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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by stratocaster, Oct 21, 2011.
  1. Oscar-HiFi
    Same issue with the V8 here :D

    I think OEM L-pads might just have the edge, but the price is a lot...
  2. fleasbaby
    So from what I have experienced, generic G-Cush and L-Cush, because they aren't made of layered densities, but a single density of foam, definitely do have a different effect. @wje actually preferred them for the original SennGrado builds. They combined nicely with the Sennheiser PX100ii driver's sound.
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  3. capnjack
    Got to agree with you about the generic ‘G’s’ they sound great with the Nhoords, but I prefer the ‘L’s’ with my woody 60i’s. :)
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  4. wormsdriver
    "So who is going to build me my dream headphone ?? :D"

    Answer: John Grado of course!

    Which headphone? Grado Ps2ke... sorry about your wallet! lol
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  5. Konstantin690

    Having listened to the PS2000e it kinda made me shake my head wondering about the current Grado pricing "policy".
    IMO, for less half than the $2695 PS2000e price tag you can get better sounding, better build and technically advanced headphones.
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  6. WoodyLuvr
    Totally concur... I listened to these and a pair of RS2s a few days ago and to be completely honest I didn't see that much of a difference from my Nhoords and other lower tiered Grados.
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  7. wormsdriver
    I DEFINITELY dislike their pricing policy, specially when it comes to the PS2Ke! That being said and this being audio related, there are people who will buy it and it will be worth it to them because they are chasing a certain sound and nothing else will do IMO.

    Me personally, I spent a week with them and while I did like them very much, I can easily live without them! MY PS1k are more than adequate for my tastes!
  8. WoodyLuvr
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  9. Oscar-HiFi
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  10. capnjack
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  11. WoodyLuvr
    I have posted this question before in the Nhoord thread but I am extremely curious in hearing what other owners of the DIY Driver Family (Nhoord Audio, Elleven Acoustica, Symphones/Rhydon, and Turbulent Lab) are using (or have used) for amplification, if any.

    Myself, with my Nhoord Audio Red v2s, I am using an AudioQuest DragonFly Black (DFB) and have compared my DFB with the following amps/dacs with no replacement yet:

    AQ DragonFly Red (DFR): too much gain and power; too bright and sibilant; difficult to set the volume at a lower listening level

    Audeze Deckard: once the volume is set the same, DAC wise I am unable to distinguish the difference between the Deckard or even the Benchmark DAC3 from my DragonFly Black but precise lower volume adjustment is possible with either the Audeze or Benchmark, however nothing uniquely different and/or improved from my DFB.

    Benchmark DAC3: same as the Deckard on all accounts

    Meier Audio Corda Classic-ff and Jazz: very nice amps; great volume control; crossfeed is notable but I am able to nearly simulate/match this crossfeed sound/feature perfectly via the Case Meier Crossfeed component in Foobar2K (set at 15-18) so these amps don’t offer anything more over the DFB to justify their purchase.

    TEAC HA-501: sounded fine but nothing dramatically different from my DFB just slightly more volume.

    TEAC UD-301: nice sound but nothing uniquely better than my DFB; preferred the LME49860, MUSES8820, and NE5532 op amps over the stock PCM1795 op amps… with any of these op amps the TEAC UD-301 and Fostex HP-A3 sound identical.

    Fostex HP-A3: again, nice sound but nothing uniquely better than my DFB; lesser build quality than the TEAC but damn the Fostex’s volume control/knob was magical (super smooth; the best of all); better sounding (w/ stock op amp) than the TEAC UD-301 (w/ stock op amp). Preferred the LME49860, MUSES8820, and NE5532 op amp over the stock OPA2134 op amp.

    Audio-gd R/2R-11: very nice amp but doesn't pair well with my Nhoords; too much power and gain so not much volume play on the lower end.​

    Thus far, I haven't found anything that is dramatically better than my DFB. Would like to give the controversial Grado RA-1 Head Amp a listen to one day to see how well it pairs with my Nhoords as it is highly recommended by many Grado RS-1/RS-2 owners which are similar in sound to my Nhoords.

    @capnjack recommendations for and/or amps used with his Nhoords:

    @DavidA recommendations for and/or amps used with his Nhoords:

    @Mshenay recommendations for and/or amps used with his Nhoords:
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  12. capnjack
    I forgot to add in my Aune b1 amp to the list. I should’ve added that my cMoy bb was built with my Grado SR60’s in mind, after a discussion with Tom Askew we decided on the specs! Tom is a really nice guy who stands by his product giving a really good warranty (not that I’ve ever had any problems)
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  13. WoodyLuvr
    Very interested to hear about those specs... what did you have changed/added? Different opamps, resistors perhaps?
  14. Oscar-HiFi
    I use my V8 build with my Objective2 amp and they sound excellent out of it, I also use a Keces S3 which is also very good. Low output impedance is key to getting the most out of the V8 drivers, allowing them to sound tight and controlled with no bloat.
  15. WoodyLuvr
    Concur, definitely believe that low impedance output is extremely important in order to play nicely with any of these DIY drivers. The 1/8th rule is definitely applicable in their case.
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