Grado modders go Magnum

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by stratocaster, Oct 21, 2011.
  1. WoodyLuvr
    Wish I still had my O2 to give it a try with my Nhoords... it went on vacation to California before I made my Nhoords.
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  2. Oscar-HiFi
    I'm on my 2nd, after getting rid of my first I got another as they are cracking little reference amps.

    I have a Topping A30 at the office which plays ok with the V8's but the output impedance is something like 10 ohms and doesn;t sound quite as neutral.
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  3. capnjack
    I’d email Tom if you want a one off/‘special’ product, he’s really a great guy! Or if you want to just have a look at what he does try here
    As I said we threw few emails back and forth and he recommended the specs for my Grado 60’s
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  4. DavidA
    I think I'm one of the few that didn't care for the O2, it made all my headphones at the time (DT-990 250, HE400, HD598, and Fidelio X1-not to bad) sound a bit dry, thin and with a slight treble harshness. Also had a Topping VX1, WA7d, and original M/M stack during that time and they have all been sold or given away. This is all before I started to build these alternative driver creations so who knows, some of them might have worked out well with the Magnum, Ypsilon or Nhoord.

    Surprised that there aren't more building with these Magnum's, or are they just not posting anything.
  5. Oscar-HiFi
    It really depends on the headphones, it can sound a little dry and lacking in dynamics with certain harder to drive headphones, which is where my Keces S3 comes in, but with easier to drive headphones it is a great little amp.
  6. WoodyLuvr
    One of the reasons why I didn't mind my friend permanently borrowing it. There was no wow factor me either. But like you said it might be a nice pairing with our Nhoords.
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  7. 7keys
    I got an email saying the v8 was on sale for 50 percent off but they were sold out when I went to the site.. Too bad as I would have picked up a set.
  8. BrianKT
    I got that email as well. They must have sold out pretty quick.
  9. 7keys
  10. retox
    I got lucky...
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  11. Tix88
    Hi guys, which according to you could be a cable that goes well with these drivers?

    Happy new year
  12. DavidA
  13. capnjack
    Just built a couple of cables using Van Damme XKE quad mini (balanced and SE) sounds nice and detailed to me!

    I’m using the Turbulent X (Rhydon designed) and Nhoord Red drivers with mine though.
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  14. Oscar-HiFi
    I use Van Damme a lot for my full-size headphones, it is a detailed and neutral sounding cable :)

    21427255_1435990149782408_5664270242158822611_o.jpg IMG_20171202_103351-01.jpeg IMG_20170816_091430.jpg
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  15. DavidA
    @Oscar-HiFi , I think the Van Damme cables are very similar to the Canare cables but I think that Van Damme makes then in different colors while the Canare is only in black (haven't found any in color yet)
    Lately I've been using Mogami cables since there are 4 different color wires so it harder to get them mixed up.

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