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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Fox2twenty
    Great news!!
  2. Wiljen
    Yes, that is the animal I was commenting on. It has a more laid-back signature and really is very listenable. It loses a little bit in bass quantity and sub-bass extension when compared to the Zs6 but wins those points back in the mids and then some. Soundstage might be a bit deeper on the K3 as well. For those complaining about fit of the Zs6 the K3 is also a smaller, better shape and is more likely to be comfortable for long listening sessions. The filters add a way to tune the K3 a bit if you decide the initial tuning isnt your cup of tea as well. It is a bit hard to draw comparisons between the K3HD and the Zs6 in that they are very different sound signatures. Those that want a ton of bass slam - stay with the Zs6 or the F9. Those that want a mid-forward warmer more laid-back presentation will like the K3HD.
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  3. dbaker1981
    See I'm kinda wierd about my choice of sound. I like very lively mids and highs but it has to have some kick to it. I tried so hard to like the Primo 8's but they just did not have the kick that i need down low.
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  4. Wiljen
    Name a few you do like - maybe that will give me a frame of reference
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  5. Fox2twenty
    Wow, that sounds like what they used to call warm and lush regarding the mids... Not sure I'm ready to move back up to 3 digit expenditures yet. :D
  6. dbaker1981

    I like the F9’s. The audio technica msr7 for HP. I own a lot but most of them I just use for certain moods that I’m in. I hated the dunu Titian 3. Wasn’t a fan of the Primos. And although I liked signature of the 1More quads they will not fit in my ears.
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  7. vector84
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  8. Fox2twenty
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  9. vector84
    So with a couple days to let things sink in - as expected, perceptions of an HF spikes have largely dissipated with some brain burn in - but the KZ OFC cable still strikes me as sounding noticeably different from stock (ZS5 v1).

    Mostly it's a sense of a slight but quite noticeable bass boost.

    There's a few other artifacts that don't stand out nearly as prominently to me that I tend to assume will fade with time. Vocals seem a touch more forward and clear, but I'd tend to think that's a level difference and contrast effect thing. I'm happy with the results, but I'd tend to think that's mostly expectation bias. :shrug:

    PS: I remain firmly in the "this is an electrical issue" camp though, so no, I won't personally compare it to a silver cable. Sorry, don't like the way they look. :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
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  10. khighly

    Wonderful tune mastered and recorded at the gem of the PNW — KEXP, sounds excellent on the ZS5v1's.
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  11. wastan
    FWIW I've got the K3 and the ZS5 v.1. Clarity and soundstage are hands down superior on the K3. In terms of being listenable, I bounce around through a lot of genres and the K3 is honey smooth and consistent. With the zs5, it seems that reasonably often I'll come across something e.g., FKA Twig "glass and patron", where the tuning just doesn't work for me. The bass is more pronounced on the zs5 but I don't think there's a lot you're missing with the K3. Overall there's no comparison; the Magaosi is a clear level up. If you ever find it on sale, even the earlier Magaosi k1 would win head to head with the zs5.
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  12. khighly
    Only $70 more!

    I agree with ZS5 sound stage, it's not very large. When I go back to my ZST's I'm blown away by things floating around my head. ZST's are my gaming IEM's since I use an external studio mic. I'm waiting for KZ's next soundstage monster.
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  13. hakuzen
    after measuring ZST, couldn't resist to compare it to ZS5 v1..

    ZST has got less bass (although you can tweak it a bit by playing with the width of the dynamic driver vent hole), and the peak at 8-9kHz is a bit higher. rest is quite similar (tonally speaking..)

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  14. eaglesgift
    Going back to the discussion of tuning earlier, and how some people think that the squiggly lines in frequency response graphs denote poor tuning......I thought that phones were tuned that way on purpose, to produce a more level listening experience, owing to the fact that our ears hear the different frequencies at different levels. If you look at the graphs on this site - http://www.feilding.net/sfuad/musi3012-01/html/lectures/007_hearing_II.htm the peaks in IEM frequencies seem to be compensating for the dips in our hearing at these frequencies. In other words, KZ IEMS (in common with other IEMS) are actually tuned this way to sound good and not just thrown together with random drivers.....or have I missed the point?
  15. hakuzen
    can't find the foam in ZST.
    i've been playing with quantity of foam in ES3. it tames the mid frequencies of the dynamic driver (from 1.5kHz to 3.5kHz). the more foam, the more cut.
    but the biggest tonal difference of ES3 respect ZST, ZS5, and ZS6, is the big peak at 5kHz (about 9dB higher!). wasn't that the main frequency of sibilance?

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
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