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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. SomeTechNoob
    I had the Xiaomi Piston 3, Piston Colorful, Piston Basic, and Piston Youth edition. Early versions of the youth and colorful editions sounded extremely similar to the Piston 3. However, newer IEMs like the KZ ZST and ZS5 completely outclass them in terms of sound now. The Piston 3s just sound tiny and muddy by comparison.
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  2. ivo001
    Was just looking at these MandarinES tips. Which one would fit the ZS5? Symbio N or Symbio W? Not too sure about the nozzle sizes of the ZS5 and the ZST.
  3. hoerlurar
    looks like fonge t01 as well: http://www.aproear.co.uk/fonge-t01-sport-earphone/
    I bought one as a christmas gift, and it sounded ok from the quick listening i did before gifting them.
  4. Pruikki

    ES3 arrived too, it was fine, i like it. not as bassy and fun as ZS3 but for music its good the ES3. Worth it.

    BUT ZS3 defective again

    KZ ZS3 ordered on November AND December BOTH are DEFECTIVE BATCH!

    my second ZS3 Arrived today,A replacement. And guess what...It too is Defective same problem, Right side is dead.

    -Lets see how Gearbest will respond, the gave partial refund the first time, now i think they will not... Stay tuned perhaps.

    This just sucks...
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  5. Pruikki
    Yeah i ordered them too for 2.55€ + shipping some 0,30 € or so under 3 dollarinos.

    Lest see if the cable fits ES3 yeah! Stay tuned to see the results :D
  6. hakuzen
    no problem, it's not off topic.
  7. trumpethead
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  8. hoerlurar
    I don't think the cable is detachable, it wasn't on the Fonge
  9. jkaudio
    Hello, I want to ask for help.

    I like my KZ ES3. Stage, treble, mids, better bass than ZST, but no boomy like hybrid Xiaomi, decent sub-bass. The best earphones compared to my IEM (Xiaomi hybrid, KZ ZST, KZ ATR, KZ ZSE). The only downside is the memory wire.

    All in all I did find my holy grail. In terms of sound I got much more, than I paied.

    I am looking for Over-Ear confortable budget headphones for my wife, with same sound signature like KZ ES3.

    I look at Sony MDR-ZX310, but never heared them.

    Sound source will be mp3 player Benjie X1.

    Any advice appriciated. Thank you.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  10. chi-fi mel
    The cable is not detachable and for 3 bucks you can find better sounding earphones.
  11. SiggyFraud
    Don't know if anyone already posted this, but the KZ ZSR can be now bought for USD 16.99 at Gearbest. Just use the code KZZSR. That's USD 18.43 with the cheapest shipping option.
  12. JayceOoi
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  13. hydroid
    Smh..I just placed my order before reading this..geat offer indeed..
  14. zozito
    It is not the ZS5 a better option right now? Can be buyed at even low price...
  15. hydroid
    Yeah. But it's because of the design that's why I chose the ZSR..might do some driver swapping in the future if the sound of the zsr is not according to my preference. :)

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