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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. sghound
    yes please
  2. sghound
  3. vector84
    I had issues mostly with gear that shows obvious signs of distortion rising to absurd levels at lower voltages and impedances - Realtek on-boards for example aren't specced for <16 ohms, but even at 16 ohms at the lower end of the volume scale they distort perceptibly - not a problem for lower sensitivity stuff, but a big problem when you're stuck at 2-6% volume, and I can't find references right now, but I'm pretty sure the impedance variants were the same shape plot shifting down in distortion (Y axis) with increasing input impedance.

    Not the reference I would prefer to use, but I can't seem to find the stuff I was looking at a few weeks ago. This at least shows the low voltage distortion issue well enough:
  4. kokakolia
    Well, with all these efforts trying to improve the ZS6 shouldn't people seek alternatives instead? Surely, KZ will get it (almost) perfect sometime. But I guess it's subjective. I also find the idea of having 4 drivers kinda overkill (for lack of a better word). It also adds to the cost. The ZS6 is ~$46 already. That's a lot of money for Chi-Fi earbuds. Well, it's still affordable. But, you can buy 6 ZSEs (at $7 a piece) for the price of 1 ZS6 and still have some change. It's just strange to me. I am still waiting for my order to arrive.
  5. HungryPanda
    I'm still waiting on my ZS6 to arrive, received the bluetooth cable today and it works well with my ZS5's and my Shanling M1.
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  6. Saoshyant
    It's only been two weeks since my order, so I'm still waiting for my tracking to go active. Always had a Gearbest order arrive, but often have issues with the #, so I usually try to forget about the order.
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  7. hakuzen
    that card is not intended to drive low impedance phones; it's better to use an amplifier connected to the card's line out, to drive such phones.
    that's why raa has not measured its headphone amplifier, only the DAC and line out, thinking of connecting high impedance device to the line out (no reference to different loads). the distortion at different voltage graph suggests you should set output voltage (of line out) at -20 to -15dBFS to get the cleanest signal.

    distortion at different loads is another matter; it usually applies to headphones output. for example, check "Maximum voltage output level vs load" and "Maximum current level output vs load" and graphs and data (Benjie S5 Headphone amplifier http://reference-audio-analyzer.pro/en/report/amp/benjie-s5.php). they show voltage limitations and current limitations of its phones output.
    at 16Ω, to get a perfect clear (minimum distortion) signal: max voltage, 0.01Vrms; max current, 0.91mA. for optimal disto, 0.06Vrms, 3.63mA. some disto ("hard"), 0.08Vrms, 5.13mA. clipping at 0.16Vrms or at 10.21mA.

    i've got a realtek alc888 (older); didn't check headphones output distortion at different loads either, but measured the interaction of its 82Ω output impedance with very sensitive low impedance phones: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the...utorial-in-post-2.800208/page-8#post-13019304.

    zs5 could have 8Ω or even lower (this would be very low) at 1kHz. and that's why i'd like to measure their impedance curve, and test with different sources to locate the possible causes of tonal alterations, and of distortion.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
  8. vector84
    Oh for sure, it's just the most extreme example of distortion when using the ZS5 that I have on hand. :wink: And they're pretty common on-board solutions.

    On another front I dug out an ancient LG Optimus S that has no distortion when used with the ZS5 but suffers from current limited compression I think? Volume levels get comically unstable in quiet vs busy track sections (with busy sections being highly compressed).

    On my headphone out the Realtek still packs enough power to just use an Ear Buddy to rectify the output, for example, while the LG Optimus S needs an actual amp to not just sound hilariously compressed.
  9. Podster
    I've been in these things all weekend, KZ has come a long way since my ED9's! For $44 this is an exceptional iem. I have a feeling they are going to sell like hot cakes on AliEx during the up and coming 11/11 sales!

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  10. groucho69
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  11. SomeGuyDude
    A single BA would be ridiculously lacking. I've heard single DDs that sounded amazing, multi-BA's that sounded amazing, and hybrids that sounded amazing, but I have never heard a good single BA.

    Also you're actually 100% incorrect about this making an issue with coherency. Like, completely wrong. Crossovers make it easier to keep the levels even because you're not trying to tune a single driver, you can have a few over a range and basically ratchet each one up or down to level things out. More than that, you're completely off on the overlap region.

    There's a reason, a damn good reason, why every single TOTL IEM is either multi-driver or single-DD, and nearly all are going for multi drivers. It's not because no one has had the epiphany you did of how amazing one BA is. It's the same reason home and car audio setups use multiple drivers across the spectrum. Frankly, headphones are the only area that don't, and that's largely because it would be nearly impossible to accomplish thanks to the positioning of everything.
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  12. Fox2twenty
    Wait what? I'm new to Chi Fi what is 11/11?
  13. vector84
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  14. Fox2twenty
  15. Holypal
    It's the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday sales.
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