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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by stratocaster, Oct 21, 2011.
  1. DavidA
    Note that there is a difference between the OEM G-pads ($30-40) and the cheap generic ones ($4-6) and I like the cheap one since they are softer on the edges.
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  2. WoodyLuvr
    Concur, the generic G-cushs are much more comfortable and ear friendly.
  3. DBX1
    To everyone out there who has tried the Ellevena Acoustica headphone drivers..

    What are the sound signature characteristics between the Ypsilon S2, the Epsilon R1, and the Epsilon G1 drivers ? Do they perform as well or exceed the PS1000 series headphones ? They are the official benchmark headphones of DBX1s ears.
  4. DavidA
    @DBX1, I would not mod the GS1000 since getting the drivers out is a PITA, the PS1000e is much easier to separate. If you want to see more about mods go to this thread since its where most of the modders hang out:
    You can also find those that build their own cups and can point you in the direction to find answers.

    The only driver that I think will fit your criteria are the Ypsilon G1 drivers in a fairly dense GS style wood cup such as cocobolo, koa, iron wood or black wood. I will say that when you are modding Grado's or building using these alternative driver its really preference to the sound that you prefer and even with the G1 drivers and selected wood I think it will be just a different flavor of the PS1000e and not a radical new sound signature.
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  5. DBX1
    Thanks DavidA.

    I may want to (or have someone else) build a headphone that approaches the PS1000e. If it does not beat it, at least have it equal it.

    And thanks for the tip about the GS1000s. I will take your advice and forfeit any type of modifications on that. Perhaps its best if I look for an alternative DYI solution to equal or exceed the GS1000 series. Any advice on that ?
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  6. DavidA
    You might want to post in the Ypsilon thread since some that don't have a Magnum driver might have more experience with the various Ypsilons and don't frequent this thread:

    One of the best builders is @fleasbaby (Wabi Sabi Headphones), I've been lucky to have heard his Magnum V7 build and I think its better than my RS2e before I modded it. Here are some pictures
    Magnum V7-3.jpg

    Magnum V7-4.jpg

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  7. DBX1
    Looks good.

    Just to define what i am looking for in a DYI headphone - I am looking for a sound signature to match or beat the Grado PS1000 series, HD800 series.
    The sound characteristics should contain:
    Open Soundstage and great specialness (the typical grado sound stage on their high-end line)
    excellent bass that is layered without being overly aggressive, overtaking the rest of the sound (better than that of the Senheiser HD800)
    excellent midrange with excellent center staging (PS1000 or Senheisser HD800 or better)
    excellent highs (PS1000 or Senheisser HD800 or better)
    Great body of sound

    Cable finish: cable can be thick as I never really had issues with grados line of thick cables. I am a firm believer of the thicker the cable, the more the body of sound you will get.
    Headband: Like that on a Sony or Beyerdynamic T1 Series
    Cups - metal if possible, but if wood sounds better, then so be it. I like lighter wood.
    cup holders - ideally made of metal
    cable detachment from the headphones ? Sure, why not.
    Cushion: anything that sounds good to my ears minus the wearable fatigue

    I cant think of anything else.

    Let me know your thoughts of such a dream headphone....
  8. Konstantin690
    Describing "sound" of your dream headphones ain't gonna get you anywhere, what you refer as "excellent" might be "bloated" to some and "shy" to others, audio terminology can be very misleading as the same term can mean different things to different people.
    Only your ears and your taste can tell the "excellence".

    Most builds described in these pages with Magnum or Epsilon R1-G1 drivers and good cups/cables/pads beat the PS1000 (among others) by a mile when done correctly.
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  9. ostewart
    My V8 build, just burning the drivers in now. So much better than the SR60e drivers I was using.

    Better extension and air, but maybe a bit of a mid-bass hump that punches quite hard. I'm using generic fake L cush pads.

    IMG_20171011_185145.jpg IMG_20171011_185230.jpg IMG_20171011_185320.jpg IMG_20171011_185348.jpg
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  10. kakao
    I have tried out the different sizes of pads with the V8 and Nhoord Red. I find only L-pads good for The V8, but for the Nhoords I think the G-pads (generic) makes it finally sound "right"! Will be keeping the Nhoords after discovering this.:gs1000smile:
  11. DavidA
    @kakao , when I was auditioning @fleasbaby V7 build I came to the same conclusion that the V7 only really sounded "right" with OEM Grado L-pads and the Nhoord Red V2 is better with generic G-pads most of the time but its nice to change it up from time to time
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  12. Oscar-HiFi
    Interesting, Symphones said they tuned the V8 driver with OEM G-pads and I find them borderline bright with them. But with generic G-pads they are just right to my ears. Might try some OEM L-pads actually, generic L-pads made them muddy and bloated.
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  13. DavidA
    I found that the OEM G-pad made the V7 sound a bit thin, reduced the bass a little but it didn't make them brighter while the generic G-pads made the V7 a bit muddy in the bass and a little "off" in the mids. Generic L-pads make almost all drivers sound a bit muddy in the bass but I like the softer edge over the OEM-pads, its the reason I even tried generic G-pads.
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  14. Oscar-HiFi
    The generic G-pads push the mids a little farther back, the OEM L-pads make them a little more up-front. Not sure which I prefer yet, but I do like the smaller look of the L-pads.
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  15. WoodyLuvr
    I am still on the fence about OEM L-Cush vs. Generic G-Cush pads in regards to my DIY Nhoord Red v2 build... don't know which I prefer over the other yet.

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