1. ThisIsSteve

    Looking for a Lush, liquid, warm and yet still accurate CIEM, my choose now is between Heir 8A and Unique Melody Merlin. What is the better choose?

    Looking for a Lush, liquid, warm and yet still accurate CIEM, my choose now is between Heir 8A and Unique Melody Merlin. I have already own a JH13 and now I am seeking something warmer and more liquid as alternative. Thank you!
  2. Stanfoo

    Need a Fiio E17 alternative, DAC/AMP

    What's the next best thing besides the Fiio E17/E09K combo? The E17 would be perfect but it lacks enough volume so I got the E09K to combo with it, but I don't like the round volume slider. You don't know precisely what the volume is at. E17 was perfect for this with their numbers.   What...
  3. taoybb

    Fostex HP-A8 with HD800 or get mjolnir?

    Hello, I have a question. Currently i'm using HD800 with Fostex HP-A8 DAC/AMP and i'm happy with it but now I'm thinking if I get Schiit Mjolnir and use HP-A8 as a DAC will I get an impressive improvement? I don't found anyone compare these. What will it sound like? Thanks you and sorry for bad eng
  4. DanTheMan1

    Looking for ideal headphone for Fostex HP-A8c

    Hi, I purchased the fostex HP-a8c amp/dac a few weeks ago, currently using my dt770 with them, amazing difference really, I'm now willing to take the plunge and try get the best headphone for my personal taste, and wondering if you guys can help. I've been stuck between hd800 and th900, I listen...
  5. Boyz2men

    Anything similar but better than HP-A8??

    Anything similar but better than HP-A8??
  6. Bear-ji

    Has anybody compared FOSTEX HP-A8 TO Yulong da8?

    Has anybody compared FOSTEX HP-A8 TO Yulong da8?Especially when paired with low output impedance ones(like denon d7000 OR fostex th900?)       I am  puzzled in these two.THX.
  7. redstar

    Before I spend £1500 I would like to know of a Headphone alternative

    Hi   Ive been doing various visits to hifi shops and listening to various setups.   I am looking to get a bedroom setup. So far, I have liked the most Yamaha rx-v1073 along side Dali 1: 5.1. ( Two Zensors 1s for the rear, two Zensor 3s for the front). I would get the Zensor 3s over the...
  8. christox1234

    Fostex HP-A8 can be a good option to pair with the Audeze LCD-2??

    any recommendations of a Dac/amp Combo?
  9. Boyz2men

    Has somebody tried K812 and GS1000i under HP-A8? How do they sound like?

    I am searching for a top-class European sounding headphones which is quite suitable driven by HP-A8. Any recommendations?
  10. Jamil

    Wanting To Import A Fostex HP-A8C From Japan; Voltage Concerns

    I got a Fostex HP-A3 for work, and I really like the sound a lot.  Liking Fostex's equipment, I'm looking to purchase an HP-A8C in the future.  This DAC and headphone amp requires 100 volts AC.  I'm in the USA, and my AC voltage is 126.  I asked my electric company to adjust the voltage, but...
  11. khaos974

    Fostex HP-A8 DAC/Amp and other Fostex gear

    HP-A8 32-bit DAC Headphone Amplifier 
Model HP-A8 is a Fostex’s flagship DAC Headphone Amplifier offering finely built analog and digital circuitry designs as well as epoch-making DSD file reproduction function.     •High quality 32-bit DAC (AK4399) and all discrete analog circuitry...
  12. MoonAudio

    *NEW* HOT - Fostex HP-A8C 32 bit DAC Headphone Amplifier - NOW up for PREORDER...Free 2nd Day Shipping...

        *NEW* - HOT Fostex HP-A8C 32 Bit DAC Headphone Amplifier ONLY $1995 - NOW Preordering   FREE 2nd Day Shipping on ALL PREORDERS     Preorder NOW...Arriving in May!     The new HP-A8C is Fostex's flagship 32bit DAC / Headphone Amplifier model and features finely...
  13. archeryc

    Question about the Fostex HP-A8C amp/DAC

    Hi there I just wonder whether the hp-a8c can be use in Australia?? It saids its supported voltage is 100v only from the Japanese website... But in Australia the voltage supply is 240v... LOL Any people have any experience about this? I really like the amp and would like to use it for my...
  14. Tuberoller1

    DAC Popularity Check (2013 Edition)

    There has recently been a huge increase in the amount of different DACs out there, so I wanted to see which ones are the most popular by a NEW poll.  Personally I have a Metrum Octave, but am looking to upgrade.    So, copy the most updated list, paste it in the reply box and add your cable...
  15. Xanthos

    Around $2000 DAC Selection Help

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had any comments or comparisons between these 3 DSD DACs before I make a purchase:   Mytek STEREO192-DSD   Benchmark DAC2 HGC   Fostex HP-A8C   I can't seem to make a decision based on the reviews I've read. There has really been little...
  16. aviusmc

    Best solid state amp/dac in one unit

    I'm about to order the Ultrasone Signature Pro or Signature DJ (haven't fully decided) headphones, and was looking for a little source/amp guidance. I was looking at the Fostex HP-A8 due to good reviews and the fact that I find the two-in-one package of the amp/dac to be very convenient...
  17. AnakChan

    Initial Impressions of the Fostex HP-A8 DAC Amp

    Please bear with me, I'd consider myself still a noob when it comes to desktop DAC/Amps. Although I've heard a few DAC Amps in quite a few public headphone festivals, most aren't heard with my headphones nor my source tracks of music. And I'm still mostly learning from the gurus here in this...
  18. ag8908

    How to find a low priced Chinese version of any super expensive DAC?

    Edit: DO NOT TRY THIS. See my experience here   As I understand, perhaps the most important determinant of how a DAC sounds is its chip. Higher end DACs have very fancy chips, 32 bit 384k etc. Lower end DACs don't. Each chip...
  19. Fostex HP-A8(C)

    Fostex HP-A8(C)

    Fostex HP-A8 DAC Amp with DSD capability to compliment the Fostex TH-900 headphones.