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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. snip3r77
    Is it really a neutral IEM with a fun sound? Does it really sound like Etymotic ER4SR and Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor with more bass/rumble?
  2. Raketen
    (Disclamer: Not an audiophile type listner & speaking very broadly, please do not take my opinions seriously).

    Sorry, I edited ER4S (not heard SR/XR versions) out of the quoted comment because I didn't mean to state that 4S and Plus are alike- I only mentioned ER4S because, of the IEMs I have, they seem to share similar presence + treble character (as some other people've noted which probably put the idea in my head). However, the Plus has a completely different balance, yes with increased bass, but also considerably more warmth/thickness into the mids (I find 4S capable of warmth with some records, and tangible bass, but it's general balance conversely tilted bright, towards presence + treble areas).

    'Natural' vs 'analytical' notion of neutrality is probably something of a misnomer (4S is not exactly unnatural, nor Plus inaccurate, both could be considered 'colored' in some way or other), but relatively useful placement.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  3. FangJoker
    How are these with 80s metal and rock music with some sappy rock ballads thrown in?

    I don't like flat and analytical iems. I like bass but quality as in punchy and fast decay. Slow and muddy bass is not what I'm looking for. I dislike too much shrill treble. I like a good guitar solo, but not one that makes my ears bleed.
  4. snip3r77
    Is the MD bright? Good for day to day fun listening?
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  5. Cheaplad
    IMHO Not bright at all.

    I tested this and my ISine10 with Mojo. I think the bass of the MD plus presents in a way far muddled then the ISine10.
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  6. Raketen
    Though not my taste they seem like pretty decent genre all-rounders, haven't listend to much metal/rock/80s though. I think the treble means they have a slight analytical tendency will occasionally show out some bad quality files or poorly matched or particularly bright recordings, but more tolerably than something like ER4S. There's a little dip between presence and treble in that 'guitar edge'/sibilant' area, so they don't tend to get too aggressive. Bass isn't the punchiest I've heard but it's not particularly slow.

    Might look into Sony XBA-N3 (can probably demo in HK), have a slight v shape but darker in treble, I really enjoy these with metal/rock lately.

    It's hard to say what one person considers fun, or bright or not, if you consider ER4S as bright than I'd say Plus is less bright, but there are probably a lot of IEMs they could be considered relatively bright next to.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  7. malifact
    My pair arrived this week. So far I really like the sound. I've always preferred more "fun" IEMs and these strike a really good balance between that and not being fatiguing. Also, vocals sound lovely and clear, unlike a lot of more V-shaped earphones I've listened. My only issue is with the fit, but I've also had that problem with most IEMs. I don't suppose anyone has heard any CIEMs or closed headphones with a similar sound signature to this?
  8. mx19
    Hi guys...
    I've got 2 questions about the Plus (as time is running out and I'm thinking about buying them I'm asking for fast answers if possible...):
    1) how does it compare to original Phonak Audeos on grey filters? Because I'm looking for something to replace them after all those years and I'd prefer IEMs with similar sound signature - airy, spacious, nice separation, more of the same but on 'another level' with a little bit more sub-bass in terms of quantity and quality and texture... is the Plus right choice?
    2) will Samsung Galaxy S7 be able to drive them properly (through Cirrus Logic DAC and Poweramp)??? I bought it just recently with premeditation as my default DAP/phone. I won't be using or buying anything more purposeful in future as I use mobile audio less and less... so question is does it have enough juice to drive those IEMs??? With Audeo it has no problem, but with TDK IE800 (dual dynamics, 32Ohms like Audeo) you can get the feeling there's just, just enough power but more Ohms could be too much for the Samsung.

    I also thought about FLC8s... but Pluses sound more Audeo-like...
  9. -rowan-
    Is anyone who owns these familiar with the ER4S?

    I've read loads about how the Plus is supposed to be tuned like the ER4XR but with more sub bass etc, but how does the quality (not quantity) of bass compare to that of the ER4S?

    Hoping to pick up the Plus so as not to impale myself on the Etys when sleeping, so any further actual/direct comparisons with the ER4 line would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance!
  10. snip3r77
    How is the isolation if used when commuting ? Thanks
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    Bass on the Plus is very well controlled, and of course qualitatively more than the ER4S. The biggest difference to me is the shift of the center of presentation from ER4S' upper mid ~ lower treble to the Plus' mid ~ lower mid. In a way, I almost think that Plus' signature is tilting from a warmish neutral to almost a stage-monitor-like, where ER4S is, of course, closer to a slightly cold neutral. They are different enough that I think they kind of compliment each other rather than being an upgrade over the other (well, perhaps more for the XR model but I don't have those to compare with).
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  12. fritz1234
    These ship this week, BTW, according to the site. Virtually drop-ship. :D

    I bought these as I wanted what they are aiming for: ER4 with extended low end. But it puzzles me a bit to even mention Andromeda. I don't see the relevance except that there is similarity in the low end curve. They could have used a hundred other reference IEMs. Nevertheless, to have an IEM that extends the ER4 is a great idea. The way those things reveal is useful.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  13. -rowan-
    Thanks for this! It really helps to have a comparison with something so familiar. I like the ER4S' bass as it's so detailed it conveys so much more information than just volume and impact). Would you say the Plus' bass has comparable qualities and is at least as fast?
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    I'll say that Plus' bass feels just a tiny bit slower than ER4S but still plenty fast enough. This is less because of a quality issue but mainly because there is just more bass that you can feel.
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  15. snip3r77
    What qc issue we're talking about ?

    Does it sound thick in general? It's hard to listen to thin/neutral iems for me
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