Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread
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Nov 28, 2007
The long awaited release of the Oppo HA-1 headphone amplifier was today.  It doesn't look like there is an impressions thread yet, so I'll open one up.  Let's keep this to impressions only please.
There are a few beta testers out there that have heard the unit starting back last year.
EDIT AND UPDATE - As noted later in the thread - The beta testers are not necessarily the first to receive retail units, so our impressions may trickle in.  Of what I've seen so far, I personally do not have much more to add, yet.  I want to hear the retail version before I say too much.
I'll try and keep this first post for a table of contents - if people shoot me links to posts with impressions, I'll add them as I have time.
I'll reserve the next post for just in case (maybe my review or some photos, etc.)
As mentioned, Impressions only, and please try to be civil.
As a caveat - I was a beta tester.  In the interest of disclosure - if you were a beta tester, please disclose this in your first post, and in your impressions or reviews.
Oppo has allowed me to keep the beta unit until the silver retail version is released, and then will provide me with a retail version.  I am immensely grateful for this generosity.  I will almost guarantee that it will have a positive effect on my perception of the unit.  That said, I did not know of this generosity until today.  I have already formulated the opinion that this is a technical and operational tour de force - it is one heck of a piece of equipment.  More later….
Oppo's product page
Review Links (Planned for reviews within this thread for convenience - not sure if head-fi will allow press reviews here):
OK - Starting to post impression links.  If you have written one you would like posted here - shoot me a PM!
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Just figured I'd share my two cents. I'm not planning on doing a review as I find that others will report back on the HA-1 in better detail, but I love how powerful the HA-1 is as an amplifier. It provides a clean and neutral power for any headphone I've used, including low sensitivity IEMs. There are many inputs and it feels solidly built. There are a multitude of screens available for eye pleasure and the gain is easily toggled between high and low. It's a great reference amp and I don't feel that I'll ever find the need to buy another. Powerful and clean, what more can I ask for?
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While we patiently wait for impressions, you can vicariously live through the HA-1 experience by reading the HA-1 Headphone Amplifier Users Manual.

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The list of features and specifications are simply mind-boggling. My god.
Even more mind-boggling fact is all it costs only $1200. I hope this amplifier sends some strong message to other headphone amp DAC/amplifiers makers. Assuming it works well, HA-1 can become headphone audiophile's BDP-105.
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If anyone has this I really would like to know if they pair well with the TH-900.  I been in a DAC search mode all week and haven't had much in the way of TH-900 use and these DACS.
NAD 51 (Need to add an AMP on this one)
OPPO HA-1 (Added this today)
Mytek 128 (Got great feedback from Dubstep on this one)
Benchmark DAC2
An Oppo impression with the TH-900 is greatly appreciated...
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...Just figured I'd share my two cents....

.. . It provides a clean and neutral power for any headphone I've used, including low sensitivity IEMs...

This is the only useful bit of information that is of interest..

All your other points are already obvious...
Well, at least to the more experienced Lol

can you detect any kind of hiss with your IEM's?
thats why i love my V200, no hiss

Not many higher power amps can provide a low noise floor for IEMs..

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Haha so did I! :p
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Not many higher power amps can provide a low noise floor for IEMs..
Haha so did I!

You have your doubts, go try a HA-1 with your collection of headphones.   I've been part of the HA-1 beta testing for long time.   It has no hiss period.   Change you headphone gain from normal to high output the unit will automatically drop the volume to a lower output level before kicking in high mode.    Little things like that change your opinion.
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What is the topology of the amp?

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