1. cali_afroman

    New Heafier looking for advice for 2nd Purchase ( detailed answers needed)

    Ive been on Head-fi for a while now and done a fair amount of research and reading. I am currently looking at purchasing a second pair of headphones around the intro audiophile price range. Ive looked up some of the classics recommendation and have contemplating the following with my current...
  2. metal_monger

    grado 225

    Are the grado 225's worth even considering purchasing before having a amp? I will be using these for home setup(from pc/ipod/other non uber sources)....was pretty set on 225's until I started to hear that some of the top end grado's dont sound good w/o a amp.
  3. theneedledrop

    What is the absolute best quality over-ear headphone you can buy that doesn't need an amp?

    I recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD650's and after much consideration (terrible for iPod listening, need a decent desktop amp) decided that it seems too much for me. I refunded them and I am going to purchase a cheaper, less power-hungry set of cans.   What is the absolute...
  4. ahhchill

    Good headphones for techno and or screamo music?

        Hey guys, I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to headphones so can anyone suggest any headphones for the genres listed above? My budget is 300 or less. By screamo i mean bands like bring me the horizon and asking alexandria.  For techno artists like devin martin and crystal castles are...
  5. Jahn

    Before and after pics - CURSE YOU HEAD FI!

    Before - post count around 100, a modest rig for home and portable: Since then, my MS-1 is now a MS-2, the Cmoy has been given to be friend to be confiscated by the government (Thanks, JFK security) and the Ipod is the only thing left. A few months later... Post count - 1500. Portable...
  6. flargosa

    How bad is sound leakage of Grados?

    I want to get a SR225 for work use, but I'm worried it will leak too much sound and bother everybody in the other cubicles. Anyway, how far away can you hear the music of someone using Grado's at medium to low volumes? And how is sound leakage compared to Senn 580/600. Thanks.
  7. Sir Tmotts III

    Grado Vs. Alessandro

    What's the difference between the two brands? I heard Alessandro is more neutral than Grado, so I was thinking of aquiring myself a MS-2.(since i already own the SR-325is)
  8. dj_mocok

    How many Centimetre is the width of Alessandro/Grado headbands ?

    Need a quick answer, im currently stretching wires to make a stand for my coming headphones (this is to compensate my anxiousness ) All of grados/alessandros headbands are pretty much the same size are they? Can someone tell me how many cm is the width of the top part of the headband ? The...
  9. itshot

    Do Grados Look Ugly? Or Do They Look Cool?

    So yeah, I'm curious as what you people think about the styling of the Grado headphones nowadays. For instance, would you wear them in public going by looks/presentability?   Personally, I wouldn't have a issue with wearing them in public (ignoring the open back/isolation issue) only if it...
  10. jpr703

    Alessandro Vs. Grado

    I'm not sure I understand the relationship between Alessandro and Grado. I know that they collarborate somehow and that many of their products look remarkably similiar, but that's all I know so far. Can anyone explain to me how they work together and what the sound difference is between their...
  11. cmac2010

    Beyerdynamic T70P Source Question

    Yesterday I purchased Beyerdynamic T70P headphones. The only other experience I have with quality headphones are my Alessandro MS2i headphones, but I wanted to get something that I could actually listen to in public. My question, is as I don't currently have a headphone amplifier, would using an...
  12. zoolzoo

    Can distortion even at low volume damage cans?

    I mainly listen to my MS2i's through a Magni/Modi stack. They don't handle really low frequencies very well. Sometimes even at low to medium volume levels certain bass frequencies will garble them up a a strong climax at the end of a drum crescendo in classical music, or a big bass...
  13. Zuqi

    Amp for HD600 and Grados

    Hi, I'm looking for an amp for my HD600, and I'm going to buy a pair of Alessandro MS2 in the future. I've done some research, the popular choices are Woo 6 and MAD Ear+ HD, but the threads are almost 4 years old.   So fellas, my question is that are these tube classics still amongst the best...
  14. Fungus

    alessandro ms2 excessive creaking when cups swivel. Normal?

    When worn and the cups move just the slightest, I can hear it and is very distracting.    Any fix? 
  15. Fungus

    Grado sr325/ms2 headband and plastic cup holder replacement

    Would it be possible to replace the entire headband?    Reason being, I bought a used pair and the metal headband is loose (hardly any clamping force) and can't bend it back in to tighten the force.    Also I noticed the ms2 uses a plastic horse shoe curricular metal cup holder rather than...
  16. Fungus

    alessandro ms2i no clamping force?

    I just purchased a used pair and when I put them on, I immediately noticed there's zero clamping force.  The ear pads are basically just touching my ears.  Is this normal? 
  17. fante7

    Best headphones for progressive rock?

    Here's to all of you prog-heads out there: which headphones do you prefer for progressive rock in general?
  18. Jahn

    Grado SR-200 with HP-1000 drivers versus Alessandro MS-2. Versus the Darth Beyers.

    Before I start, here's my system. My Rig:The Final Solution. GSP Audio Graham Slee Solo Monitor Amp, modified by Pink Floyd and Lan to become "Pinkie" - 2004 spec, then bootstrapped, big caps, PSU modded with big caps, power and line conditioning, fat power cable, etc. No matter what the...
  19. nw130d

    Grado PS500 vs Alessandro music series 2 MS2i

    Recently sold my Alessandro MS1i, looking to upgrade to something similar in sound signature. The logical choice is MS2i but read some good reviews on the PS500 and have demoed the PS500 recently. However it is not possible to demo the MS2i.   My questions is has anyone experience the PS500...
  20. audiofan

    How much money have you spent on headphones in total?

    Ive spent about my wife has locked the wallet away!
  21. kramer5150

    pics of Grado travel cases?

    How do you guys travel with your grados? Id like to fabricate a travel case, something 8x11 and 2" thick for my MS2. Something I can stowe in my backpack adjacent to my laptop. Fishing for ideas.... Thanks, Garrett
  22. Mercuttio

    Admit to it: you wear headphones in public that you shouldn't!

    Admit it! You wear gigantic, probably-not-best-suited for public, or open headphones in public. You probably shouldn't, and you get lots of funny looks, but you do. Sound trumps fashion, of course! I can't be the only one wearing rediculously large headphones around. I know there are...
  23. schwarzenneger

    which headphone gave you your first EARGASM

    mine was the hd580.
  24. NKT

    Show me your headphone stands/displays!

    I've been trying to come up with a better way of placing my headphones when they're not in use. They're currently standing on my LaCie external hard drive. There's got to be a better way, other than the Stax headphone stand (call me anal, but I don't think it's right to put some Alessandro...
  25. Lace'd Taste

    Advice for a returning Head-fier

    Hi all,   So I left head-fi a while back due to financial reasons but now things have come around for me and I'm seriously thinking about repurchasing a bit of equipment.  I had to sell all my gear previously which was a half decent portable rig for it's time - 5.5gen iMod, iQube V1, ALO vcap...