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Oct 16, 2019 at 10:49 AM
Nov 28, 2007
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Ex Restaurateur, Ex Rocket Scientist, currently Turbo-machinery Engineer

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aamefford was last seen:
Oct 16, 2019 at 10:49 AM
  • About

    Ex Restaurateur, Ex Rocket Scientist, currently Turbo-machinery Engineer
    Headphones, audio in general, travel, dirt bikes.
    Family, church, dirt bikes, manned space flight, cooking, eating fine food, drinking fine wine, oh, and did I mention Family?
    Headphone Inventory:
    Ether C
    1964 Ears Quads

    SOLD: HD650's again - Boo! (I love them. I need closed headphones.)
    SOLD: Mr. Speakers Alpha Prime (in anticipation of the Ether / Ether C)
    SOLD: Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog - Upgraded to the Primes!
    SOLD: Sennheiser HD650 (sigh, miss 'em already)
    SOLD: Yuin PK3 x2
    SOLD: Beyerdynamic DT 770 600 ohm
    SOLD: Beyerdynamic DT 1350
    SOLD: HD25-1 II
    SOLD: Denon AH-D7000 - with JMoney pads
    SOLD - Fischer DBA-02
    SOLD - Etymotic ER4P/S
    SOLD - Westone 3
    SOLD - Denon AH-D5000
    SOLD - UE Triple.fi10 (Bought and sold twice - comfort issues)
    SOLD - Westone UM3X
    SOLD - Ultrasone HFI 780, DIY Damped, dual entry SPC recable - all that and they still sucked,
    SOLD - Shure SE530
    SOLD - Audio Technica ESW10jpn - Sold, and missed!
    SOLD - Ultrasone Proline 750 - Ugh.
    TRADED - Sennheiser HD580 - 600 grill, 650 cable
    SOLD - Grado SR125
    Lost (Don't ask...) - UE super.fi 5 pro
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Cavalli Liquid Crimson
    Chord Mojo
    Peachtree Nova

    SOLD - Schiit Vali 2, not sure why I sold it, I want another one, with a Mimby.
    SOLD - Cavalli Liquid Carbon (Wonderful, but the Crimson made it redundant)
    GONE - Oppo HA-1
    SOLD - AMB mini3
    SOLD - HRT Microstreamer
    SOLD - Schiit Vali
    SOLD - Schiit Asgard 2
    SOLD - CEntrance HIFI-M8
    SOLD - Burson Solist SL
    SOLD - iBasso PB2
    SOLD - Headamp Pico DAC/AMP - my second one
    SOLD - Headamp Pico Slim
    SOLD - CEntrance DacPort
    SOLD - TTVJ Slim
    SOLD - Leckerton UHA-4
    SOLD - Headroom Ultra Desktop, max module, Max Dac, with DPS
    SOLD - MisterX Dynalo - Nice!
    SOLD - Pico with DAC, #220 - LOVED that thing!
    SOLD - Arrow 3G
    Source Inventory:
    Schiit Bifrost Multibit in Black
    Chord Mojo
    Peachtree Nova
    iPhone 5S 64 gb
    Sony PCM-M10 Digital recorder and decent music player

    SOLD - Audio-GD Dac-19 10th Anniversary Edition
    Dearly Departed - Northern Fidelity NF DAC
    SOLD - Questyle QP1R
    SOLD - HRT Microstreamer
    SOLD - Schiit Bifrost Uber
    SOLD - CEntrance HIFI-M8
    SOLD - Halide DAC HD
    SOLD - iPod Touch 4G 64 gb
    SOLD - iPod Classic 7G 160gb
    SOLD - iBasso DB2
    SOLD - Headamp Pico DAC/AMP - my second one
    SOLD - Stoner Acoustics UD100
    SOLD - Apogee Duet 2
    SOLD - CEntrance DacPort
    SOLD - Headstage DAC Cable
    SOLD - Headroom Ultra Desktop, max DAC, with DPS
    SOLD - Cambridge Audio DacMagic
    SOLD - iPod 5.5G 80gb DIYModded.
    SOLD - Musical Fidelity V-Dac
    SOLD - iMod 20gb 4G
    SOLD - iPod Mini with 32gb CF card
    SOLD - Pico with DAC
    SOLD - Apogee Duet
    SOLD - Phone 2g
    SOLD - iPhone 3GS
    Cable Inventory:
    FraGGleR made MrSpeakers cable
    FraGGleR made RCA's - nice!
    Blue Jeans PBJ RCA's
    Wireworld Starlight 7 USB - A fine cable
    Radio Shack Auvio RCA's - Surprisingly not bad
    Radio Shack Auvio 75 ohm coax - Also surprisingly not bad
    A vast selection of mediocre to crappy USB and optical cables - I've had really good ones. I'll stick with the crappy ones and spend my money elsewhere
    Power-Related Components:
    A whole gaggle of cheap extension cords and wall warts and surge protectors...
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Peachtree Nova - Awesome!
    Fritz speakers Grove Towers - Wow! Awesome as well
    (fritzspeakers.com, check him out)
    A Class D Audio brand class D kit waiting to be built - still....
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Music Preferences:
    Most all, though I really dislike gangster rap. I dislike anything with a truly negative message - except for the stuff like AC/DC that I grew up with, because well, I grew up with it...

    Lately acoustic and vocals
    Computer stuff and dirt bikes


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