1. mwildebeast

    Best DIY / Aftermarket / Custom Grado Headphone Drivers?

    So, lately I've been delving down the rabbit hole of custom headphones, specifically custom Grados. I've found a number of different driver options that look pretty cool (both in images and on paper), but of course considering this is such a niche area of audiophilia, I figured I'd ask the...
  2. WoodyLuvr

    Grado Modders Go Turbulent X

    Well no one else was doing it so I started a new thread regarding Turbulent Labs' newest driver offering. Turbulent X Manufactured and tuned for Turbulent Labs by Symphones these drivers are tuned differently than the Magnum V7 or V8 and are an update to their last X driver (circa 2012) as per...
  3. fleasbaby

    Grado Modders Go Ypsilon (Elleven Acoustica drivers and builds thread)

    Hi All,   Thought I would start a new thread on this...a little while back, I am not sure how long ago, I came across a website for a company called Elleven Acoustica. It was stocked with several goodies for modding Grados (wooden cups, and some aluminium ones, as well as wooden sleeves). A...
  4. kramer5150

    post your grado mods....

    Just throwing this general discussion out there. Post your grado mods. Pads, cables, headband, earcups, woodwork... ANYTHING Goes!! Pics would be nice, but certainly not needed. Text will do just fine Garrett
  5. AudioGurl

    Wooden headphones

    I really like the audeze lcd and lcd3 but want to know if there are other options for high end headphones that are good with rich excellent sounding base and also vocals and classical music.   I want to step up my audiophile game
  6. Rav

    DIY Woody Grado/Symphones Magnums - A build diary

    Preamble   When the HF1 came out way back when i was planning to do a full woody job on them, even going so far as to source some wood for the job, but never got started.  As it turned out i picked up some RS1s not all that long afterwards, so it seemed a little pointless by then.  Fast...
  7. Melvins

    What amp is best for Magnums?

    I love the tube sound that accompanies my magnums (version 4), anyway, would love to hear from some of you guys what you guys like to use with your magnums. Feel free to include the rest of your setup, I'm just mostly curious as to what amps you folks find best accompany the magnum sound. (hence...
  8. stratocaster

    Grado modders go Magnum

    In order not to infect and bring the SR60mod thread off-topic I thought it might be an idea to start a new thread for those of us Grado modders who want to share ideas/impressions/mods concerning their Symphones Magnums. Personally, I have been very impressed with the Magnum drivers and think...
  9. looser101

    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    Looks like the hard work is finally coming to fruition! Looking at this as a future upgrade to my MS2i. WEBSITE
  10. Armaegis

    [Listing] Canadian Companies/Retailers

    I'm transferring this over to the main Headphones forum. This started off as a search for Canadian manufacturers, but it has expanded since then. I'm mostly focusing on Canadian manufacturers/distributors/retailers of headphone gear and trying not to branch off into regular home theatre...
  11. Armaegis

    [Listing] Canadian companies

    Updated list has been moved to here:
  12. Currawong

    Review: Symphones Magnums (with comparisons to the HF-1s, HF-2s, HD-800s, HE-5s and Stax)

    Some time ago, a friend of mine decided he wanted to try Grados and picked up a pair of HF-1s from another Head-fier. At the time his DAC/amp was a Benchmark DAC 1, and I had an Audio-gd Compass and C2C, along with a Northstar M192 DAC. The first time I tried the HF-1s out of his Benchmark, they...
  13. Symphones Magnums

    Symphones Magnums

    Following three years of painstaking research, Symphones proudly presents a new benchmark in headphone modification, the Magnum enhancement. Developed for the audio purist, the Symphones Magnum enhancement is a custom-built reference upgrade currently available to Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2...