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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Viber
    I should get the ZSR this week. I'll try to post early impressions before the actual review.
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  2. MyPants
    Hey y'all, long time lurker here. I'll get into a proper intro later but I'm finally breaking silence to ask a modding question.

    I know the ZS3 uses a 6mm driver, and thus can accept other 6mm dynamics as drop-in replacements. Is there any reason they wouldn't fit the Knowles SR-32453-000? It appears to be a full-range entry-level balanced armature in a 6.4mm round package with a perfect front cover for accommodating the sound tube.


    In theory it could be a very cheap, easy, and interesting way to get started modding.
  3. Wiljen
    My ZSR is due to arrive tomorrow - Got the DHL text today Woohoo!!! Looking forward to this and a couple others I need to review. Meanwhile I still haven't written up the Bingle FB60 which deserves way more attention than it is getting. Yes ,it is a V shaped commercial tuning but a $15 bluetooth headset that has not dropped one time in a month of use is quite a rare bird. They certainly got BT implementation right and the cable alone is worth the $15 if looking for a cheap BT earbud to make a mmcx cable out of.
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  4. AKMW44
    Hi nines developed loosed audio cable connection, hopefully a bit of glue might sort it, has anyone else done this??? or has anyone got a green pair for sale.
  5. CoiL
    1. That BA driver FR ends @ 8.8kHz, which is "bad" and needs another hi-freq BA upwards from 8.8kHz, thus, making implementation harder. Also crossover might be needed.
    2. ZS3 shells take very well even 8mm drivers but thing is - just dropping in another driver doesn`t "make" anything, You need knowledge about nozzle/shells implementation and how to "tune" it all.

    For starters, I recommend to start with single DD and maybe then add BA into mix.
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  6. Willber
    They look interesting, so I've just ordered some. Thanks for the heads up.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  7. NeonHD
    Ohh guess I was wrong, these are definitely the fonge T01 then, not the ES3. Still I can't wait to see how this $3 IEM will sound.
  8. gwompki
    KZ ZSR flash sale happening now at GB. $16.99USD. Snagged a pair for myself.
  9. Willber
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  10. hydroid
    Looking forward to your ZSR's initial impressions and final review in the future.. :) Sorry guys though, I can't control myself to post some actual photos I've seen somewhere., the shell is a thing of beauty indeed..lol.. pair it with a decent 2-pin cable will make it look more even better..
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
  11. hydroid
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
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  12. handwander
    The "first 20 units for 9.99" sale is active but the price increases back to normal when I add the ZSR's to my cart. Not sure if I was too slow but the price on the main page is still the promo price.
    I also could not, the price changed when I went to the cart. = /
  14. handwander
    Ah well, we have more than one day to try again at least!
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  15. AKMW44
    Hi, when trying to get the deal on gearbest do we just put in cart and see or is there a code.??

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