Need a Fiio E17 alternative, DAC/AMP
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Jan 9, 2014
What's the next best thing besides the Fiio E17/E09K combo? The E17 would be perfect but it lacks enough volume so I got the E09K to combo with it, but I don't like the round volume slider. You don't know precisely what the volume is at. E17 was perfect for this with their numbers.
What other DAC/AMP are there that suits my needs?
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It might help to know what sources you plug the DAC/Amp into?
What headphones you use?
And what the over all use this setup is for (music, movies, gaming)?
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The source is optical input from TV. Headphones is HD598. I use this for music and movies. No budget limit, looking for all the options out there.
I'm looking for something that has more precise volume control than just knobs, either through a remote control or has numbers in the device. And something that can output high volume (E17 was lacking in this).
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Does it need to be portable as well?
If not the Fostex HP-A8C shows the volume on the input and has two optical inputs. The Oppo HA-1 has optical in and a visual display of volume. The Yulong DA8, Grace Design M920, Audio-gd NFB-29 and Matrix Mini-i Pro all do what you are looking for and probably others that I am not aware of or can't think of off the top of my mind.
Now, none of these are portable and to find a portable DAC/AMP combo with optical in and digital volume display... Maybe an Astell & Kern?
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wait, i have an e17 and a 558. How is it possible for the e17 not to be loud enough? even with no gain I had a lot of volume headroom. Do you have the tv volume set really low?

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