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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor

    Absolutely no need for high gain with the XC. You want to use as much of the volume as possible to avoid volume tracking errors. The XC is so efficient that high gain would require you to listen at a very low setting on the volume knob. With my LCD-2 rev2, through single ended output, I use high gain to get the dynamics going.

    I listen to the XC through the balanced output at low gain and I only set the knob from 9:00 to 12:00 (a range of about 75-90 decibels through my XC) depending on the track and my mood. Any louder than that for prolonged periods and my ears become very fatigued, not to mention possible ear damage.
  2. hikinokie

    I didn't expect Oppo do do anything of the sort. No manufacturer would. Just wish I had a crystal ball some times and I'm sure I'm not the only one who spends more money than they should on shiny new toys like these.:D
  3. MattTCG
    I plan to test the hd800 and HA-1 (balanced) soon. I think that it has the most potential going balanced. 
  4. poo
    Would love to hear your impressions. Plan to audition in the next couple days but don't have balanced cable yet.
  5. drews
    I'm currently listening to the DSD64 version of the Minnesota Orchestra's Firebird Suite on the HA-1 + HD800 balanced (Sennheiser cable) and it's pretty fantastic.  I'm coming from an Audiolab M-DAC+Violectric V200 combo which I was already very happy with.  I find the HA-1 to be a bit more transparent but it's also pretty unforgiving so iffy recordings will not be pleasant - fortunately the amp sounds great with my LCD2 too...
    BTW - I find I need to use high gain even running balanced for both the HD800 and LCD2...
  6. Maxx134
    That reminds me when I took most my money for bills and spent it on the w3000anv instead(!) Lol

    I would actually try as it really is headphone specific.
    While it is known that planars like more power on tap,
    I found that my hd800 actually has more bass presence and impact with high gain.
    Although that perception may be skewed by the amp itself just giving the hd800 what it requires for what people normally view as a lack of bass..
    Not so with the Ha1..
    Hd800 now has BASS! !.(compared to before :) )

    Both the he560 & hd800 bring more clarity to the table when I connect them into the balanced 4-PIN XLR OUT..
    They seem to have the same level of bass even though it is a different type. .

    I believe the HA-1 aids their strengths.
    I would use the he560 more on music where mids & vocals take president.
    While the hd800 seem more expansive and still more trebles and detailing.
  7. Badas

    I've been living with my HA-1 for a month now. :D
    A few observations:

    Nothing I don't like
    It requires a bit of a break in. The digital stage won't require it, however the analog has changed a lot. I also use as a pre-amp and the HA-1 did not sound great when new. With 50+ hours it has opened right up.
    I put mine on iso feet and this helps with air flow. See pic below. The mesh underneath has a lot more air available. Has made the amp run cooler.

  8. Smarty-pants
    ^ I've seen you post that pic and specify that you have two of the same model Oppo players in you rack.
    May I ask for what purpose you have two of them?
  9. gotoma8
    Thanks ogodei. Getting my HA-1 tomorrow and will let all know if my take on it and HD800 combo. I'be had the 800s for about a week now. Think it's broken in. How long did it take for the HA-1 to break in?
  10. olegausany
    At least 50 hours
  11. Badas

    I bought two the same as I am lazy. I have 1635 blu-rays in my collection. Half are Zone A and half are Zone B. Both Oppo's have been multizone chipped however to change zones you need to hit a sequence of buttons. I'm lazy. I have one set on Zone A the other on Zone B, then I just open the required zone player. Stupid aye. I get a lot of abuse for that. In the end tho it is the way I like it, also if one fails the other can carry on. :D

    About 20 hours give and take. Not to sure but I'm finding the HA-1 is sounding better warmed up as well. I might be mistaken, however a few songs have sounded harsh when cold. After I finish listening I put the first song back on and it sounds better / warmer. Might be a placebo effect tho. I will test some more.
  12. rendanator
    Just got mine today! No audio impressions yet but the extra features make this little (big!) amp/dac an amazing product. Remote, app, self-adjusting volume knob - so many cool extras!
  13. gotoma8
    Thanks...I will try to see if warm up makes a difference. Will let it burns in overnight as well. Currently I have a XCan , modded with the'Rock Grotto' mod and using JRiver from the PC through headphones output to XCan. I like it but need a dac in its place...as I can always tell some sort of distortion, both with the HD650 and 800.

    The idea was to get a nice dac in between the PC and Xcan and use the existing XCan. The HA-1 sounds nice but much more than I need. We'll see how it goes.
  14. gotoma8
    Btw if anyone is interested in a great pair of used HD650. Pm me.
  15. x RELIC x Contributor
    I find it to sound slightly better warmed up as well. Probably the analog amp hitting it's stride.
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