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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. kawaivpc1
    How would you guys compare Oppo's HA1 to Yulong's DA8? or Astell n Kern's AK240?? 
    Is HA1 sounds significantly better than AK240, DA8 and Calyx Femto? 
  2. poo
    I understand the Oppo has pre outs which can be used to drive a power amp. I have an integrated amp and previously used the RCA audio outputs on my Benchmark DAC1 to feed the amp a signal from the DAC. Can I do the same from the Oppo? Just send out from the DAC to my integrated amp?
  3. HasturTheYellow
    Yes. You can connect the HA-1 direct to a powered amplifier or powered speakers then use the HA-1 to adjust the amplified volume.
  4. mrscotchguy
    Can anyone who owns this answer a function question about the Theater Bypass Mode? Does this function work for each output (ie one for xlr and one for rca?) or a toggle that is a blanket for all outputs?

    Oh, and is it tough to access theater bypass in the menu?
  5. HasturTheYellow
    Each input can be set independently of each other as Home Theater Bypass. Home Theater Bypass will be enabled for both outputs when engaged. It is very easy to engage. Just select the source you want to use in Home Theater Bypass using the jog dial. Press the SOURCE button until you see Home Theater Bypass appear on the front of the HA-1. Use the jog dial to select BYPASS then the SOURCE button again. At the next screen select CONFIRM with the jog dial then press the SOURCE button again.
  6. mrscotchguy

    Thank you for the incredibly fast response, Hastur!

    I normally wouldn't ask, but looks like I won't be getting my HA-1 due to some sketchy issues with our former landlord. Guess I will be living vicariously through everyone here...
  7. HasturTheYellow
    We will not be going anywhere, so the HA-1 will always be waiting for you. And if anything, we will have refurbished products you can buy from us in the future. We generally sell refurbished product 8 to 10 months after the initial release of the product, so check back next Spring for a discount.
  8. poo
    I guess what I'm really after is a DAC out so I can use the volume control on my integrated amp, which only has RCA in.
  9. HasturTheYellow
    You can use the player in Home Theater Bypass so the volume controls on the player are not active on the RCA/XLR outputs, and use the volume controls on the integrated amplifier.
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  10. MattTCG
    I want to buy this amp in the worst way. Must find some semblance of self control 
  11. poo
    lol yeah it's a bit like that isn't it :)
  12. JML
    Forget self-control.  I'm thinking about getting a pair of Adam Audio A3x or A5x active speakers to mount on the wall, and an Adam sub...
    P1000639.jpg            P1000640.jpg
  13. topgunsphd
    What kind of difference will the hd800, alpha dog, and he500 have going from se to balanced with the ha1?
  14. vigotone
    Just settling in with my new HA-1 and Audeze LCD-XC cans. Quick question: should I do High Gain and keep the volume dial low, or Standard Gain and crank the volume? I would think High Gain, but the manual says the opposite!
  15. x RELIC x Contributor

    Read this post

    A basic explanation of what to expect from balanced output.
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