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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. jonstatt
    Very interesting indeed. Although they missed the one detail I wanted to know which was the type of opamp used. They mentioned they exist for all of the outputs, but despite mentioning very specifically the components used elsewhere like brands of capacitors and transistors...they didn't mention this which was a very odd omission.
  2. Smarty-pants
    ^ Yep, the HA-1 is not meant to be used as a media player.
    The asynchronous USB and MOBILE USB inputs are already incredible features as-is.
    A great combo would be to pair it with something like the uber popular Oppo BDP-103 or BDP-103D for your source playback from USB drives and discs.
    However if you can store all your stuff on pc/mac and/or IOS/mobile devices, then you can get it all from the HA-1 alone.
  3. sbgunn
    ^ mentioned earlier in the thread.
  4. jonstatt
    Many thanks with the only minor exception that HasturTheYellow said "it is very likely we are using similar chips"...which basically means he wasn't 100% sure. But thank you...at least it gives me something to go on :)
    Just to add that LM4562 and LME49720 are the same thing and is a highly regarded op-amp....audiophile level just below doing it discretely without op-amps at all.
  5. mikeyatswb
    Thanks for the feedback on this.  The following review was also very complimentary: http://headfonics.com/2014/07/the-ha-1-headphone-dacamp-by-oppo/2/
    "The Lawton Denon D7000 also paired incredibly well with the HA-1, these are two headphones never to skip over if you own the HA-1" (the other headphone referred to being the PM-1).
    To the extent that the D7000 and TH-900 are similar, I would think this opinion carries over to the Fostex.  FYI, this review is also very interesting in its (qualitative) comparison of the DAC implementation on the HA-1 and Burson Conductor, another amp/DAC I considered.  I'm going with the HA-1: it's got everything I want, nothing I don't want, it's considerably less expensive, and---a big bonus for me---it has a remote.  I seem to be in the minority, but I really like a remote with a head amp, which really limits the options.
  6. preproman
    I wouldn't call asynchronous USB an "incredible" feature, it's pretty standard now a days.  The Mobile USB is useless to non Apple users..  Just saying..
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  7. hikinokie
    Ok Smarty-britches, If I'd have KNOWN Oppo was building this kick-ass HA, I WOULD have bought the 103 instead of the 105.
    But NO!!!! these things must be kept under wraps don't they!!
  8. Raptor34

    Yup, that's what I have.    Two source components and the HA-1.  Nice
  9. HiFiAudio
    Just to give a bit of perspective of the timeline involved with your comment.
    BDP-103 released 10-03-2012, BDP-105 11-16-2012 (approx dates)
    How do you expect Oppo to let you know about the HA-1 so far in advance when it was first mentioned online Aug 18th, 2013 only as a prototype, and finally available after official launch April 11th this year, shipped a few days later.  Yes it was under development for some time. [​IMG] 
  10. Smarty-pants

    It's still a nice feature. I didn't mean it was ground breaking or anything, but it adds to the overall list of high quality features of the unit.
    As far as listening to external sources through the HA-1, they've covered all the bases that an audio-only unit needs.
    The mobile input can also be used with the proper Android devices with an adapter... or you could just buy an iPod.
  11. HasturTheYellow
    They are not the same, which is why I said the are likely similar. We have always used TI OP/AMPs, so it is a matter of which ones we used for the HA-1. I have the day off, but I will try to get the actual OP/AMP information for you on Monday. Unless I forget.
  12. poo
    Will the Sennheiser balanced cable for the HD800 work with the Oppo?
  13. HasturTheYellow
  14. poo
    Thankyou, now go enjoy your day off! :wink:
  15. Xyrium

    Now that's dedicated support, and one of the reasons I purchase products from OPPO!
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