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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. modjo
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  2. TLDRonin

    Its 引き出した not 引き出し so he isn't talking about putting it away in a drawer :p

    Interesting that don-shyari means v shaped though
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  3. Daniel Gur
    Hey Guys. I am thinking on which earphone should I buy. I have recently bought the kz zs6, the sound was awesome but the highs were too high. anyways, I managed to lose the pair :frowning2:
    I have some more KZ earphones such as the ED9 ATR ZST ZSE & tested the ZS3 (my friend has those). From all of these I mostly prefer my ZST's, I think I didnt like them at first but after long burn-in they sound pretty nice now.

    My problem is, I accidentally broke 1 of the ZST's earphones (a cable inside disconnected from where it should be) but I can try and fix it (dont know if it will).

    To give you a better look at my preference these are the order of my earphones:
    1st place I would give to the ZST, 2nd- my galaxy s8 stock earphones, 3rd- ZS3, 4th- ZSE, 5th- ATR, 6th- ED9. I think all are good except the ED9, I really didnt like their sound.

    After what I wrote, My question is- which earphones should I buy?, I am a KZ fan, but not KZ will be okay too. Thanks! (should I re-purchase the zs6?)
  4. chinmie
    try the KZ5. i've tried the version 1, i quite like it. to my ears the highs are a little abundant in amount, but not sibilant or piercing
  5. hakuzen
    yes, R-L letters outside (except with the colored -gold, orange, grey- cables), left & right back (rounded connection), ground front (flat connection).

    KZ ES3 could fit your preferences, and they are cheap (wait for a discount, check gearbest discounts threads).
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  6. wastan
    You've had a lot of KZ so I'd suggest you try the EMI C1880 or the Urbanfun hybrid
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  7. stryed
    And Swing IE800. Good all arounder
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  8. govie
  9. govie
    FYI: I found a nice explanation about apt-x that could explain the slightly theoretical longer batterylife of the pizen BT-cable, but also higher quality sound. The problem APT-x has on the pizen cable, is that you do not know when APT-x is active, not even when both devices are APT-x enabled.


    I am still interested in your first impressions ofcourse, just thought I'd share the info in the link.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  10. hydroid
    Grabbed a photo from twitter and taobao website, the emerald green really looks nice. No technical impressions provided though..
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  11. durwood
    Thanks, I bought a pack to try out. The case is relatively slim and flimsy but they fit. I also found another option, a little bulkier at almost twice the height (1.78"), but the price was right. $0.49 if you have a Menards hardware store near you. They are on clearance. They are quick an easy to open and close, and stack together.


    Or containerstore also has some called lock-ups, which appear to be the same thing.

    There was also a mention of tins, those might be nice as well. I found some here, but have not bought any.

    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  12. snip3r77
    Need review then proceed for special price
  13. CoiL
    Hmmm.... @ 1st pic it looks nice but 2nd pic shows them too "light" coloured ;S
  14. hydroid
    Yeah the 1st pic looks good.,here's 2 more actual photos from taobao..and the 3rd one(next to ES3) from twitter.,
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  15. Saoshyant
    I think my ZSR has left HK for the US, although America SF shipping is usually not the most up to date, or clear on the whole process.

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