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    Tidal bluetooth streaming Oppo HA-1 panel read-out
  2. T Bone

    Comparing Oppo HA-1 & Benchmark DAC-2 HGC

    I currently own an Oppo HA-1 (and I love it!)   That said, I feel like I can get a lot more out of my Audeze LCD-3 headphones.   I have been researching worthy upgrade candidates.  I have focused my search on DAC/AMP combos that are similar to my current HA-1, but with superior sound. One of...
  3. clar2391

    Oppo HA-1 with Mac Mini HDMI/USB Conflict

    I've had my HA-1 for a couple of weeks now and I love it so far. I have one issue that I've emailed Oppo support about and they've not seen it before and suspect the issue is on my side. When I use the HA-1 with my 2014 Mac Mini (OSX 10.10.3) via USB it works fine. However, if I then plug my...
  4. keanex

    [Review] thinksound rain2

      Pros: Environmentally conscious build, wooden housings, overall build quality. Cons: Cable tangles easily, potential discomfort for smaller ears, lacks sub-bass rumble, mid bass overly present, light veil. Style: Straight down IEMs. Tonal Balance: Mid-bass heavy. Accessories: 4 single...
  5. Silentanarchy

    Best amp dac combo unit under $1000

    I want a usb dac and amp that can drive any headphones High impedance to low impedance. I'm not worried about driving electro statics because i don't plan on ever getting electrostatic headphones, Speakers definetly but not headphones. Also I'd prefer something under $600 but $1000 is okay. A...
  6. keanex

    [Review] Bowers & Wilkins P7, a highly musical closed portable option

      Pros: Sturdy build, removable pads, removable cable, inline mic, controlled bass, lively upper mids, clean sound, spacious sound for a closed headphone, forgiving of mediocre recording. Cons: Proprietary cable and pads, cable feels cheap, sub-bass is inconsistent, mid-blass bleeds. Style...
  7. Stanfoo

    Need a Fiio E17 alternative, DAC/AMP

    What's the next best thing besides the Fiio E17/E09K combo? The E17 would be perfect but it lacks enough volume so I got the E09K to combo with it, but I don't like the round volume slider. You don't know precisely what the volume is at. E17 was perfect for this with their numbers.   What...
  8. keanex

    Limitless Creations HP3BK, a great budget closed option

        Pros: Build feels solid, sound is rather lively, sound quality to price ratio is above average Cons: Mids lack energy & presence, highs come off a tad dull, bass is a bit loose, very long cable Style: Closed circumaural Tonal Balance: Mid-bass emphasized leaning neutral Listening...
  9. keanex

    [Review] Alpine Over-Ear headphones, immensely satisfying for bassheads!

      Pros: Comfort, build quality, removable cable, inline mic/remote, fun energetic sound. Cons: Lacking detail and clarity, mid-bass is muddy, sound leaks too much for portable use Style: Closed circumaural Tonal Balance: Bass heavy Listening Set-Up: MusicBee -> Oppo HA-1 Cost at Time of...
  10. Ekul61

    Whats a good move up from a asgard 2

    With a fiio x5 and hifiman 400 cans? Also what could a better would amp do. Thx
  11. Nicklasb

    Oppo HA-1 or Auralic Taurus MkII for LCD-3

    Hello   Im getting back into highend cans after selling my HD800 about 2 years ago.   I have so far settled on buying Audeze LCD-3 but im trying to figure out what amp to buy. I have around 1500-2000$ to spend after i buy the headphones. Im looking at buying the Auralic Taurus and sticking...
  12. grizzlybeast

    ZMF x Vibro & ZMF Blackwood Discussion Thread.

        ZMF x VIBRO & ZMF BLACKWOOD       (Vibro)   (Blackwood)     I have thoroughly enjoyed the ZMF x Vibro headphone and felt it needed its own thread so I started this one. While no headphone is perfect this specific set is a very well rounded headphone and has become a favorite closed...
  13. HasturTheYellow

    OPPO HA-1 Headphone Amplifier Officially Released and Back In Stock

    We are very pleased to announce that after a successful launch of the HA-1 Headphone Amplifier on May 7th, 2014, we have obtained additional stock of the HA-1 and they will be shipping immediately. You can purchase the HA-1 Headphone Amplifier direct on our website at OPPODigital.com   The...
  14. aamefford

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    The long awaited release of the Oppo HA-1 headphone amplifier was today.  It doesn't look like there is an impressions thread yet, so I'll open one up.  Let's keep this to impressions only please.   There are a few beta testers out there that have heard the unit starting back last year.  ...
  15. keanex

    [Review] Rock Jaw Acero, a closed headphone with a rather airy sound

        Much thanks to Bob at Rock Jaw for the review sample!   Pros: Comfort, overall sound quality, isolation Cons: Build quality, build design, sub-bass, congestion Style: Circumaural full-sized headphones Tonal Balance: Mild v-shape with rolled off sub-bass. Strives for neutrality...
  16. Oppo HA-1 Integrated Headphone DAC and Amplifier.

    Oppo HA-1 Integrated Headphone DAC and Amplifier.

    Discrete Class A Amplifier - A Class A amplifier conducts signal over the entire range of the input signal cycle. The output transistors are biased to operate in their most linear range, and there is no crossover distortion caused by switching the signal between two push-pull devices. The HA-1's...