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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (9/10/2019: Grado WH1 'The White Headphone' Added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Boogie7910
  2. DrKrFfXx

    Once you click on buy ("COMPRAR"), the headset become available for free before adding the item to the cart ("Añadir a la Cesta").
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  3. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I'll have to respectfully disagree about the GSX sounding lofi. Even comparing to the X7LE, it undoubtedly sounds better to my ears.

    Different strokes for different folks.
  4. jinque
    got the G6, but i can't seem to get optical out to work.. i went into setup, speakers, and tried both the direct and spidf out direct buttons but nothing (output is set to speakers). am i doing something wrong? thanks.
  5. illram
    On the "headphones" tab, find the drop down "Apply Headphone Virtualization to" menu and then select Line and Optical Out.
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  6. jinque
    sweet, works now. saw that option earlier and i thought i had tried it.. but guess not. thanks!
  7. illram
    Yeah I'm not a huge fan of this software. Intuitive, easy to use GUIs are not Creative's strong suit apparently.


    On a different topic... I feel like either the DAC implementation, or the BlasterX software, or just the amp...something...is not as good as the E5. (And by extension probably the X7.) Neither of those use "BlasterX," and I think there is a difference (if I remember correctly) between BlasterX and the software used on the E5 and X7 if I remember correctly? I think BlasterX is used on the G5, also there is a free version of it available from Creative. Like the G6, the BlasterX I am familiar with does not allow more granular fine tuning of the surround level, unlike the E5 and X7, which do. So although the G6 uses the same chip as the X7, my suspicion is the audio software is different.

    Putting aside those differences, I actually believe this mostly based on the EQ quality of the G6 vs. the E5. One example: Hotel California, which is my go to test song, if you bump up 125hz to the max 12db, it is still listenable on the E5. A little boomy, too deep, but still listenable. On the G6 it becomes completely, totally unlistenable goopy blob, like my head is underwater. Same for the other bass frequencies which is all I tested tonight. At + 6db on the E5 it is even nice and deep at 62hz, on the G6 it is OK but there is a lot of distorted bloat to the slam of the bass. For example 6db @125 & 62hz, at 03:56 on Hotel California listening to the drums, it is deep, slam, not boomy... on the G6 it is very different. Honestly it sounds like I remember the E3 bass sounding when you turned it up too high.

    Even flat, when I cue in on certain parts of the song, for instance the two "boom boom" slams of the bass drum at 00:53 at the beginning of Hotel California, the E5 sounds better. Deeper, more resolving bass in my HE-400i. G6 sounds a hair less impactful and less body.

    None of this is scientific, I didn't use a volume meter or do this blind or anything. Just tried to adjust by ear and go back and forth (for a while, lots of times.) I have heard this song thousands of times, probably, so I feel comfortable making these comparisons.

    Curious when this is out there in more experienced hands if impressions will be similar. MLE I hope I am not stepping on your toes offering these drips of initial impressions before your review is out. Not my intent and I am very much looking forward to your review. This is purely speaking to the music quality, not the virtual surround. For the VSS, I remember my initial impressions are the VSS when implemented has more edge, is a little shriller and brighter than both the E5 and X7, but I have not been able to really sit down and compare rigorously so was hesitant to put it out there. (This is based on playing Call of Duty which I have 21 days of total game time on, so for audio stuff I find a lot of things immediately apparent when switching.) But I am beginning to think this product for whatever reason is not of the same caliber as those two, decoding aside. For the X7 I would understand why, the the E5 it is sort of confusing.

    All of this was on stereo, all effects off except for when the EQ was engaged, on an HE-400i straight out of each unit with no external amp.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  8. Blackhaired77
    I need your advice guys

    I was thinkin of buying custom studio headphone (need closed back headphone) with v-boompro mic and go with a soundcard and might go with amp+-dac later

    From what i read through your discussion found the gsx 1000 better in term of software

    But really the g6 offer that include h5 headset looks irresistable as i might go later with open back headphones later

    So would this offer be really good or just stick to gsx 1000 and custom studio

    Custom studio + vboompro + gsx1000 = 420$

    These prices including shipping cost and according to where i live

    I am really noob when it comes to audio stuff and looking to use virtual surround for fps games on pc and also listening to music

  9. Yethal
    G6+h5 hands down
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  10. DrKrFfXx
    It seems my G6 arrives tommorrow, so I'll be able to AB test it against my GSX 1000.

    I'm hoping it beats the GSX in the stereo (music) and amping capabilities, but in the virtual surround department I reckon the GSX might be untouchable for a while.

    Here's hoping I get a good surprise in terms of audio quality.

    Price wise, the GSX doesn't hold a candle to the G6 and free headset , though.
  11. Azurik
    Just to confirm then, I won’t get surround on the PS4 unless I run the g6 parallel on a pc via optical?

    Just connecting it to the PS4 via usb, optical or both will only give me stereo plus some pseudo sbx upmix?
  12. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    No. You ONLY need a PC initially so that you can change some settings. After that, you don't need a PC at all until you wanna change settings again.

    And yes for 99% of us, GET the G6. The GSX1000 is PC ONLY.
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  13. lenroot77
    I think the G6 is really a steal for 150.00... it’s been great so far.

    I tried playing with the chat last night on PS4. For sure the chat works, but I was unable to adjust the game sound/chat individually. Anyone else have any luck with this?

    It’s not a huge issue as Destiny 2 has in game adjustments and I’m pretty sure the PS4 has some adjustments as well. I will admit the dial on the mix amp is nice, but It’s about the only nice thing about the mixamp at this point.
  14. headphonesonly
    VSS will work on ps4. Just make sure you set the usb audio to chat audio instead of all audio within the ps4 settings.
  15. HairyHook
    I received the Mobius yesterday and I'm pleasantly surprised. MLE (or anybody with the Mobius already in their hands), I'm having some issues with 7.1 and I'd appreciate your feedback and/or help. The headset is on 7.1 mode and 3D Manual mode, centered. If I play some 7.1 test sounds, all the right sounds (front right, right, rear right) sound at 2 o'clock. If I move my head I can clearly pinpoint all these channels at 2. Same thing with the left channels, but at 10 o'clock. I was expecting to look back and hear the rear cues. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance!

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