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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. hakuzen
    Impedance (and phase) curves of ZS5 v1 and ZS6.

    Note that ZS5 v1 impedance at 1kHz is 4.8Ω! (ZS6 is ~14.5Ω).

    ZS5 & ZS6:


    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
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  2. Fahim Foysal
    The red curve looks nice. Why is the red one split into two curves at 8khz
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  3. vector84
    I think one is supposed to be dotted for the 0.4cc eartip versus raw coupler... fun with manufacturer graphs! :smirk: :shrug:
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  4. fullmoon280
  5. Selenium
  6. vector84
    I wonder if the opposing phase shift directions have something to do with the widely variant soundstage comparisons :thinking: :shrug:

    And wow, that's some disturbingly low impedance...
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  7. Saoshyant
    Give it time, you're still in the honeymoon period
  8. Holypal

    Does it mean the ZS6 crossover doesn't work beyond 5kHz? The Curve is strange there.
  9. sghound
    hate them etys but love those full range x10s tho. my reference standard.
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  10. CoiL
    Can You please share more in-depth comparison between them all, please?

    Btw, guys, too much offtopic on last pages. Came here to read about latest ZS6 impressions but instead been reading last 3 pages about 1BAvsDDvshybridvsmultiBA etc.
    ....kinda wastes my time.
  11. BurningSkies
    I wouldn't suspect that the waveform above 5K relates to a crossover working or not working. I'd say there's probably a crossover right below ~5K and the hi-frequency driver (or drivers, assuming they may be using 2 of the same) that take over at that point have that characteristic. It would be pretty strange for it to be a crossover that has a slope across a huge frequency range at the top of the unit's response.

    Has anyone ascertained if this is a 3 way or 4 way system? Or in fact it could be a 2 way, with both of the low frequency drivers in parallel crossed over to the two high frequency BA's.
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  12. Wiljen
    That is what I have been trying to say. The fact that it is difficult to make a good Full range BA doesn't mean it is impossible and it would prove KZ manufacturing prowess in the BA world could compete with the big boys. Yes, there are good single BA earphones, no there are not as many as other configurations because it is not an easy thing to do. Shure, Klipsch, Etymotics, and Final Audio all have single BAs in their lineups and I'm pretty sure one of the Campfire models that the Zs6 is based on is a single BA as well.
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  13. BurningSkies
    The Campfire Audio Andromeda that the ZS6 and SZ5 are 'based on' are five driver, including dual HF BA:

    Dual High Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers + T.A.E.C.

    Single Mid Frequency Balanced Armature Driver

    Dual Low Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers
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  14. snip3r77
    Maybe it’s limited by the quality of their house BA. As compared to the bigger boys
  15. Podster
    I have a different setup for my P-1's but use them as much as my ZS6 and ZST's:wink:
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