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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (9/10/2019: Grado WH1 'The White Headphone' Added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
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  1. I95North
    nice find but there has to be a way also to get that dongle to do ddl---> 5.1 dolby headphone because that chip thats inside  the housing of the dongle is the same chip that the mixamp uses go figure!
    Just imagine if someone could do a hack to get that to work you would have a very inexpensive mixamp minus the chat though for consoles..
  2. Fegefeuer
    Ok, I've been give a pair of HD 800 over the weekend and after trying BF3, Thief 3 with EAX HD, Dark Souls, Third Age Total War with EAX HD, Max Payne 3, GRID, Ghost Recon Future Soldier I declare the HD 800 as king of kings.
    The same goes for comfort. I have never had a pair of headphones that does fit so well and cause nothing.
    It's the best soundstage I have ever heard, I don't know about SR009 but all the opinions of others are true. It's not only wide but also has incredible depth and clear posiitoning. The T90 is already very great for gaming but the HD 800 is king. 
  3. japatml

    AKG Q 701 ou Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Premium ???

  4. I95North
    I received my recon3D usb used 9-5-12 and its seems either its defective or its junk.. For some reason it works with music sort of ok but with ddl from xbox-360 it sucks.
    The audio keeps going very low like someone has pressed a volume reducing button while online gaming but when the match is over and your back in main chat game lobby its fine.
    I tried to turn the ingame volume almost all the way down then compensate by turning amp volume up on my amp but  the volume still goes low or kinda like pumps from normal to low volume output in scout  mode or thx.. Anyone that has this device have similar problems?
  5. Eric_C

    Read the first post.
  6. Mikesin
    How does the HD800 and T90 compare to to the AKG K702s, is it similar or on another level??? (assuming you have tried them)
  7. Mad Lust Envy Contributor

    Might be the 'Scout' mode messing with things. Turn it off.
  8. Evshrug

    Hmm, that hasn't happened to me at all. I don't understand why you thought turning in-game volume so low would help (I only do that when chat volume through "speakers" is too quiet compared to the game sound), so maybe I don't fully understand, but my suggestion would be to see if the problem persists with THX, Scout, and plain mode. Also, connect the Recon3D to a computer you have the drivers installed on and check to see if you have a "smart volume" feature enabled... In game sounds are always louder than lobby sound in my experience, so maybe the Recon3D is getting confused?

    Your described issue doesn't happen to me in any mode, even though I barely changed any THX settings from stock when I hooked it up to my computer. Test a few more variables and let us know how it goes, and what Creative's customer support says. Good luck!
  9. Skylit
    Would love to see how the new Beyerdynamic Custom One PRO headphones stack up to your comparison once released. Maybe if you get around to it :wink:
  10. Phos
    I notice in the first post, you're not sure on how the hiss coming out the DSS behaves exactly?  I can test this for you.  
    I feel like this guide could use a list of receivers with Dolby Headphone/Silent Cinema.  Not necessarily a test, just an overview of what's out there, perhaps along with what you need to connect a mic to an Xbox 360, and maybe the one component you need to connect to a PS3.
  11. Fegefeuer
    They are both better. The T90 has a remarkable subbass that gives you the chills in brooding games like Dark Souls and it's soundstage is more spacious 3D than the K702. No problems with pinpoint accuracy either. Of course both are more expensive and for gaming alone I wouldn't stretch out that far. 
    While the Mixamp can feed the T90 rather good I wouldn't use both for consoles as they are overkill. Use them in a high quality soundcard or processed DHP/CMSS-3D SPDIF -> DAC -> HPA.
  12. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Got a 3DS. MAN, the volume is lacking... both my UE500 and HE400 are very low in volume even maxed, and even with the E17 MAXED at +12 gain, the HE400 is barely to the point where I'd say it's moderately loud.
  13. I95North
    I tried that already but no luck
    The reason why i turn the in game volume down is because my thinking was that it was clipping or something like getting to much gain but that was not the case . Even with the ingame volume turned almost all the way down the volume still fluctuated kinda like a pumping sound sensation "compresion"  going from normal then to very low.. This happens in either scout mode or thx but i have not tried to turn off the smart volume i will try that today..
    All drivers are up to date and i also would like to say that sometimes the control panel wigs out and i have to unplug then recconect it to computer to make the settings reappear in the control panel sometimes it just goes blank..
  14. Mikesin
    Both better in fun or competitive ?  I tend to go for the competitive you see, directional cues etc are vital, so soundstaging, imaging is a must. I use the PC primarily, but do use consoles so that isn't a problem. Just would like to know how they compare, as if I was to stretch out that far in the future, i'd like to know which is to more of my taste, although it indeed is definitely overkill.
  15. Paradux
    Sorry, I did specify but that was a few pages back. I'm looking for a Dolby Headphone solution for both PC and console. I have read the guide which mentions that the DSS is discontinued and the DSS2 doesn't support Dolby Headphone. I would also like the ability to mix voice in since the Xbox voice volume is low even at highest. That said I also want an EQ to drop the bass on the DT770s for competitive games, which the Astros and AX720s don't have. The Headzone is well out of my league.
    So basically I'm looking at the Astros as a second best for my needs, and they are about as much as I can afford. Unless anyone can recommend some other device which encompasses everything?
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