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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. SierraMadre
    You can’t. Creative dev team already said so a little while back on the official Sound Blaster thread on reddit.
  2. jbjs5820
    I have the G6 also. i will test it... you never know it might work.
  3. deucefive
    @Mad Lust Envy your guidance/thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    That list is full of headphones I have never heard. Out of the ones I have heard, I'd pick between the Edition XX and the Ananda. XX if you like more bass, Ananda if you want more neutrality. For my own preferences, I'd probably reach for the XX more than the Ananda, even though the Ananda is superior technically. Since you already have an LCD2, I'd probably tell you to get the more neutral Ananda since you already get plenty of bass heft from the LCD2.

    I think right now, the Ananda is probably what I'd consider the most well rounded headphone I've heard in years, and my top recommendation this year. Mind you, based off PERSONAL experiences, in which I haven't had the chance to hear many, many current headphones that may compete with it.

    Mind you, I'd still want to hear the LCD X, HD800/S, and HFM Arya, which I feel would shake some things up.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  5. deucefive
    @Mad Lust Envy Great to hear. As you recall your experience, would it be fair to say: Ananda > Edition XX > AKG K712 > LCD GX > LCD2C?

    I appreciate your feedback as your preferences are pretty similar to mine -- I had the same impression of AKG K712 as you (until I had some rattle in right driver). While LCD2C and LCD GX are both great, the weight is still a challenge for long sessions. And no word on Volkyl Erupt yet. As such, I'm considering some options above, including HD 800S (way too bright and expensive for my taste, but the comfort and pair with my tube + Astro Mixamp TR double amp seems like a good option/investment for gaming).
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  6. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    That is all subjective preference, and no I would not put them in that order. I wouldn't put them in any order because there all do things differently enough where I might like one for one thing, and another for another thing. I have not heard the LCD2C And I hear they're not actually the same as the LCD2 Rev 2s I reviewed, so I can't say anything about them.

    All I'd say is that if I had to make one choice out of those, and not be able to hear any other, I'd probably take the Ananda because they do well enough for me in most aspects that I'd want a headphone to do well in.

    Out of the ones I have experienced, as always. One of the others could very well be more favorable, I wouldn't know.

    Right now, I'd wanna hear any of the Fostex TR-X00 variants that Drop sells ro see which gets closest to the Denon D7000, and pair them up with some Dekoni hybrid pads.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  7. Thenewbie76
    @Mad Lust Envy I have a question , I am having trouble between choosing a LCD 2 + TH 610 or TH 900 MK2 ? I saw your review of the th 600 and you said at the end there are differences but you will only notice it over time. Thing is I have seen the tr x00 on massdrop and a few people have said good things about it and you can also game in it with virtual surround programme. Do you have a possible date of when you can get your hands on one of the tr x00 variants? RN I am heavily leaning towards LCD2 but will postpone on any fostex purchase until you review the TR x00. If it helps my current HP are the CA cascade, fidelio x2, hd 600, akg 7xx, ZMF aeolus, hifiman X V2 and I use solid states mainly the THX 789 and in the future I plan on getting a JDS labs atom.
  8. deucefive
    @Thenewbie76 I'll let Mad Lust Envy share his perspective.

    I'm just curious how you found Hifiman X V2 (HEXV2) for gaming as I am debating getting an Ananda, which supposedly is similar to HEXV2 but with less bass.

    I can't speak about LCD2, but LCD2C is pretty solid for gaming -- imaging is quite decent -- just the weight remains a challenge for gaming.
  9. deucefive
    @Mad Lust Envy - of course -- subjectivity is 'par for the course' with anything in audio -- so I am with you. On that note, it is reassuring to know that Ananda left a differentiated impression on you from that select list, including the LCD GX (which seems to be somewhat comparable to Ananda in price, if not tonality).
  10. Thenewbie76
    Ok the last time I tried the ananda was way way back this year so I can't remember much on the vocals and clarity, so on. The only thing I did remember was that the reason I chose the X V2 was because it was less bright than the Ananda which just hurt my ears , the X V2 when I was listening to music in the audio shop it had clearly better separation and soundstage making it feel "airy" in contrast to the ananda which were slightly just a tad bit intimate. When it comes to gaming the X V2 can definitely be played for competitive use with its big soundstage, only thing I will say that it sounds really "2d" like everything sounds on the same level as me and I have a slightly hard time telling apart if its coming from below or above me . Though I was playing at the time using only stereo and not any virtual surround programme. Also you are right that the hex v2 has more bass.

    Mad lust envy has reviewed the LCD 2 and said its good enough for gaming so I am not suprised that the LCD 2C would be the same for gaming however when trying out today at the shop I felt that the LCD 2C was shouty as in one part of the song I played it just started to make my ears hurt but it was not treble , the LCD2 was just smoooth and buttery. Will be going back tmr to try again
  11. AudioManNewb
    What do you think of SBX surround vs Super X-fi surround?
  12. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I can't say when I'd be able to hear a Fostex TR-X00, as I haven't been in contact with anyone willing to send me a pair for review, and I'm not shopping around for any more headphones, considering I hardly use headphones outside of work.

    That being said, I'm considering getting Modern Warfare when it releases, and I may jump back in to a lot of headphone use at that point. We'll see.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  13. Mrdobson
    Question does the Burson play or playmate work with the ps4? Thanks
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  14. SierraMadre
    It has USB-in so no reason why it shouldn’t. It has no virtual surround processing capabilities though so you’ll only be getting 2 channel stereo.
  15. jamieskella
    After a solid few days of Arya usage, it becomes very apparent where it creates distance between itself and the Ananda. Most notably, it excels in imaging and stage, rivaling my HD 800 S. As a byproduct, the Arya is slightly warmer than the Ananda, with mid-to-high frequencies less 'in your face'. Unlike the HD 800 S, I find the Arya well suited to a broad range of genres, with similarly brilliant detail retrieval. There's no doubt, the frequency response is far more to my liking. Whether the Arya is worth the price different of up to US$600 will be entirely subjective, but I can confidently say that for me there's no use case for my HD800S with the Arya in hand - the latter I find better for music of many genres, experiential gaming, and competitive gaming.

    Some MiniDSP EARS measurements - Arya vs HD800 (not S) - for comparison...
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
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