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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. fritz1234

    Not a QC. issue. He didn't say QC. Read again
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  2. snip3r77
    The time is extended daily LMAO
    Don't like such style
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    Not quality control, but the bass quality difference. Actually it really isn't purely about bass at all - the difference in presentation also has to do with more lower mid as well, which gives more texture and body to the Plus. While I won't go as far as calling Plus a thick sounding IEM, it is definitely not a thin/neutral sounding IEM. It is more of a fine balance between the two.
  4. Raketen
    I think the bass has similar extension, but the Ety 4s is lower quantity and 'dryer' sounding, with less midbass and maybe 'quicker' or 'punchy' quality. Plus is very different in this area, and has more 'pressure' midbass feeling than 'punch', but like ClieOS says, because of the overall balance, not because it is trying to become a basshead or V type iem...
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  5. rschoi75
    Just building on these posts. Recently I've been pairing this up with an older Oppo HA-2 amp/dac that I have, and I think it's the best pairing I've heard yet. The oppo ha-2 has an output impedance of 0.5 ohm, and it seems to make all the difference. The MD Plus is tight and clean across the entire spectrum. No more muddy bass.
  6. kundica
    Has anyone heard these and the CA Jupiters? I have Jupiters and while I'd like better upper mids from them, I'm a bit concerned how much of an increase the MD Plus have in the 2-4k range. It seems to be even a jump above the Andros.
  7. Soaa-
    As a fellow former owner of the Phonak Audeo, yes, yes, YES. The MD+ is like an Audeo with gray filters and more sub. Except there are no filters to change. :D

    Driving them from the S7 will likely darken the sound, adding more bass below ~200Hz. This depends on the output impedance of the S7, which I've read to be around 5.6 ohms? If the bass is too much, you should try driving them with a source (bluetooth or USB dongle) with near zero impedance.
    mx19 likes this.
  8. Grit
    Just how big are the nozzles on the MD Plus? I've gone through quite a few IEMs and the only types that my small-ass ear canals could tolerate were the ones with narrow nozzles found on Nuforce and Westone IEMs while using the smallest eartips provided.

    I'm loving everything I hear about these but I'm afraid that I won't even get a proper insertion to enjoy them and they're not exactly cheap to just buy and try.
    H T T likes this.
  9. Soaa-
    It's good that you asked, since the MD+ has a fairly wide nozzle.
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    If you are not in a hurry to get a new IEM, you might want to wait a bit. There might be something interesting down the pipeline that could be what you'll want.
  11. mx19
    First of all, many thanks for all the info!!! That's what I was supposing after reading reviews and looking at frequency graphs - that it could be a perfect upgrade to my Audeos... but the problem is that the IEMs will be driven by S7 only as I won't be using additional DAP anymore (I just bought S7 with full premeditation as it is the smallest, >>compact<< sized flagship with dedicated DAC. Every other smartphone with DAC is just too big for me and as I wrote above, dedicated DAP is a no-go for me thesedays).
    As far as I remember ~5.6 ohms is for US Snapdragon versions, the Exynos has Cirrus DAC/Amp chip but still it's output is around 4~4,5 Ohms I think.
    And that could be the showstopper from what I read... floaty, muddy bass below 200 Hz isn't the thing I love... And if 2 Ohms and above impedance changes the sound signature I'm afraid it won't make sense for me :frowning2:
    I'm also considering FLC8s strongly as they are not demanding with the source... have you listened to them and if so, could compare them with Audeo and MD+?
    In all honesty I'd prefer something half of FLC8s/MD+ budget (so with price around 150$) and possibly with 2 BA setup but I'm not sure I can find anything that can be a direct upgrade to Audeos (in terms of similar signature but with better quality and a little bit more bass... just like MD+ :wink:) in that price range with 2BA (or hybrid BA+DD at least...) :-/
  12. snip3r77
    can help to PM me more info if it's not to convenient to reveal MD product timeline.
  13. snip3r77
    Any issue if combo with FiiO X7 mk ii?
    Output impedance <1.2Ω (32Ω loaded)
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    Should be fine. I listened to my Plus on the X7mk2 all the time, on both single-ended and balanced output.
  15. Kundi
    Anyone getting tracking information?
    cardeli22 likes this.
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