1. KZ AS24

    KZ AS24

    KZ AS24 Standard Version x Tunable Version 12 Balanced Armature Drivers High-End Tunable In-Ear Monitor Listen to the whole world 12 BA drivers per side Breakthrough the audio hardware ceiling The KZ AS24 earphones feature an enhanced electronic frequency division. Improved electronic...
  2. M

    KZ AZ09 Pro type c pinout

    does KZ AZ09 Pro type C pinout use QDC pinout style ( reverse polarity ) or normal like any standar type B but with type C interface ? the reason i ask because i want to make adapter from another cheap adapter, QDC to 2 pin is very expensive, $40. While cheap adapter like this...
  3. KZ x HBB PR2

    KZ x HBB PR2

    Product Name:KZxHBB PR2 Impedance:15±3Ω Sensitivity:94±3dB Frequency : 20-40000Hz Plug: 3.5MM Pin: 0.75MM Cable type: silver-plated cable Cable length: 120±5cm
  4. KZ LingLong XUN-6 external magnetic dynamic unit IEM

    KZ LingLong XUN-6 external magnetic dynamic unit IEM

    DESCRIPTION XUN-6 external magnetic dynamic unit | 0.15MM Magnetic gap | 4-layer thickened voice coil. XUN-6 dynamic unit is equipped with a high-order magnetic circuit system that is imitated in the industry. About 0.15MM magnetic gap process, four layers of thickened voice coil, high tension...
  5. KZ H10

    KZ H10

    Specs Model No: KZ-H10 Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz Impedance: 32Ω Sensitivity: 116±3dB/mw Battery capacity: 500mAh Bluetooth version: 5.0 Transmission distance: ≥ 10m Weight: 282±10g Battery Life: Running Time: about 30 hours Standard Mode: about 25 hours (ANC Mode) About this item...
  6. KZ ZNA

    KZ ZNA

    Precise frequency division to achieve complementary acoustic advantages By complementing the advantage of the middle and low frequency of the dynamic unit with the advantage of the high-frequency of the balanced armature unit, ZNA can output professional sound in the full frequency band.
  7. KZ PR1 PRO Planar IEM

    KZ PR1 PRO Planar IEM

    Product Name - KZ PR1 PRO Impedance - 16 +/- 3 ohm Semsitivity - 100 +/- 3 dB Frequency - 20 to 40000 Hz Plug type - 3.5mm Pin Type - 0.75mm 2pin Cable type - 8 strand braided silver plated cable cable length - 120 +/- 5cm wearing type - in-ear
  8. Knowledge Zenith (KZ) VXS

    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) VXS

    Brand Name: KZ Style: In-ear Vocalism Principle: Dynamic Origin: CN(Origin) Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes Control Button: Yes Communication: wireless Volume Control: Yes Certification: CE Number Of Drivers: 2 Model Number: KZ VXS Support Memory Card: No Waterproof: No Wireless Type: bluetooth...
  9. KZ EDC

    KZ EDC

    Product Parameters Model KZ EDC Impedance 35Ω Sensitivity 95dB Frequency Range 20Hz-40kHz Plug Type 3.5mm Speaker 10mm dynamic Cable Oxygen-free copper flat cable Cable Length 120±5cm Wearing Method Ear hook
  10. C

    new KZ 1 electrostatic + 1 dynamic hybrid earphone

    Wow. Is this price possible? New products from China always surprise me.
  11. Knowledge Zenith DQ6

    Knowledge Zenith DQ6

    - KZ DQ6 New-level HIFI professional headset technology benchmark,array type three-unit dynamic earphone,excellent overall performance, presenting high-fidelity music, allowing you to hear more details of good sound. - 10mm dual magnetic dynamic unit + two 6mm single magnetic dynamic units...
  12. KZ SA08 Balanced Armature 4BA AAC TWS

    KZ SA08 Balanced Armature 4BA AAC TWS

    PRODUCT FEATURES Professional 4BA HiFi TWS As a professional HiFi earphone manufacturer, KZ integrates 4 balanced armatures for SA08. With 22955BA for bass, 29689BA for mids and 31736BA for high frequency, you can enjoy a loose and natural bass with wide frequency response, transparent and full...
  13. es7ebanlv

    Help chosing IEM, replacing Sony MDR-EX500

    Hello guys! I'd like a bit of help if you all please, I'm currently searching for a replacement for my old and broken Sony MDR-EX500, which to me sounded very much like haven must sound, lots of power, oceanic and very defined bass and sub-bass, natural sounding, detailed mids and trebble...
  14. shenzhenaudio


    With the shopping festival approaches, SHENZHENAUDIO brings the biggest deal among this year! Most of the products enjoy a 15% discount, including TOPPING, SMSL, MOONDROP, Kinera, TANCHJIM, Gustard, XDuoo, KZ, and other brands in great demand! This shopping festival lasts for 2days, from 00:00...
  15. KZ ASF 5 BA Universal IEM

    KZ ASF 5 BA Universal IEM

    Specification: 1. Product Name: KZ ASF 2. Brand: KZ 3. Model: ASF 4. Earphone type: In-ear 5. Impedance: 18Ω 6. Earphone sensitivity: 105dB/mW 7. Frequency range: 10-40000Hz 8. Interface: 3.5mm 9.Cable Lngth: 1.25±5cm 10.Color: Black/Blue 11.Whether...
  16. M


  17. KZ ZAX

    KZ ZAX

    SPECIFICATIONS Brand: KZ Model: ZAX Drive Unit: 7BA+1DD Compatible System: ANDROID/Windows/Phone iOS Connectivity:Wired Wear:Ear hook Earphone type: In-Ear Plug type: 3.5mm plug Pin type : 0.75mm 2PIN Sensitivity: 113dB/mW Impedance: 24Ω Frequency range: 10Hz-40kHz Weight: 27±3g Color...
  18. KZ ZST X

    KZ ZST X

    1BA+1DD Hybrid Dual Driver HiFi In-ear Earphones Improved 10mm XUN Dynamic Driver+30095 Balanced Armature Upgraded version of KZ ZST Classic cyan and purple color Upgraded version of KZ ZST. Comes with KZ Starline tips and KZ SPC cable.
  19. KZ S2

    KZ S2

    Bluetooth is SBC for Android 9.
  20. D

    KZ S1D Earbud or KZ ZSN Pro with Bluetooth Adapter? Will that Earbud deliver Enjoyable Sound as Wired one?

    hi, been long time, hows going, so, Im using Kz ZSN iem, i really like it and im satisfied with quality, what ive done is, ive order Bluetooth adapter Here but because of wires it gets uncomfortable sometime, do iem like ZSN pro also comes completely in no wire edition like Earbud? what ive...
  21. A

    KZ Wired Headphones - Which to Choose?

    Hello. I am currently choosing the appropriate wired headphones. I decide between KZ ZS5, 6 or 10 (Pro). I would like to ask which would you rather recommend as the most suitable? I listen to film music: Avatar, Last Samurai, popular and classical music ... (no rock/metal) Which headphones...
  22. B

    Help/Recommendation with IEMs

    Hello! I purchased the KZ ZS10 PROs and though I love them they are very fatiguing. I used them about an hour each day for travel and they hurt my ears outside and in. someone recommended the Tin T2s to me, said they were identical in sound and more comfortable. Comfortable yes. But the sound...
  23. KZ ZSX

    KZ ZSX

    Specification: Product Name: KZ ZSX Brand: KZ Model: ZSX Earphone type: In-ear Impedance: 24Ω Earphone sensitivity: 111dB/mW Frequency range: 7-40000Hz Plug Type : 3.5mm L...
  24. PhonoPhi

    Comparison of several multi-BA IEMs: CCA A10, TRN X6, CCA C16, KZ AS10, KZ BA10 and more

    Preamble With CCA A10 & TRN X6 finally arrived and settled/burned in, I put together a comparison that hopefully may be of use to Head-Fi members, from whom I learned so much. It also gave me an opportunity to systematically revisit IEMs that I have collected over the last few years. The...
  25. KZ AS12

    KZ AS12

    Beand: KZ Model: AS12 Type: In-ear Transducers: 6 balanced armature (per ear) [Low Frequency #22955 (2), Mid Frequency #29689 (2), High Frequency #30012 (2)] Impedance: 16Ω Earphone sensitivity: 103db Frequency range: 6 - 47000Hz (LAUGH OUT LOUD) Cable Interface: 3.5mm Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm...