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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. govie
    Apparantly ATP-x sounds better then other alternatives according to articles on the internet, so I assume that bt-cable with atp-x is the most interesting proposition. Thanks!
  2. HraD2
    I'll check apt-x support for Pizen cable when it arrives.
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  3. handwander
  4. jkaudio
    I like mine old Philips SBC HP800, but they are worse than KZ ZST, KZ ES3.

    Any tips for about $20, $20-40 range, $40-$60 range?

    In $60 I am interesting in Philips-SHP9500S, but never heard them and do not know if the are close to ES3...
  5. paulindss
    These impressions makes me way less concerned. I was worried of them being treble cannons. "Boring", "monitor sound", and mentions to zs6 in airyness seems ok to me.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  6. paulindss
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
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  7. Willber
    Me too.
  8. Pruikki
    Aww, now i feel like i wasted 15€

    Oh well, Will try to sell it off. (if i dont like it,If)
    Lets hope its even a little better than ES3
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  9. Saoshyant
    Not sure when my ZSR will arrive, but was ordered a couple weeks back so it should be one of the first US arrivals. Shame to see all these discounts already.
  10. oyobass
    I know what you mean. I paid a lot more for my ZS5 than what it goes for now. The price of being an early adopter, I guess.
  11. vladstef
    Can someone confirm this, I've been messing with some KZ cables and lost track of +/- somewhere along the way.

    The exact polarity when you have IEM in your ears is this and obviously R-L branding is not facing your head?
    Left side positive towards front, negative back
    Right side negative towards front, positive back
  12. TheVortex
    Look where the 2 pins are and there should be a half circle and that marries up with the same on the IEM.
  13. bsoplinger
    I'm not surprised by the pricing. It really has pretty much followed what happened with the release of the ZS6. High, exclusive price initially followed by a bit of a discount followed rather quickly by bigger discounts. I know that by the time I received the first ZS6 I purchased (shipped using their America Line SF) the reduced price deals had just started to appear. That's why I waited to order this new product.
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  14. hydroid
    By how the Emerald green looks in this blog, I think I made the right choice.,can't wait to get my hands on this ZSR :)
  15. modjo
    "The ZSR does have a monitor like sound. It's not like an ultra v-shaped kind of sound. It's more mid to high with a sense of a warmth. The high-peak is there, but somehow can be tamed with burn-in.
    The airy feeling is good, and it managed to put my overworked ZS6 into the drawer. These IEM's did very well and now became my daily drivers."

    Hope this helps
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