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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. FYLegend
    Jabees Firefly and Firefly Pro seem promising as budget options for ambient sound - ine should be arriving next week. I did briefly listen to Firefly while at a store in Taiwan. I think it only had SBC or otherwise didn't sound very impressive, but part of this was because I was floored by the Astrotec S60's sound. I can't recall much about the ambient sound's quality though. I've been told the Firefly Pro has a number of improvements but the sound is mostly the same as the original, but you also get a Qi charging case.

    Mifo O4 is another option which will have ambient sound as well as Type C and wireless charging.

    I find Jabra 65t's ambient sound to work well but it has a tendency to cut or disconnect 20 seconds or so as if it is difficult to keep a constant mic feed. The ambient output is also rather tinny, compared to my MDR-1000X which has a much darker and realistic ambient sound.
  2. actorlife
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  3. AnakChan Moderator
    Sorry for the lateness. I’ve had them for about 5 weeks. I’m just finalizing the review at the moment. Meanwhile a few preview pix :-
    1BDA671F-AF0B-4E45-9438-A17A45C92F40.jpeg F1E3B054-C1F8-463E-8EBC-0AB35AFCCEEA.jpeg
    The stock driver to me is more neutral sounding than my Jabra 65t (which to me has somewhat of a darker signature with a slight treble roll off), and has fuller mids than the Senn MTWs. I did not get a chance to compare against the MW07 which was a pity. However the fact that I can couple any other IEM of my choice with the TM2 to me is a plus - such as pairing it with my FitEar Titans as seen above.

    There’s been numerous other brands and models mentioned here in this thread that I’ve not even heard of, let alone listen to. So can’t comment on those other alternatives.

    Yep, I don’t have the TRN BT20/S
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
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  4. clerkpalmer
  5. nc8000 Contributor
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  6. hifi80sman
    I’ve seen them in stock at Target and WalMart. Seems they aren’t in extreme demand, because I see the same few sitting there every time I’m in there. I think you’re right about the price. They aren’t the only game in town anymore for the typical browsing, non-audiophile consumer, so they need more aggressive pricing.
  7. z1mb1o
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  8. blomman77
    Did you use the discount code?
    I saved 20 usd with LHT10AU
  9. z1mb1o
    No, I didnt. Didn't know there was a discount code available. Do you think I can cancel and redo the the order with the code?
  10. blomman77
    Either that,or try contacting them and ask them if they can
    adjust the price
  11. llmgtab
    Thanks for the response. The Mifo O4 is not out yet right? I think I'll hold off a bit before ordering anything else.
  12. gibletzor
    I would be very interested to hear how you like the Firefly Pros. I looked at them a while back but couldn't find any decent reviews anywhere.
  13. chinmie
  14. james444 Contributor
    Looking forward to your thoughts. The TM2's stock driver was a pleasant surprise for me. I planned to use these with other IEMs, but keep sticking to the stock driver so far. It's that good.

    On the other hand, ergonomics are a bit of a mixed bag imo. The dirt-cheap TRN BT20's ergonomics beat these in some way.
  15. clerkpalmer
    They are surprisingly clean sounding. Almost like Bose SSF but better isolation.
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