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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. CoiL
    I got my silver plated, white rings jack, angled 2-pins, 0,78 from HCK and it is actually worse than stock no-mic ZS5 cable!
    I measured it and it was out of balance - L=0.6, R= 0.9 Ohm, G (on both sides)=0.5 Ohm ( I already extracted multimeter leads resistance of 0,3 Ohm from those measurements).
    It feels very nice and looks great but one of the worst quality IEM cable I have unfortunately when it comes to conductivity/resistance.

    Great post!

    It is meant for ZST but fits for ZS5. Idk but my ZS5 unit didn`t become loose at pins. And anyway, You can just bend one or both pins slightly so it creates more "locked" fit inside pins :wink: You can do this easily to any 2-pin cable and socket holes wont damage imo.

    @hakuzen , where did You bought Your black rings 2-pin angled from?

    And.... I got to have those green ZSR shells! -.- BUT not with original price! I got late and KZZSR code doesn`t work anymore! ;(
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
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  2. Willber
    Most sites describe those Sony headphones you linked to as "on-ear" rather than "over-ear".
  3. hakuzen
    got all them from here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/KZ-...ord-3-5mm-3-pole-Jack-for-KZ/32788061546.html
    received last order today. seller sent me the zs3 (not angled) cable with white rings, but he has shipped the right ones immediately after i noticed him about the issue.
    don't know if these cables were from an old kz batch, so i use to order one unit after receiving the prior. last successful order was on Dec 14th. hope actual stock is the same cable type.

    btw, thanks to George, and Audrey (from Gearbest Customer Service), my lost expensive package issue has been solved completely. so ordered ZSR and some other items..
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2018
  4. jkaudio
    If on-ear or over-ear, it does not matter. Just not earbud headphones. Sony was just example.
  5. Niqeres
    Aside from the LP series headphones which not many own, KZ mainly only deals in iem's.
    For chi-fi headphones, check out this thread.
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  6. bsoplinger
  7. Cruelhand Luke
    what price range are you looking for? Does it matter if it is closed back or open/semi open?
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  8. oyobass
    I have the ZS5 v1, so can't make any comments on the current v2 vs. ZS6. My impression from reading is that the ZS5 v2 has weaker mids, although the ZS6 mids are still considered "recessed".

    The appearance and build quality are worth the extra money you pay for the ZS6, sound differences aside, in my opinion.

    I may have to buy a v2 just to compare, but I have to tread lightly with Gearbest purchases for a while... I just spent a good chunk of change (for me, anyway) buying a ZTE Axon 7 Mini cell phone to use as an audio source, since it was relatively low priced ($126 with coupon) and has a dedicated DAC and amp- the AKM AK4962.

    I really should have bought car parts with that money, lol.
  9. aclup3
    Hello, has anyone tested the kz zsr? Are they better than the zs6? They cost 2euros less than the zs6 but if they have tamed those crazy highs, that's a better purchase
  10. themindfreak
    I'm pretty sure no one here has the ZSR yet. I just read from twitter online source (some random japanese people), that it had a "boring" sound. I don't think they were really impressed with its sound since they weren't hyping it up at all. They just said it sounded "good"
  11. TLDRonin
    can you link it? I can fully translate it
  12. hydroid
    I've read several comments from youtube that it's closer to es3 and zst with more bass on it. Another one said it's not fatiguing/harsh even if the 2BA's are close to the nozzle. That's a positive thing for me if that's the case.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  13. govie
    I found 2 bluetooth cables for my kz zs6:

    Original kz zs6 bt cable

    Pizen BT66 CSR8645

    I see differences like resistance, btversion and apt-x yes/no, but I am having trouble seeing which one is the best bt-cable-proposition (I find batterylife important).
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  14. HraD2
    Original BT cable (v2) has no APT-X and has this audioprofile:
    "Audio SBC (44100 48000 | Stereo JointStereo | block: 12 16 | subbands: 8 | allocation: Loudness | bitpool: 2..52)"
    and phone choses configuration
    "Audio SBC (44100 | JointStereo | block: 16 | subbands: 8 | allocation: Loudness | bitpool: 19..52)"

    BTW, BT cable reports about 2 possible configurations (audio profiles), but they are the same, may be there is an error in firmware and second one should be APT-X.

    Pizen cable arrives soon (Started customs clearance process)
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  15. Makahl
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2018

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