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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (11/19/2019: Audeze LCD-1 Added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. illram
    I tried the 7.1 test on PC I linked earlier with the G6 and I clearly heard the rear surrounds, just like the E5.

    I don't think the Creative tech chat person knows what they are talking about. SBX is their proprietary VSS algorithm whether it is 5.1 or 7.1.
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  2. Fegefeuer
    it sometimes switches to speaker mode without me doing anything, anybody else got this problem?
  3. Fleshless
    as this is probably the best place to ask this kind of question i will post it here also.
    i hope it´s ok if i copy and paste most of it here:

    Hi everyone,

    about 4 years ago i bought an iFi micro iDSD and a Philips Fidelio X2 and i´m still very happy with this combo.
    But since then things changed and i rarely listen to music on my PC anymore.
    What i mostly do is play games and watch Youtube Videos/Twitch Streams.

    So i asked myself if it wouldn´t be better to get a Creative X7 or a Sennheiser GSX1000 or something similar for gaming and just sell the micro iDSD.

    My first idea was to just get a Wireless gaming headset but then i remembered back how all headsets i ever had (including stuff like Sennheiser PC350/360) sounded pretty poor in comparison to the Fidelio X2.

    So, what do you guys think, would it be a good idea to "downgrade" or would i sacrifice to much?

    Greetings Fleshless
  4. headphonesonly
    I also had this problem. I fixed it by going to the software settings tab and resetting it to factory default.
  5. illram
    I would first try one of the many free or low cost PC surround options (Windows Sonic, Waves Nx, HeSuVi, Atmos) and keep the iDSD.
  6. headphonesonly
    I would definitely get the GSX if all you do is game and watch videos. And it sounds good with music so your not really gonna sacrifice anything.
  7. illram
    Has anyone got "direct" mode on the G6 to work on line-out? I can't get it working via optical.

    Edit: just to show I am a dummy, there is also a "direct" option under the speakers tab, which is what you need to check for line-out...(even though the headphones tab includes a line-out option)
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  8. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    To be fair, the software for the G6 needs a LOT if work. Like, I think it's a step back to the X7's software. It's confusing despite it having less things to interact with compared to the X7's software.

    I second the GSX1000 for the guy with the X2. For not so hard to drive headphones, I love the GSX1000 the most, assuming all you do is use a PC.

    I'd also get a Vmoda BoomPro so you turn the X2 into a headset. Really no need for a secondary headset if you have the X2 + boompro cable.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
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  9. Fleshless
    Thanks for the answers so far guys.

    So the GSX1000 is preferable to the Creative stuff for my use scenario?
  10. mindbomb
    One interesting thing about the gsx1000 is the sidetone mic feature, which allows you to use closed headphones with no occlusion effect. I was wondering if anyone combined that with active noise cancelling headphones, and then just maxed out all their pc fans... would it be getting better temps for free?
  11. Fotopaul
    Depends, I personally do not favour GSX over SBX for surround. (more reverb on the GSX, like on the Mixamp)

    The GSX is a nice unit though, well built and has physical controls, unlike the Creative solution which is mostly controlled by the software. Which in my case is preferable as I use my X7 for both my Mac and Xbox.

    I to use the X2HR and for gaming and video, I find them very good. For music, there are certainly better headphones, not necessarily at a better price though.
  12. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    The reverb is fine on the GSX. Just use the One plus setting, not the two plus. Virtual surround tech will always have reverb. SBX has the least amount of reverb which is great, but I still think GSX edges it out in virtual surround capabilities. In any case, GSX reverb is nothing like Dolby Headphone reverb which was excessive. If you have ever heard Dolby Headphone, GSX reverb is a gift from god in comparison.

    I also think the GSX is the best sounding dac/amp of the gaming amps especially when you're not using GSX surround when listening to music/other non gaming uses. You ARE limiting yourself from to JUST usb, so if you want something more versatile I would definitely recommend the Creative G6 instead, or the X7 if you wanna keep everything to just one unit and need a stronger amp. The G6 is more cost effective and will let you pair it with a great audiophile dac/amp which you can probably find for around the X7 price altogether if not around that price range.

    I wish the GSX1000 had input and outputs with analog/spdif like the G6/X7 and allowed sending of GSX surround through them. That would be the ultimate device for me, really. @Sennheiser please give us this.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
  13. Fotopaul
    To you it's fine of course, to me it's not. It's less than on the latest MixAmp but still very noticeable to me.

    The GSX would be a much more complete unit if simply allowed an optical input, it also lacks the option to use an external DAC.

    What I do like about the GSX (1200 which I tested) is the build, compared to the X7 and G5 (which tested) the creative feels plastic and flimsy in comparison, then again you rarely need to touch the creative units as you do everything in the software.
  14. Fleshless
    will just use the Fidelio X2 with a BoomPro and some cheap Logitech 2.0 speakers (use them once in a blue moon so they are enough for me) so the GSX should be fine.
    Is there any good comparison Video between SBX and the GSX 7.1 that i could look at/listen to to make up my mind which technology i prefer?
  15. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I haven't seen anything lately. And from every single video I've seen, they don't sound like the real thing to my ears.

    All I can say is that both GSX and SBX are among the best. You really would be fine with either. I wouldn't choose a device simply based off one or the other, but what the devices do aside from that. The GSX1000 is in reality vastly limited and I wouldn't normally recommend it for people like me who need things for consoles or external devices like dac/amps, unless you're fine with double amping from the headphone jack. Some of us are fine doing that, most audiophiles aren't.

    But the GSX1000 sounds so good to me, that I make an exception for it. This is my recommendation. Fotopaul has his tastes and that's fine. You can't go wrong either way, and the G6 IS more versatile. I just think it's less appealing if you're using it as the only device. The GSX1000 has a better dac, I feel. The amp is better on the G6 and has more volume headroom. Though for stuff like the X2, the GSX1000 is fine. In raw form, the GSX1000 sounds better, virtual surround differences aside. If you're like me who uses virtual surround mainly for gaming and stereo for the rest, GSX1000 is my vote. If you always use virtual surround, maybe the SBX is better if you want the least reverb, but then again (from my limited testing) I believe the tonal balance sounds dry and sharp in comparison to the GSX1000s more organic, fleshy, natural tonal balance, which I think is suitable for the X2.

    In short:

    One device for your needs: GSX1000

    One device you may wanna pair up with other stuff: Creative G6

    One device that has a good internal dac/strongest gaming amp and plan on no upgrades in the future but costs more: Creative X7
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
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