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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. aamefford
  2. olegausany
    Originally Posted by MattTCG link

    I'm interested in picking the HA-1 for my hd800's running balanced. Anyone here with thoughts on the pairing?

    That's my setup. I have the 800s connected with a moon audio balanced cable. I really enjoy it. Gets plenty loud on normal gain and the audio quality is great.

    +1 but i prefer to use high gain
  3. avraham
    Pulled the pin and ordered the HA-1 a few minutes ago, I already have the PM-1.
  4. Maxx134
    It's one of the few SS amps that do the hd800 well.
    Not only me and two others before me, and the poster before you stated that the HA-1 & Hd800 combo works great together, but the last two reviews also state the excellent soundstaging this unit can deliver.
    It is what made me keep my hd800 and no longer feel the hd800 sounding exaggerated because it finally has an amp that can fill that space with actual sonic information.
    My hd800 are now musical instead of analytical.

    One MORE Point:
    That last review states this unit having some of the best measurements tested.
    For example they stated the jitter was only matched by the Nad51 dac(!)
    It's about time a review shows just how good this unit is..

    To me it gets you close enough to touch the elusive feel of "end-game" performance.
  5. Maxx134
    I have the Fostex th600 here, which I believe is a more (or similar) demanding test...
    Impedance: 25ohm
    Sensitivity: 94dB mW
    Maximum Input: 1,800 mW

    At high gain on the HA-1 upon reaching the halfway on the volume (about-13db)
    It is already at ear bleed loudness levels that I cannot tolerate for long.
    This is the 1/8 headphone out, not the balanced xlr. .
    Now I pause the music on foobar2k and turn volume to maximum to see what I hear.. .
    Listening. .
    Nothing. .
    Not the slightest tiny bit of sound.
    Zero "low level" noise detected. .
  6. MattTCG
    Thanks everyone!! Just what I needed. 
  7. ogodei
    TH 900s work just fine with HA-1, no problems with noise floor, distortion, etc.  Volume does ramp up quickly, leave it on low gain.
  8. hikinokie
  9. hikinokie
    I have the lcd xc into a 105 that sounds excellent. I was going the get the HA-1 until the front port issue came up. the front port on my 105 plays my tablet, thumb drives, whatever. maybe the HA-2 will be more accomodating. ( Is Oppo reading this? [​IMG])
  10. hikinokie
  11. hikinokie
    But then again I loaded my high rez recordings along side the cd's already there and it took up half the space of the measly 64gb storage on the tablet. Maybe a laptop is in my future after all. That AND the HA-1 will by expensive tho'.[​IMG]
  12. sbgunn

    Oppo addressed the storage issue in this thread actually. They said something like - they optimized the ha-1 for its most likely uses. The front port will work with apple phones and tablets and Oppo also clarified that it should work with android devices that support OTG as long as you buy the right cable. Flash drives, SD cards and external hard drives are the things that won't work. Not too bad considering all the other inputs this thing has.

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  13. mrscotchguy

    If you've already have the 105, just continue to use it as your source. Chain it to the HA-1... You'll have one amazing setup without the need for an OS or Media player getting in your way!
  14. preproman
    That sucks.. [​IMG]
  15. jazzman7
    AFAIK, the HA-1 was never intended to be a media player like their BD players, only a DAC/amp.  Source playback comes from somewhere else.  
    I have an Oppo BDP-83 player, and the media interface uses an video-out-based on-screen display.  Since the HA-1 has no video out circuitry, putting media playback would necessitate using the LCD display on the unit as the on-screen display.  Odd, but maybe it could be done via a firmware update?  Even if they did, though, it lacks the networking capability to make it a fully-functional dedicated media player.  
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