1. new reformation

    MS1000i+ Review

    MS1000i+ Review   This is my freshman review so go easy on me, 'kay?      The MS1000 was a creation born largely out of the efforts of German head-fi member Nickchen.  These cans underwent many tweaks over the course of their R&D life and finally settled down in terms of interest and...
  2. BirdManOfCT

    Wine Pairings

    Speaking so much of pairing headphones, what wine (or other beverage) would you pair your headphones with?   I'll take HD800 with a nice riesling.
  3. UpperMids

    Any Alessandro MS Pro owners in NYC?

    Hi Guys-   First post, thanks for having me.   I have a set of Grado RS-1s which I use, among other things, for checking rock mixes in the studio.  The famous Grado 2/4/10 khz spikes really make it easy to hear what's going on with all those overdriven guitars.  That being said, those...
  4. Nerolucido

    Alessandro MS-1000 Amp Question

    Hi, as you can see from my post count I'm new to this community and, yes, I've searched the forum before creating this thread, but I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of messages about these cans and how to amp them, so bear with me. When I ordered the MS-1000 I thought I had plenty of home...
  5. orrb_05

    New Headphones (Alessandro MS Pro)

    I ordered a pair of these based off of reviews alone - hope they are to my taste. I had a set of Grado HF-2 that were new in the box when I got 'em and they sounded fantastic. Hope these MS Pros are close to that soound
  6. buckles

    Alessandro MS Pro: Bass Distortion Problem?

    Hi Guys,    This happens to be my first post in the forum but I did do my research here in helping me make my decision.  About a week ago, I took delivery of a gorgeous set of Alessandro MS Pro's.  Initially, I had the MS1i but quickly wanted more...damn it!  Anyway- my current rig...
  7. 357Ollan

    Alessandro MS PRO vs Grado ps500

    Hello! which model of these do you recommend? I can get both these for exactly the same price so that doesn't matter. What i like about these are that they both sound like Grados but with a bit smoother highs. I like airy sound with normal to big soundstage and i most often listen to rock...
  8. yhong26

    HD25-II to Alessandro MS1000 woody+recable is upgrade worth it?

    hi recently get the HD25,done with recable(swap with canare cable), but the feel bored with it. it is small soundtage, i need clean & clear sound. i think MS1000 should be do it well,right?haha   i know the HD25 is a very well headphone, but for the MS1000 also get a very high appraise.  ...
  9. mrAdrian

    MidFi: Reviews and Discussions! [Reviewed: AKG K400; Alessandro MS Pro]

    Update: I loaned a pair of DT880 for myself in the end, and decided to start reviewing all these MidFi headphones!   AKG K400: Alessandro MS...
  10. stratocaster

    Grado modders go Magnum

    In order not to infect and bring the SR60mod thread off-topic I thought it might be an idea to start a new thread for those of us Grado modders who want to share ideas/impressions/mods concerning their Symphones Magnums. Personally, I have been very impressed with the Magnum drivers and think...
  11. mrAdrian

    Doping your gf into an audiophile

    Girlfriend got addicted to this hobby thanks to my ms1000... But I of course won't give it to her.   The k240s looks oh so beautiful, and it is quite affordable. Just wondering how would they fair against each other.     Need to take my ms1000 back from her!!
  12. xxwannabexx

    Modding Creative Aurvana Live ! Comparison to Denon D1000

    Hello Head-Fier's,   I'm modding my  Creative Aurvana's for  about 6 Month now and I have already modded several for other Hi-Fiers and friends out there. I haven't planed to publish my mod therefore I haven't got too many pictures.   Differences between Creative AL & Denon D1000/10001...
  13. FuzzDog

    HD 25-1 Circumaural Mod?

    I have a pair of hd25s on the way and I've been reading heaps of threads about them because I'm so excited.   The two biggest problems with them seem to be that they lack sound stage and that their supra-aural design is uncomfortable.   I was wondering if a "MS1000" style mod would be...
  14. ramzes235

    sennheiser hd-25 2 vs hifi 580 vs beyerdynamic dt 770

    voila i was thinking of buying the pro 900 but i go on holiday with my girlfriend and now i need to save money so i'm thinking of buying one of this headphone but the choice is to difficult ... music genre hip-hop/dubstep ,ROCK (a little classic) i have read a lot of threads but can find...
  15. guillaume smith

    What is the most comfortable headphone under 250$ ?

    Hello everyone. Wishing to purchase a headphone under 250$, I'd like the best compromise for comfort. Feel free to submit other models i would not have quoted above. I tried the Sennheiser HD 598 and it does not suit me. For PC - Asus Xonar DS In advance, thank you.
  16. markwilliamsweb

    Upgrade to Sennheiser HD650 or Grado RS2i from SR125i

    Hello all.   This is my first post so please be gentle.   I have had a pair of Grado sr125i's for a couple of years now and like them very much. I run them off a fiio E7 amp with the bass eq set to 1. I like a nice strong bass. However sometimes I feel that the sr125's lack a bit of...
  17. knopi

    which Grado?

    Hello head-fi friends and mainly Grado fans,    I have sold my Alessandro MS Pro two years ago. Honestly I regret it, I miss that sound ooh a lot. Grado have so charm sound (at least to me) it grow in your heart, quitars, emotion, airy, crisp, quick, sound like wind. I can only wish that...
  18. Bilavideo

    Stupid Grado Mod

    I'm calling this a "Stupid Grado Mod" because it's so easy, it hardly merits mention - except I found the results irresistibly good. I got a pair of HF-2s. The previous owner had good things to say but commented negatively on the comfort of the L-Cush bowls, what I call doughnuts. He was...
  19. riddlezildjian

    Alessandro MS1i Ruined Driver R.I.P ... :(

    So I got my MS1i's three days ago and did the quarter mod. Everything was perfect, the MS1i's really bring out my mids and highs out tremendously. I was craving for more bass to balance the already spectacular high and mids so I did the punch hole mod. Even after carefully reading the MS1000...
  20. Abovetheair

    BilaGrado SE-MS1000's!

    If you do not know who Bilavideo is then you have not modded your Grado/Alessandro, or have not modified it to the extent that he does. Today I received in the mail some distancer's and cups! This is practically a DIY BilaMod project that converts MS1's into MS1000's Bill's way.   The...
  21. mobayrasta

    Whats up with t he Chroma 1

    Anybody seen or heard these yet. they will be at Can Jam this weekend so hopefully we will hear some reports.     MoBay
  22. darknessproz


    Having read through both threads dedicated to the MS1000i, i have not found much actual sound impressions other than descriptions of the wide soundstage. Can a owner actually describe the sound in detail for me? Would be good with impressions on how well they do with the pop punk genre and...
  23. darknessproz


    I can't seem to find much reviews on Grado's. I am looking at 1) SR-125 $260 2) SR-225i $350 3) MS1000i $250   All prices in SGD.   Can someone describe to me the sonic characteristics of each? Do any of these headphones require an amp to sound good? Music preferences lean to rock...
  24. nickchen

    Alessandro MS1000 and MS Ultimate - DIY & modding [56K warning]

    I proudly present the actual FOTM in the german hifi forum,   Alessandro MS 1000 Part 1: Basics What is a MS 1000? History: How did the MS 1000 come into existence? What are the main sound differences between a MS 1000 and a stock MS1? Result:   How can I get an...
  25. 021311

    Does anyone liked G-cush on MS1i without distancers?

    I tried to search, but all the result were about MS1000... Personally, I don't like mids, I have to turn the mids down on iTunes and D2. Does it mean G-cush will be good for me? cuz I'd also like more soundstage and comfort. I don't wanna risk $45 for a pair of earpads.. Please tell me...