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mrscotchguy's mega sale AMPS|HEADPHONES|CABLES

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  1. mrscotchguy
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Greetings yall! I've been away from the community for some time and realized that some of my gear is not receiving the love it deserves. Please check out the gear below. There is some fun gear from the time I got into this hobby. At at a recent HeadFi meet here in Chicago, was surprised and delighted to see just how far it all has progressed since I found gear that has satiated my 'upgrade-itis'.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to finding a great new home for this gear.

    • Beresford Bushmaster Mkii - $175 $150 Shipped (with insurance) First Owner (9.5/10) - PICS | REVIEW
      This DAC+Amp is basically new, with less than 100 hours of use. I picked it up a few years back to tide me over while I waited to find the right AudioGD DAC/Amp.

      The Bushmaster is detailed, clean, clear, but not harsh. It was originally voiced for Sennheisers, and pairs great with the HD800 as well as the HD650, but also has more than enough headroom for my power hungry Hifiman cans.

      The only real downside to it is there's no USB input, only Toslink/coax or analog. Beresford isn't a household brand, but squeezes so much into such a small package.
    • PS Audio GCHA (Gain Cell Headphone Amp) + DAC - $300 $275 Shipped (with insurance) Second Owner (9/10) - PICS | REVIEW
      Brutally honest sound. Clean, tight bass, and crystal-clear at low volumes due to the gain-cell. An added perk, NO channel imbalance, even at low volumes! I would keep, but my AudioGD is a touch more forgiving for my bright headphone tastes and replaces the similar low volume effect with their digital volume implementation.

      The DAC is this is rather good. It's the same dac chip that is in my Meier Audio, so very familiar with the dac sound vs the amp sound. An oldie, but a goodie. This combo would make one hell of a great starter into the hobby, like it did for me. Please note, this GCHA is the latest version that PS Audio released. It has both the DAC and balanced inputs, unlike previous variations. This would make for one killer starter setup.

      Check out the manual here.
    • Hifiman EF-5 12AU7 Tube Amp - Second Owner (Local) (7.5/10)- SOLD - PICS | REVIEW
      This comes with with stock tube (uber bright) and the Raytheon old-stock (super smooth), will throw in a foam tube damper, though I ended up not noticing any improvement or compromise with or without the damper. (My experience with larger tubes like an 6SN7 is an entirely different story!)

      This amp can put out 2W per channel to drive any power hungry cans out there. It is a hybrid amp with Solid State outputs and Tube pre-ins from what I've read. It uses quality OPAs and really has a great sound, but too many choices for rolling OPAs and Tubes for me. I found I roll far too munch, rather than slowing down to just enjoy music. This amp will be perfect for anyone who wants likes to fine tune their sound signature.

      Comes in Factory Box, included stock fuse, Russian NOS fuse, and audiophile-grade fuse.
    • Beyerdynamic DT150 250ohm - $175 shipped (NOS) - 9.5/10 - PICS
    • Beyerdynamic DT1350 - $140 shipped (1st owner) - 9/10 PICS
    • AKG K7XX (Massdrop 1st run) - $140 shipped (1st owner) 9.5/10 PICS
    • Fostex TH600 - $400 shipped (1st owner) 9.5/10 PICS
    • EBay HD650/600/580 Silver-plated flat braid 64" - 3.5mm cable - SOLD - PICS
    • Surf Audio HD650/600/580 XLR cable 72" (6ft) - PICS SOLD
    • Venus Audio Audeze Balanced XLR Cable (mini XLR to 4-pin) 102" (8.5ft) - SOLD - PICS
    • Q Cables Silk Audeze to HD800 Adapter (mini XLR to HD800) - PICS SOLD
    • 12AU7/12AX7 Silcone and metal tube damper - $20 shipped Original Owner - PICS
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  2. LCMusicLover
    Could you mention how long the headphone cables are? Thanks
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  3. mrscotchguy
  4. CreditingKarma
    Bump for a great seller and all around cool person GLWS.
  5. mrscotchguy
    Aww, thanks man!
  6. mrscotchguy
  7. mrscotchguy
  8. mrscotchguy
    Update with some price drops.
  9. mrscotchguy
  10. mrscotchguy
    Bump - traveling between Chicago and Omaha over the next week, please feel free to inquire and I will respond as quickly as I can. Thanks!

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