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Oct 19, 2019 at 3:40 AM
Nov 7, 2016
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500+ Head-Fier

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Oct 19, 2019 at 3:40 AM
  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    Full-Size Headphones:
    AKG K553 PRO w/ Dekoni Platinum Pleather DT770/880/990 Pads
    Monoprice Monolith M1060C
    Sennheiser HD 6XX

    Boarseman CX98 In-Ear Earphone
    Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones
    JLab J4 Earbud
    KZ ATR In-Ears
    KZ ED9 Earphones
    KZ ZST Colorful Earphones w/ KZ Silver Cable
    KZ ZS3 Earphones
    KZ ZS5 Earphones v1 w/ KZ Bluetooth Cable
    KZ ZS5 Earphones v2
    Periodic Audio Ti
    Samsung Galaxy Buds
    Venture Electronics Monk+ (Red)
    Xiaomi Piston 3
    Xiaomi Piston Basic
    Xiaomi Piston Colorful
    Xiaomi Piston Youth Edition

    BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro 80Ohm (Gifted)
    Fostex T50RP MKIII (Sold)
    Philips SHP9500 (Sold)
    Status Audio CB-1 (Sold)
    MEMT X5 In-Ear Earphone (Gifted)
    Source Inventory:
    Schiit Fulla 2
    Schiit Magni 2
    Nobsound TPA3116 100Wx2 MINI POWER AMPLIFIER

    CEntrance DACport Slim (Sold)
    CEntrance DACport HD (Sold)
    LEPY LP2024A+ (Sold)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Blue Yeti USB Microphone


    DAC/AMP: Schiit Fulla 2, Schiit Magni 2, Burson Audio Cable+ Pro A2R
    Headphones: AKG K553 Pro, Monoprice Monolith M1060C, Sennheiser HD 6XX
    IEM/Earbuds: Boarseman CX98, Bose SoundSport, JLab J4, KZ ATR/ED9/ZST/ZS3/ZS5v1/ZS5v2, Periodic Audio Ti, Samsung Galaxy Buds, VE Monk+ Red, Xiaomi Piston 3/Basic/Colorful/Youth

    M1060 Fazor and Grill orders are closed for now.
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