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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. ivo001
    Thanks, I could not resist lol. Planned to wait on reviews but I think I got the KZ sickness. Already got the ZS5 and ZST, and ZS3 still on the way.
    After watching the promo video, I decided that I like the black version more then the translucent green, which look too much like plastic kids toys to me.
    $18,52 including shipping.
  2. zozito
  3. Pruikki
    Perhaps KZ ZS6? if ES3 was good for you, it is supposed to be slighty better.
    thats all i can think of as of now.
  4. Pruikki
    Thanks, Just odreded one in green.

    about 15€ , Just for the fun of it.
    might have chosen Zs5 but it is not as comfy so not an option.

    ZSR seems,i speculate, to me as if will be super sibilant KZ ever. ssSSss...like earpiercing sibilant.
    But lets see how it will be.
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  5. EISENbricher
    Was looking at my earphone collection today and noticed that all KZ are still in good shape. None of the earphone that I've used from KZ is retired.
    While I haven't used all of them intensively, I can still vouch for the durability. Had used EDSE, ATE, ED8, ED9, ZN1mini for multiple months (longest used is ED9) still all work as good as new.

    A small problem though, usual KZ cables get sticky and smell bad if kept in storage for a long time. Some friends here informed that this is due to humidity. I then placed the earphones in an air-tight box with silica gel packets and the problem went away.
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  6. ivo001
    Is there a quality difference between the regular and mic cables?
    And does anybody know if the ZS5 upgrade cable fits the ZSR? Or would I need a cable with the ZST pin size?

    I can do some nice mix and match when the ZSR arrives haha, I will have the 0.75mm en 0.78mm bluetooth cables, zst and zs5 stock cables, zs5 upgrade cable (grey) and then the zsr mic cable.
  7. paulindss
    I Said to myself and in a post here in another thread that i wasn't buying anything untill i got a tin audio T2. Well, It looks like a i am a bitch with no words. Just got a zsr @17$ with chances of it sounding not that good. I'm betting on you KZ

    Edit: I never bought a KZ soon on launch, will the firsts ZSR come in a special box like the firsts KZ zs5 ? I Hope but i don't think so.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  8. Superluc
    For what i have read, those special box were originally for chinese market alone, then someone order those but on some specific sellers.

    Gearbest always sell Kz's cheaper international package.
  9. nkramer
    i can't comment on the mic'd cables. but, the differences in the connectors/cables is, the angled "boot" on the ZST style are larger than the straight connectors. so, if you want to use one of the angled connectors on a pair that came with straight connectors, you'll have to trim the "lip" off the connector (the extended plastic that "hides" the pins) any of the straight cables should work (without modification) with any of the KZs with these connectors.
  10. nkramer
    connector A-B comparison... this has probably been done before (with better images)
    you can see the housing of the angled connector is clearly longer & slightly wider than the straight connector.
    (connectors: angled: un-mic'd std. zst , straight: upgrade smoke/grey)

  11. oyobass
    Nice illustration/explanation.

    I usually order the straight (ZS5/6) connector-style upgrade cables, since I find them more comfortable on all of my KZ earphones.

    the one exception is the $1.99 w/ coupon code bluetooth module. I will attempt to modify it with my Dremel to be universal fit, without removing the polarity guide entirely. I'll just try to slim and shorten it a bit once it arrives...
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  12. zhuoyang
    I am looking to buy a KZ IEM, which model should I buy now?
    something that is reliable (no batch issue, durability issue) would be nice
  13. oyobass
    I would recommend the ZS6, if you can deal with treble that is a bit hotter than a lot of earphones. It can be tamed with memory foam eartips (Comply brand or generic equivalent) or any number of mods described in this thread.
  14. jkaudio
    Thank you for response. But I am looking for Over-Ear (updated) headphones, with sound signature like KZ ES3.
  15. zhuoyang
    What's the difference between ZS5 and ZS6 ?
    Is it worth the 10 USD difference (gearbest)

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