

    Headphones to keep in a time capsule

    Hello,   Just sharing my thoughts since I have started collecting headphones when I started visiting Head-fi.   The idea is to collect one headphone from each brand to show it to my future son/daughter that this were the headphones when I was your age.   I'll just start with budget...
  10. Beagle

    Sony 7506 review...a ham sandwich without the ham

    For some strange deranged reflex impulse insane reason, I purchased yet another headphone Tuesday. It was the Sony 7506. See, it's this board which can sometimes make you do crazy things. The V6 is not available here, so based on the discussion on the similarity to the 7506, I decided to demo...
  11. earplug

    Sony MDR-V6 and Beyer velour pads plastic pieces

    I recently got the Beyerdynamic velour pads for my Sony MDR-V6 headphones. I love them; they're so comfortable!   The velours came with two plastic pieces, which were the same size as the pads. I did not use them when I installed the velours onto the MDR-V6. Are they needed for the MDR-V6...
  12. Saintly

    Denon D2000 with and without Amp Comparison

    Hi guys,   I recently became interested in appreciating music as opposed to listening to my Ipod out of the default Apple earbuds.  I've done some reading but still have lots to learn, so please bear with me and pardon my silly questions.   I started out with the AT M-50s after reading...
  13. bookaboo

    Hd650 or blue dragon cable - which one do I sell?

    Just wanted to get some opinions on which part of my setup to change to get a more clean /less bloated sound. I have the hd650 with a moon audio blue dragon cable and am thinking of either changing cable to the silver dragon or changing headphone to the hd600. Or maybe sell the both of them and...
  14. bookaboo

    Grado/Alessandro Advice

    I have the Hd650 and Dt250 which i love as i am a bit treble sensitive but i am wanting to get into the grado sound. i have owned  both the sr60 and sr80 and loved the intimacy of the upfront nature of these phones but found the highs too much for my ears. i was wondering if the alessandro ms1...
  15. PKayy

    DJ1 Pad Replacement

    Can you replace the pads on these headphones? I really like the headphones but the comfort isn't too great. I have glasses and the headphones give me pain in the sides of my head. Can someone tell me how to replace these pads with velour pads? I heard the DT250 pads work with these but I don't...
  16. bookaboo

    Beyerdynamic Dt250 vs shure srh840 a brief comparison

    I would like to do a brief comparison between the dt250 80ohm and the srh840. I have had both side by side for the last week and have just returned the srh 840s which gives away the verdict of the comparison a little but I stress this is IMHO. I will break the comparison into three parts...
  17. mibutenma

    Sony MDR V6 with Shure pads.

    I recently bought Shure SRH 840 and they come with a extra set of pads. I have a pair of Sony MDR V6 and the pads are still the ones that came with them so the coating is all flaked off and I thought hmm they would probably fit so I tried it and although not a precise fit it does fit.Very easy...
  18. Marximus

    The KRK KNS-8400: you can have it all.

    tdockweiler already wrote a review of these, but I've been so blown away by them that I had to sing their praises, as well.  A shout-out thanks to him for pointing me in this direction.  I was in the market for some closed cans with good isolation, clarity and durability. I was looking at the...
  19. nOoneNL

    Good $200 Headphones with no sound leaking?

      Well hello there,   I'm in the market for some good cans with very little to NO sound leaking, since I will be using them on the bus, train and at school. I currently using in-ear NuForce NE6, but I'm really bothered by the lack of a great soundstage.   My home equipment...
  20. Yikes

    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Rank your headphones. Please rank your headphones that you own and use regularly. Please don’t list or rank headphones that you use to own or that you have tried. My goal here is to have a positive outlook ranking, not a product bashing list. I figure that if you own and use them, you must like...
  21. Mobydick

    ear pad for Sony MDR-V7

    Hello, I'm a new member. I have an old earphone Sony MDR-V7 who works good but the ear pad are complitly used. Where can I find them or is there other models I can use? Thank you very much.
  22. donunus

    DT250 earpads and the DT48

    Does the dt250 velour pads fit on the dt48? I really want to see how the dt48s sound when using velour pads.   Also if anyone knows of any specific velour or cloth pads that fit the dt48, please let me know :)
  23. DJ STP


  24. koipen

    Are there any other velour pads for MDR-V6 other than ETD-250s?

    Currently I have a problem: I live in Finland and it is nearly impossible to find ETD:s, the cheapest being for, for mighty 34 euros, and, for an outrageous 50 euros (shipping).   So I'm asking: are there any pads that are similar enough to be used? My V-6s are...
  25. swarf

    K271 II was stolen. Replacement ideas?

    Hi all, I'm new to head-fi, though I've been reading through forums for a couple of years. The advice has been most helpful.   As the thread title suggests, my AKG K271 Mk IIs were stolen a couple of months ago, and I'm in need of replacing them. I thoroughly enjoyed the K271s, for the...