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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Thanks, yeah I can get in contact with iBasso, and do you know if its just those 3 solder tabs connecting the jack?
    What I'm interested in more so is maybe even a quicker fix. If you look at the picture it appears the 3 contact tabs to the male plug can be accessed easily,
    I'm interested if I can simply bend the contacts a little to their original form with a screwdriver or small tool.
    There's nothing wrong with my headphone jacks, its just becoming loose, quite loose on the headphone out.
  2. shagrathborgir
    From what I can remeber,I think there are 4,but why trouble so much,when for 5 usd,you can just replace them with genuine ones???just forget about them for 10-14 days after you send the money to ibasso team! :)
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I managed to tighten the headphone jack manually using a safety pin.
    You need to open the unit to do this with best results (its much easier)
    Once you remove the back casing you will gain access to the headphone out and line out jacks as shown above. ^
    I tried getting a pin and coming in from the top of the jack as the arrows show in the photo but the gap is far too small to reach behind and lever the contacts outwards. What I could do however was look from inside those holes on top and insert a safety pin in through the actual headphone out hole then work it behind all 3 contacts. Once you work the pin behind the contacts they have no choice but to lever outwards as you slide the safety pin behind them.
    My headphone out jack is now tight again, for at least a while. I didn't bother with the line out its still tight stock.
    So you can do it without waiting for parts or soldering, (although that would be perhaps the best option)
  4. sledgeharvy
    So out of curiosity, has anyone achieved this? Would be interesting to hear what it sounds like.

    If anyone knows.. Can the Muses 8832 be input into the Fiio DIY amp? I know it's a plug and play board, but sometimes, things just don't pair well with other amps..
  5. shagrathborgir
    is there something better out there than the ADA4897-1ARZ  ??? 
  6. CoiL
    Finally ordered HO opamps (2x ADA4897-1ARZ) and LO opamp (ADA4841-2YRZ). Their prices were dropped a lot, got them all for only 16€.
    Will keep this thread updated when I get them installed [​IMG] 
  7. CoiL
    Just got new opamps installed. 
    HO opamps (2x ADA4897-1ARZ)
    LO differential opamp (ADA4841-2YRZ)
    Firstly I want to thank BABS for all the info he has provided, all the help and recommendations - BIG BIG THANKS TO YOU!
    This time I think I have found sweetspot and best SQ I could get out of DX50. This is simple stunning SQ out of this little black "box" !
    Opamp upgrade has improved midrange clarity&details (while not making it thin), soundstage, imaging, layering, details and
    most important - bass tightness/details/thump/resolution... by a quite big step!
    Also, it seems there is more power output on HO. Before HO @ high gain seemed to boost mainly lows and highs but now it "boosts" everything evenly and is more powerful.
    Final setup:
    Firmware: Sound Unlocked 1.3.3  - settings -> FLAC only/ IIR off / CPU default
    Hardware upgrades: 
    HO decoupling cap - Panasonic POSCAP # 10TPE220MIL (7343 case)
    DAC differential amp decoupling cap - Panasonic POSCAP # 6TPE100MI (7343 case)
    DAC analog power supply decoupling caps - Panasonic POSCAP # 6TPE100MI (7343 case)
    HO coupling capacitors - 4x Panasonic FC 220uF 10V # EEUFC1A221S
    LO capacitors -  2x Panasonic FC 100uF 10V # EEUFC1A101S
    HO opamps  - 2x ADA4897-1ARZ
    LO differential opamp - ADA4841-2YRZ
    This setup is now clearly over my modified Aune T1 desktop rig. It`s quite absurd how much money I spent on tube-rolling and upgrading its HW compared to DX50.
    This modified DX50 setup is highly recommended by me and if someone is planning on getting new DAP just to get better SQ - I  strongly recommend considering modifying DX50 before.
    I think I will call my DX50 as DX5X from now on. 
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  8. MuZo2
  9. zepth artheroz
    @Babs just wanna ask you would the OPA627 work in place of the ADA4897-1ARZ? Just asking coz I have no knowledge in electrical components. If it work the OPA627 might be worth trying out.
  10. CoiL
    Have You tired 2x ADA4897-1ARZ HO opamps and You wish to exchange for OPA627 or You haven`t done any modifications yet? If You have not - try those ADA`s, they sound great! [​IMG] I do not feel any need to change or test other HO opamps after installing those. They are cheap and easily available too.
  11. babs
    I don't think the OP627 will be a good fit for this circuit
    these Op Amps are high voltage part (+/-18V), and are not RRIO (rail-to-rail input/output) so the headroom will be minimal (+/-1V maximum output...)
    And there are very expensive!
  12. zepth artheroz
    @CoiL, thank you very much for your suggestion. I will try out the ADA4897-1ARZ.
    @babs I happened to have a few OPA627 at my disposal haha, so I figured to try em out. Anyway, does the ADA4896-2ARMZ work for soundcards? If I mod it into the creative soundcard how will it sound? I have the X-Fi Elite Pro and I also have an ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card. Because if I buy from Mouser I will buy a few units to play with if it is compatible.
  13. steelglam
    Hi all,
    I'm having the problem that others have had, with one channel (left specifically) cutting out due to the headphone jack (it happens no matter which earphones I attach to the player).  I'd like to open the unit to either see if the solder needs refilled or the pins bent, or to replace the jack with one from iBasso.  I have a quick question, though: it's not obvious to me how to open the player.  Is there a good picture or video or verbal description out there somewhere detailing how to open the player?  I trashed an old Sansa player of mine by opening it improperly, so I'm really cautious and want to do it correctly, especially since I love this iBasso player so much!
    Thanks in advance for any insight.
  14. CoiL
    Take out battery.
    Unscrew 7 screws that are highlighted:
    Next, slide those parts marked with red and blue in opposite directions:
    Now You should get plastic frame that holds battery, out of the rest DX50 body and should have easy access to jack solder pins.
    Hope it helped :wink:
  15. polyrhythm
    Coil and Babs
    A big thank you, just finished the mods with the Analogue Devices opamps soldered in. Really terrific with my (foam mod) Sen' HD600s.
    another DX50X added to the world wide user base..............
    All the best
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